Eva Marquez interview part one

Julies Book review would like to introduce Eva Marquez author of Sweetest Taboo. Review will be out in a day or two and the book comes out on  OCT 1st but it is available for pre-order.

Lets ask Eva some questions and get to know the author behind Sweetest Taboo.

As I am an avid reader and I always wonder, how did they come up with the story? Do you have any special inspiration for your books?

Let me take the opportunity to introduce you to my work and the inexplicable passion I have for writing. I began formal writing when I was 13 yrs old, encouraged by my dedicated and driven middle school English teacher. At a young age, I read the book 'Flowers in the Attic' by VC Andrews and it intrigued me to the point of inspiration. It was not long before i began typing stories up on my DOS-operated computer. Even in my early teens, I focused on writing about female characters that found themselves is difficult situations while also scheming to find a way out of them.  My short stories shed light on my fascination with conflict and what lies beneath the surface, and people's struggle in finding a resolution. At sixteen I wrote my first full length novel, which was truly the beginning of my writing career.

Throughout the difference stages of formative education, i have been blessed by working with intriguing teachers, professors and mentors with helped to shape my global perspectives. I have also had the unique opportunity to travel the world, studying and volunteering in challenging corners of the globe, which has nurtured and contributed to  to my love of writing  and storytelling. Although writing skills are important, like experiences and my exposure to many different cultures and has allowed me to cultivate my literary work throughout the years.

As a writer do you have any authors look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

There are dozens of authors I admire, but two that captivated me with there work are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Julia Alvarez. Ms Adichie is a Nigerian born and now living in London and I think I had instant connection with work because I lived/worked in Nigeria because of my work in the communities.  Her first book Purple Hibiscus, resonated with me because of my experiences in Nigeria and her second book Half of Yellow Sun, was so expertly written and wove four amazing human and social stories that I felt absolutely in love with her pose and skill for telling complex stories Ms. Adichie writes about what she knows well, Nigeria and Nigerian culture, history and society and because she does so, her books include incredibly sincere stories. Julia Alvarez is Dominican-American who writes primary adult fiction,  although she also written YA fiction, which characterized by fantasy type stories.  My favorite all time book from Ms. Alvarez is In the Time of the Butterflies, which is a uniquely narrated book written in the perspective of four sisters growing up in the Dominican Republic under dictatorship of President Trujllop.  It's superbly narrated and the story just tells itself effortlessly, it seems. Another book I very much enjoyed was How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent, which is a story about Dominican immigrants to New York and their journey into mainstream American life.  What these two authors have in common is that they are strong, confident and  experienced women writing fiction about natural lands, writing about their contexts and weaving extraordinary stories of strength and love in times of adversity.

WOW those are some books I may have to check on. 

Do you have any advice to give aspiring writers?

Come back for More with Eva Marquez. Remember Eva is giving away 2 first edition copies of Sweetest Taboo....Come on that is an AWESOME give away!!  You must follow or be a follower and post below with your e-mail address, to win! Good luck! Winner will be posted and notified on Sat!!


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    nice interview, anxious to read part 2

    1. umm, you have to be one of the site followers to qualify for the contest!! don't forget to become a site follower if you want you comment to count toward an entry in the drawing!!!

  2. You made a cliff hanger out of this interview. Waiting to read the Eva's advice!


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