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Jennifer Jennings- Sarah Woods Mysteries

 Image of Jennifer L. JenningsJennifer introduced me to the Sarah Woods mysteries and I started them reluctantly. Mysteries are books I usually do not enjoy. For some reason, Sarah Woods is a character I just can’t get enough of. I believe I am on book 6 now. Sarah Woods is a massage therapist (a legit one) and gets messed up in a murder at her work office. Sarah starts helping a PI and she is hooked. Her marriage is about over and her son is almost grown, so a career change is what she decides. I think the reason why I like these so much is how relatable Sarah Woods is to the everyday person.  Sarah is supposed to be in her mid-40, not a great marriage and a teenage son. The mysteries themselves are outstanding. They keep you guessing until the very end. I find myself trying to figure out who it is as I read. I have not solved one before the end yet. These are pretty PG maybe PG-13 rated, so most anyone can read them. Wonderful author AWESOME series.

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Eva Langlais- Sci-Fi/Paranormal

Image of Eve LanglaisSci-fi is the genre I started in. My first book that dragged me into reading, was Ender’s Game by Orsen Scott Card.  Wonderful book, great read. So I have had a soft spot for Sci-fi. With Eva, she gives me my sci-fi plus adds a little erotica in the mix. I can honestly say I have not read anything I have not enjoyed from this author. Saying that, I do have my favorite from her though. Eva has Product Detailsan alien abduction series.  Earth is a planet that is off limits to salvers, traders and anyone. That doesn’t stop some. Book 1 Accidental Abduction starts with a woman who is out on a boat with her soon to be husband. He purposefully dumps her into the water to die. Nice guy, right. So here she is treading water getting ready to give up, when lights appear above her head.  Tren a scavenger of sorts, goes to acquire some of Earth’s exotic fish and wild life. Doesn’t he get a surprise when one of the things he brings up is an Earth women?  These stories are laugh out loud with situation humor. The sex scenes are hot! Plus the men are purple!!  Loved it! Eva has tons more sci-fi as well. I did a review on her newest cyborg one….WOW scotching!

Eva also writes paranormal or shifter stories as well. My 2 favorites are the Freakin series and the FUC series (Furry Coalition). Just by reading the names, you know they are going to be funny.  Both of these series are hilarious and will keep you entertained. The only problem is the fact you will want more. Eva does vampires and other types of shifter books as well but these are my favorites. I will say you cannot go wrong with these books. If you want hot robot or shifter love… and laugh….these are for you!! With 55 books on Amazon I am sure you can find something!

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Suzanne Wright- contemporary romance- shifter-vamp

Image of Suzanne Wright Suzanne Wright was one of the first group of people of my blog. Not sure how she found me but I am so glad she did. She gave me 3 books, at the time. One shifter, a contemp romance and a vampire book. I love her writing. I fell in love with the characters she developed and the stories she wove. I waited a LONG time for the next book in her shifter series. All 3 series we outstanding. All had some humor, action, romance, hot sex but most of all stories that you remember and want more of.

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Rebecca Royce- wolves/Dragons

Image of Rebecca Royce Rebecca I was introduced to by a fellow reviewer. Jamie had read them and told me I HAD to read them. I fell in love with her Westervelt series. This is a pack that you cannot help but to love. The stories are shorter, but pack a punch in the story department. You have to read the next one. The story line is one you will want and be compelled to the end. Rebecca also does all kinds of other types of stories. I cam across her Dragon story Forever and I can’t wait for more.  The story is sad but has action, sex and a really good love story. I am not sure why I call it a dragon story because it is really about shifters (wolf) but still one of my favorites by her. Rebecca has over 40 books on paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi. Her books pack a punch for sure.
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