Jamie's top 10 of 2013 part 2

Part 2

Shelly Laurenston- Magnus Pack, Pride Series, Dragon Kin

A lot of shifter stories tend to have the male character as the "strong shifter" or it's a world where shifters are in hiding and no one is allowed to spill the secret. In the Shelly Laurenston series, the cat is out of the bag. Shifters are everywhere and live out in the open in the Magnus Pack series and the Pride Series. The males are large and in charge, but the females are dangerous and every bit as much of a threat as the males. Added to that is the fact that the women are pretty much crazy. Actually some of the guys are right at that level, but that' what makes it so entertaining. Shelly doesn't just write about the lead characters either, you find yourself visiting the entire pack and digging into the nitty gritty and getting all the good gossip with each visit. She always leaves you wanting more and it kills me that she can't magically whip out books for me to read because I love to read them so much. I find that I re-read these books the most often out of all of my books.




Zenina Masters-Shifting Crossroads

The Shifting Crossroads Series is a kind of matchmakers for shifters in a world where not only are shifter not a secret, but other magical creatures are not a secret either. When someone hasn't had the best of luck settling down, or is in a rush,  they go to the crossroads for a magical fee, and everyone there is either staff or other shifters also looking for mates. All mating bonds formed in Shifting Crossroads are to be honored outside of the Crossroads. Sounds basic enough...except there's magic and shifters, and love and these shifters have to work past whatever it is that kept them single up until they came until the Shifting Crossroads in the first place when they get there. Love never is as easy as it sounds. These are short stories but I keep waiting anxiously for the next one, because I can't wait to see what hijinks will follow next. I also think that makes it so much better when they overcome whatever it was to become true mates.



S E Smith- Dragon Lords of Valdier

So there is no way to get out of explaining the series without stating that in the first book an alien lands on earth and while his symbiotic ship communicates with Abby, she takes care of him, and it turns out they are true mates. The series is that the totally smoking hot alien has brothers and it turns out that Earth is the home of more true mates of Zoran's family members. However, if Zoran and his family thought that Abby and her friends were going to just meekly come along and sit quietly in the corner, then they should remember that this started with Abby finding and saving Zoran, not the other way around. This series is all about what happens when strong Dragon Lords meet the true mates that teach them what it means to bend until you break.


Jacqueline Rhoades wrote a series that made me want cry at times, punch my husband just for being a man, and laugh out loud at others. The three males in the three books are actually brothers, and these are the stories about how they came to the women that will be then center of their lives. The first book was interesting and did have a good story with the new girl in town having her embarrassing introduction to the sheriff. Things really got of to a rocky start when his brother's stupidity in business partners placed his brother's mate in jeopardy.  In the second book Charles has his own pack but now is trying to find his way as a new alpha with his new mate under his roof and trying to avoid war. The 3rd book, The Alpha's Daughter, is actually my favorite, but that's just because I love Jazz's spirit and the fights she has with Doc. Those two sure do light up a  page. You just know from the beginning that they are going to ignite eventually, and when it happens it is going to be explosive.



Bianca D'Arc- Dragon Knights, Tales of the Were
Royalty, Spies, War, Battle, Sex, Dragons, Magic, Secrets, Daring Escapes, Adventure, Love.  I could go on forever. This series has it all. Kingdom, some of them as peace, some of them at war. Dragons patrol the skies and magic is an every day occurrence . The biggest secret of all if that some of those dragons can change form into humans. This series crosses borders and goes into enemy territory and love blossoms under the greatest of strain. Sometimes war doesn't destroy everything, sometimes you find your one true love.

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