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Summons: A Goblin King Prequel

The Goblin King

The prequel sets everything up. Eliza a 16 yr girl. Her brother throws a college party. Eliza wants to feel special and "cool". She finds a college boy to kiss and fool around a little. Things start to get uncomfortable and she decides enough is enough, but the boy disagrees. She gets away from him but only to have him follow her through the house. She is terrified. She hides in her parents bathroom only to realize  the lock on the door is not going to hold him back. Terrified and remembering a story her mother had told her. The Goblin King when called can grant wishes but you never seem to get what you truly want. Cowering at the door and the boy now on the other side, he is going to get to her any moment. She starts to cry and wishes the Goblin King would take her away. The Goblin King comes and sees the young girl. He sees what is about to happen. For some reason he is drawn to the girl. He knows that by her calling him and the wish she has asked, he could take her back to the shadow land for himself. Instead he takes her to summer land. He takes her away to a land forever in summer, beautiful and warm. As she rests, the Goblin King has a little fun. He scares the crap out of everyone at the party.  Eliza wakes in summer land and sees a very handsome man standing before her. He explains to her not to call on him again,  he would not be able to resist her a second time. She wakes up and remembers The Goblin King as a dream, but knows he was real.

Years later, Eliza, again is in trouble. A fiancee, and a lawyer who has worked for her fathers firm. Has slowly been taking money from the firm. Eliza as his secretary, has signed everything. Eliza is doomed to a loveless, abusive marriage. After a fight, she is banged up, and has locked herself in the bathroom. She is drowning his suits in the bathtub with wine. Eliza is tired of the fighting and wants nothing more than out of the terrible situation. She remembers a dream when she was just a girl. The Goblin King, maybe he can get her out of the situation. She remembers him as kind and handsome. She doesn't understand the Goblin King is a cursed man, searching for a cure for his own curse. He is desperate and on his last leg. Eliza is a temptation, he is not sure he can resist.

The Goblin King is a great read. Read the prequel 1st (free). You will understand things a lot better. Loved Roan, the Goblin King. You really feel his plight and know he has to find away to break the curse. Eliza is a girl with a TON of bad luck. Low self confidence and doesn't understand her own self worth. She needs someone to love and to love her back, not to be owned or scared of imprisonment. The story is fast paced and has lots of action. It has adult scenes, so 18 and up.


  1. Sounds like I may have to pick this one up.

  2. My only problem with the book was have you seen the movie the labrinth with David Bowie? Had his song in my head the entire time!

  3. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to read this one, I know we already talked about it a little.


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