Musa Event #4 Interview Keith Pyeatt

    Welcome Keith Pyeatt to Julie’s Book Review.
        With this interview, Keith is giving away one ebook copy of his paranormal thriller Above Haldis Notch. To win, check out the rafflecopter to the right of this interview.
        Ok. Lets find out about Keith.
        First how about you tell us here at Julies Book Review about a little about yourself?
I'm a mechanical engineer turned horror writer. The transition happened when I lived in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in a log cabin I designed and built on 20 acres of wooded land. I lived there ten years, and that setting and lifestyle (imagine incredible views, wood stove for heat, and a faithful dog at my feet) almost demanded I become a writer. Since bumps in the night were easy to hear in all that quiet, I began writing paranormal thrillers. 
        What genres do you write?
I call my novels "Horror with Heart" or paranormal thrillers. They tend to slide between genres, but they all have a driving paranormal element, plenty of psychological tension to go along with the physical tension, and deep characterization. Even with high concept thrillers like mine, I figure if you don't care what happens to the characters, why read?
        Can you tell us a little about your newest book?
Above Haldis Notch is a paranormal thriller, firmly set in that same rural Vermont location where I lived for a decade and where I became a writer. Jenna is a young mother who's recently lost her own mother. She's not completely surprised when her mother's spirit reaches out to her from the afterlife, but Jenna doesn't expect the pain and panic she feels during the contact. As she develops her clairvoyant skills, under the tutelage of her grandmother, neighbors begin dying in peculiar ways, and a vindictive spirit launches an attack on Jenna's family. Jenna must learn what gives the spirit power before she can stop him, and she must hurry. More than lives are at stake. The spirit intends to destroy their afterlives. 
        Did you have any other authors that have helped you or have inspired your work?
Many authors have helped me in many ways. Stephen King, Anne Rice, Tony Hillerman, Dean Koontz, F. Paul Wilson, and lately Neil Gaiman inspired me to write and/or inspire me to keep writing. I have author friends too numerous to mention who've helped me learn the craft, swap critiques with me, or give me support in a multitude of ways. 
        Do you recall what got you into writing?
Those bumps in the night I mentioned. Actually, I was a voracious novel reader for years before I began writing. One day at work, my assistant challenged me to write a short story to relieve stress. The only requirement was that the good guys had to win (that wasn't happening in real life, so why not in fiction?). She wrote a great little short story. My mind was so geared to all these novels I'd been reading, when I started writing, I couldn't stop, and I ended up writing my first horror novel. It's now safely tucked away where it can't hurt anyone, but I've written four more since then, and I'm working on another. 

        Ok how about some fun stuff
        Dogs, cats, or fish?
Dogs. I've relied on dogs for companionship my entire life, even those periods when I wasn't entertaining much human companionship. We have two rescues now. I also like cats, but they make my eyes swell shut. Fish are cool, but they tend to die if I pet them too long. 
        Sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal, Romance?
        (writing and reading)
Paranormal. My novel Dark Knowledge straddles into the dark fantasy genre a bit, and Struck has some male/male romance in it, but I don't generally include romantic elements in my novels. I tend to read what I write. 
        Favorite Book of all time? Why?
I enjoy too many genres and have too many favorites to pick only one. It's too difficult to compare a great historical fiction novel like Pompei to a psychological thriller or a mainstream novel, so I'll limit my answer to the horror genre and say It by Stephen King is my favorite. I liked seeing the characters going up against the evil force as children and then as men. And that clown is just so creepy. 
        Favorite Author of all time? Why?
When I'm really caught up in a story, attached to the characters, and impressed by the writing, and must keep reading to see what happens, my favorite author is the person who wrote the novel that's got my full attention. It's a combination of those things I mentioned--story, characters, writing, pace, and resolution.  
        Where can we find your books? What sites can we find your work on? (any social media, blogs etc.)
My books are widely available on the internet. A good starting point is my Amazon Author Central Page: http://www.amazon.com/Keith-Pyeatt/e/B002GCOUJ2/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1. I've summarized other purchasing options in a blog post: http://keithpyeatt.blogspot.com/2011/12/i-can-be-bought.html.
To learn more about me and my writing:
        It has been a pleasure meeting you, Keith. Readers don’t forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right. Thanks again!
        Julie Ramsey


  1. Awesome interview. Vermont sounds like a beautiful place. It must have been hard to leave. Thanks Julie. Best of success, Keith. Mr. King would be proud!

  2. Great learning more about you, Keith. And the poor fish.... :)


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