Jennifer Jennings part 3 interview

Here we go Folks the last  Of the interview With Jennifer Jennings!  Will Post the last review for her books tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the interview. Good luck on the contest!

Can you share some interesting bits on you new book coming out? What can we expect, sex, violence, murder, mayhem...

Yes, all of those. Sarah Woods manages to get herself in some sticky situations. She travels to Hawaii to help Carter with an abduction case. the action ramps up when a key player ends up dead.

Awesome, I can not wait to read the new book. I can't wait to see what she gets into next. I am also looking forward to seeing if Max and Sarah get any farther! I wonder is Daniel is going to find out?  Guess I will have to read and see.

Do you have anything specific you would like to tell or share with your future readers and followers?

First of all, thank you for taking an interest in my work. I truly enjoy this new journey. Second, I'm always appreciative of feedback. Please join me on facebook. I'd love to get to know my readers.

 I know you have at least one follower. Hopefully you will keep me up to date with Sarah Woods!

Where can everyone find your books? What social media sites are you on besides Julie's Book review?

My books are available at Amazon in both print and e-book  formats. I'm of Facebook, Crimespace, and Goodreads, along with other Kindle blog sites.

OK let's do something fun!

E-reader or paperback and why?

I love both. I really enjoy my Kindle because it holds so many books and has the dictionary feature. However, paperbacks are such a classic way to enjoy a story. i love to feel the pages between my fingers, and the smell of the paper and ink.

I have only had my Kindle since this post Christmas (Santa Claus was good to me last year).  Before my Kindle i swore i would never use one. After I don't know how I survived without one.

Chocolate or Vanilla

Vanilla...with chocolate sauce 

Hamburger or Hot dog

Hamburger...with Cheddar cheese

Reading fiction or non-fiction

Fiction. Primarily mysteries

Favorite book and why

Water for Elephants. It had everything: history, romance, suspense, and humor. if a book contains all those attributes, I'm instantly a fan.

I agree!!

Favorite author of all time

Oh Gosh. A tie between Robert Ludlum and John Grisham

Dogs or cats


Me too I have 3!

Jennifer Jennings is giving away a set of 3 books. To win please post below with your name and e-mail and follow Julie's Book review, to win! We will do a random drawing at the end of the week.

Thanks Jennifer and it has been a pleasure talking with you! We hope you have great success in the future.

Thank you, Julie. it has been a pleasure.

OK folks hopefully you loved the 1st interview of Julie's Book review. i know I enjoyed doing it. the winner will be notified on Saturday! Coming Monday Eva Marquez! Come and check us out!

Thanks again


  1. I will admit that I hate reading paper books now, but I will do it when I'm broke and using my faithful library card because the ereader just isnt available yet. Those darned paper books dont have their own light sorce so I can read them in bed without keeping my husband awake too!!! (those book lights just are not the same)

    Seriously, cool interivew. Thank you Julie and Jennifer!!!

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  3. awesome interview


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