Jennifer Jennings review #3

An Island of Illusions ( a Sarah Woods Novel)

Sarah Woods is on vacation. Daniel (her husband), got a great deal on a vacation in Hawaii. Daniel has plans for golf and Sarah just wants to relax in the sun. When Daniel slips and falls, and can't go golfing and is being a big baby about it. Sarah has to get out of the hotel and get away for a minute. When Carter shows up at pool side, she knows something is up. Sarah has been secretly working for Carter(PI). Carter explains to her that he sent Daniel a good deal for Hawaii so he could get her their to help him. She laughs it off and decides to help. Daniel is being a jerk on top of a baby and she wants nothing but to get away from him anyway. Sarah learns, Carter is helping a fellow PI in a missing child case. The family is looking for the kid and funding the operation, the police have nothing. Sarah also finds out, Max is there equipment specialist. The sparks fly, even after weeks of not seeing each other. The family thinks the mom's ex has taking the child. He disappears right after the little boy disappears. So when they come across him in the airport under a alias, the hunt begins. Sarah goes to give the ex a massage, the only thing she sees with the guy is he is a perv. The next day he shows up dead. As the mystery continues, Daniel gets more upset and decides to leave Hawaii. Sarah, already vested in the case refuses to leave. Daniel gives her a ultimatum and leaves anyway. Sarah knows the marriage is over. Maybe it will give her some time with Max? Will they find the child and figure out what is going on? Will Sarah and Max finally get together? It will keep you guessing to the end.

Jennifer does it again. Had me totally stumped until the end of the book. LOVED the interaction between Max and Sarah. Loved how it ends and am looking forward to the another novel! I am a fan! This is a book that is good for 16 and up. Some violence, mild sexual conduct (nothing explicit). Wonderful story for anyone looking for a GREAT mystery! Jennifer please keep me in mind when you write the next one!


  1. I was following along until the "massage and Max part" this book sounds like scandals. Look forward to reading

    Akisha .clark@gmail.com

  2. They were not at all actually. Sarah is a legit massage therapist and is torn between her loveless marriage and Max. Max is a really cool character. Sarah is torn, conflicted, and comes off very human(flawed and complex). She wants things to work out with her husband for her son and Sarah's love life is secondary to the murder/case/plot in the story. You will have to let me know what you think after you read it.


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