Rebecca Royce Book 7 Darkest Wolf

Darkest Wolf

Book 7- Not a stand alone book.
Elizabeth Willow is a Witch not just by name but truly she is a Witch!  She was been taken from her coven and be-spelled by a Bad Witch.  Now no one can look at her with being repulsed and her powers stripped.  Oh and she is the Maid aka Girl Friday for the Bad Witch's Twin Daughters.  If she try's and leave or pisses off the twins her mother and coven will be killed.  When they stop at a truck stop in New Jersey, nothing will ever be the same for Elizabeth.  She finds she can freeze people,  OOps she froze the Evil Twins!!!  She is kidnapped by a Wolf and not just any wolf a Kane wolf, they killl witchs or so she has been told.  Now he is telling her she is his mate,  AS IF.  She calls her mother and tells her she has a wolf and he is telling her all sorts of things... see if Bad Witch will take him and knowledge for trade of her coven?  Damn he can see her for herself and he is intent on making her his mate.  She is falling for him. No Way, No How!

Rex Kane is as messed up as they come, he is so different then his brothers.  Now they think he is a Traitor to his evil father. Sent on a mission, to bring back a witch to help against the war with his father.  This should be no problem!  He will prove his loyalty once and for all.  The Infamous New Jersey Diner has other ideas. He finds a mess in the kitchen,  a cook down and out 2 witches down and out and a pixie of a woman who is a witch and his Mate!  The Fates must really hate him!  He really does try to head back to the Westervelt Pack, but no one said falling in Love made you do what you are supposed to.

This was a fun book!  He couldn't stand witches and she was so cocky and she couldn't stand wolves!  A fated match, yes the fates have a sense of humor! The first half of this book takes place in a vehicle, well mostly!!  The taunts and heat are right up there to have you laughing and groaning.  These 2 fight the mating for all it is worth. Little by little they come around.  But fate is not done yet.  She is mother of all mothers and she has some twist that knock everyone for a loop even the reader.  I had a lot of fun with this book!  I look forward to more in this series, PLEASE!

stars 4

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