Tom Stevens letter to readers

Hello this was a letter I received from Tom Steven's. He is the teacher who has the love affair with his student in Sweetest Taboo. Let's see what he has to say.

Dear Readers of Sweetest Taboo,

I suppose many of you might have comments or even unanswered questions that you would like to ask me, given the opportunity to so so. With that said, I would like to take this brief moment in time to  at least try to partly explain "my side of the story", and what my thoughts were as to decisions I made so many years ago.

I would like to start by saying, you don't always have a choice with who you truly fall in love with. For those of you who would like to argue the point, well, all I can say is...have you really ever been in LOVE?  I am not talking infatuation, dependency, or that you have been with someone for such a long time you are "used" to them and you wouldn't know how to live without them in your life. i am taking about the type of love that you KNOW, that you FEEL in every fiber of your soul, a feeling of comfort, of being "at home" in the arms of that person, knowing if you never saw them again, you would continue to love them unconditionally with all your heart for the rest of your life? This is how I felt about Isabel, don't ask me shy...because I can not explain, it is just how it its, and how I feel.

The first time I saw Isabel from afar, I felt a connection. I don't know why I should have felt anything at all, as she was just one of the thousands of students I have seen on campus over the years. But there was something there, I know,   you may be saying "but she was only 15". I didn't look at Isabel as an "age" or anything else, I just felt a connection of some sort...it was that simple. i didn't see her again until the following year on the swim team, where as you have or will read, I got to know her quite well. I NEVER set out to seduce her; it was quite the opposite as she flirted and made relentless advances by being near me every chance she could. Eventually things happened (against my better judgment I might add) as we got to know each other, as we fell in love with each other, and as we dreamed of a life together.

I will always say that Isabel was never a "school girl", she was never a "age", and she was never anyone I pursued. She just appeared in my life at that particular moment in time, and while the relationship that developed between us was strong, it only became stronger as time went on.  To you, the reader, know that I love Isabel with all of my heart,  with all of my soul, and with every fiber of my being.  It can and will never be any other way for me. This I know.

Tom Stevens

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