Jennifer Jennings review #1

An Appointment with Murder

Sara Woods, a message therapist, owns her own business, works hard and lives well.  Her husband is not very attentive and she is lonely but she still loves him and she has a teen son. She is staying late for a client. When the client gets there she is ready for him. He is in the other room getting ready when she hears a commotion up front where her secretary is. When she finds her secretary slumped on the desk, she leans over to feel for a pulse, thinking she is just messing with her. Someone comes up and hits her on the head. When the paramedics are called and arrive. Sara finds her secretary dead and no idea of why. She is found by Max, her secretaries brother, with even more questions than answers. The questions keep Sara going to try to find the killer of her employee and friend. But will Sara find the answers she seeks & will the killer ever be found?

If you want a good mystery, this is a really good story. The mystery is one to keep you guessing to the very end. Mysteries, I normally have a hard time with but i really wanted to see who the killer was and didn't figure it out till the end. The character of Sara is a smart successful women that you almost feel connected with. You are the silent companion that is along for the ride. Jennifer creates a story in which keeps you thinking and interested from pg one. The only problem I had with the novella was that I want more. We will see if Jennifer can keep up the suspense and the mystery in another novella An Act of Deceit!


  1. An Appointment with Murder
    By Jennifer l. Jennings

    Reviewed by Akisha Clark

    Mystery meet mayhem. Private investigation and sexual tension take over Sarah Woods' life. One day she trying to keep her marriage alive with a cheating spouse, the next she dangling from a lusty rope held by the sexy Max. Not to mention solving Max sister's murder. Sit back, read, and relish in the shocking turns, the killer is closer than you think.

    When I was asked by Julie's blog Spot found on Facebook to review this book I was skeptical. I had much on my to do list and reading was at the bottom. However it wasn't too long after I started reading that I was plotting out who the killer could be and waiting on the next clue. This book flows with ease through robbery, break ins, and shady characters with a subtle romance budding. It is obvious this book comes from a experienced writer. The fact that this book is actually a series....bonus!


  2. sounds interesting..


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