Review: The night it got out

The Night It Got Out
Patrick James Ryan

ISBN-13 - 978-0- 69232978-8
ISBN-10 – 0-69232978- 1
ASIN - B00XS64R02
Copyright 2015 by Patrick James Ryan
Published by Black Bed Sheet Books
220 pages

Gory; brutal are the only two words to describe what happens when a government interbreeds
animals to enhance killing efficiency, and then interbreeds them with humans to increase
intelligence and skills. Utter mayhem is what happens when one of them escapes in a residential
area populated by unsuspecting citizens. Utter disbelief is what Police Chief Don Girard felt
when confronted by the dismembered bodies of his citizens and the uncaring attitude and lies of
the federal representatives on site who cared only for recovering their ‘weapon’. In many ways,
Girard lost more than anyone else in this enormous federally orchestrated disaster.

What happens when a biological weapons program originally designed to clear Viet Cong and
NVA cave complexes in Vietnam runs amuck? What happens when the CIA brings the ‘father’
of that weapons program, 78 year-old retired Colonel Elliot Harmon back to try to recover the
weapon he created? What happens when the anger of a human-like species toward its CIA and
military manipulators and controllers finally boils over into the fire? According to the author,
brutal uncaring death and destruction happens to any human close by.

The characters are believable and sufficiently developed for the story. Girard is a happily
married experienced law enforcement officer that cares about his community. He is completely
clueless but unwilling for his community to be victimized by the government. Ironically, he is
ultimate victim. Colonel Elliot Harmon reminds me personally of an older clone of Richard
Crenna’s character, Colonel Trautman from the 1982 movie, Rambo: First Blood. The rest of the
characters have little direct involvement with the story except to serve as a supply of body parts
for the monster to scatter around.

Although brutal and gory to the extreme, The Night It Got Out is entertaining and I found myself
wondering what lie the government would tell next. The result is not too difficult to see coming,
but still it provides a bit of a twist to a story that is otherwise predictable. On the whole, it’s
nicely written and edited and should appeal to anyone who loves a good government bashing
conspiracy, extreme adventure or horror novel.

Clabe Polk

Review: Proof

The Novel
Ted D. Berner

ASIN: B01164T5S6
ISBN: 978-0- 9964156-0- 6 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0- 9964156-1- 3 (paperback)
Copyright 2015 by Ted D. Berner
Grigori Publishing
340 pages

There seems to be at least two different things going on here that are only tangentially related.
The first is a fascination with all of the far ancient anthropological sites that are causing
controversy among archaeologists, geologists and other scientists worldwide and their potential
relationship with the Old Testament, texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls and myths and legends of
many ancient civilizations around the world. This fascination is one that is shared among many
intelligent people of many lands, including me. However, only bits and pieces of that
fascination, ie; those relating directly to the early verses of Genesis Chapter 6 have any
relationship whatever to this story. Fully seventy-five percent of this book seems designed to
convey an awe of unexplained antiquities better left to The History Channel, The Discovery
Channel, and the dozens of authors who have written about them over the past forty years.

The second, when the reader finally strips it from the superfluous history, is a straight forward
conspiracy in which a college student. Ty Larson sets out to write a research proposal for an
archaeology course concerning the presence of Nephalim and the results of their intercourse with
the “…daughters of men…” mentioned in Chapter 6 of Genesis. Over the course of the class
several strange occurrences happen to Ty causing him to get his father, a CIA Agent, involved.
Although common sense should have stopped Ty from responding to those occurrences the way
he did, he was obsessed with his project and rushed in where ‘angels fear to tread’. The result is
a setup complete with Nazis, giants, seduction and terrorism on the way to find out the real story
about the Nephalim and the daughters of men.

Ty seems shallow and semi-developed. He’s a bit naive and neither Celeste nor Tom Bruiner
have any trouble leading him in whatever direction they want him to go. His CIA Agent father is
a stretch, especially since he is in a position to use agency resources to try to rescue Ty from the
conspiracy that entangles him. For me at least, that is not especially believable.

The real seduction, and the real conspiracy, however, is the fact that this book is set up as a serial
series although the next book has apparently not been written yet. The reader is left hanging with
an incomplete story unless he forks out money for the next book. As a life-long reader, I feel
serial series books are unfair to readers and typically deduct at least a full star rating from them.
And so it will be here.

This book should appeal to young adult audiences who are interested in ancient mysteries and to
those who love conspiracy stories and have the patience to dig through the layers of waste
material in order to get to the meat of the conspiracy. It should also appeal to readers who love
serial series books and are willing to wait anxiously for the next book.

Clabe Polk


Review: Everybody has a story.... These are ours....

Everybody has a story.... These are ours....

by Audrey N Lewis

I was given an e-copy of this book for an honest review for Julie's Book Review. . I'm not really sure what to say about it. Some of the stories were just ok. Some I didn't "get" at all. The Closet was very disturbing, and since it was the first one I read, I wasn't too keen on reading the rest of the book. It took me some time to continue, but I did read it to the end. The whole book was kind of dark and not anything like I usually read. Life is hard enough without having add to it by reading when I read to be entertained or to fill my soul. The one story I did enjoy was Fading Frost. It ended very abruptly though. I would have liked to read more about what happened at the end.

Although this book was not my thing, it might be good for people who don't mind dark, thoughtful reading.

3 stars

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Review of The Blotted Line

The Blotted Line
by Mehreen Ahmed

ISBN-10: 0979445159
ISBN-13: 978- 0979445156
First Published March 1, 2013
The Story Institute

The Blotted Line is a well written series of short stories that occur in different parts of the world.
All involve women and human material and emotional losses that are related to women’s place
in various cultures.

The Wager is a tale of a woman being traded in payment of a blood debt; a blood debt assumed
by the victim’s family, but never proven.

In Charade a game of ‘one-upmanship’ started by one of three friends to stir things up dissolves
into a cascade of lies and pretention.

In Eye-Opener, a woman makes up a web of lies to tie her to her friend in a web of self-pity.

In The Black Coat an artist becomes obsessed with an ideal even when he learns the reality is
nothing like his dream.

In The Anomalous Duo two life-long friends who love each other learn the stark cruelty of
cultural conflicts and their traditional families learn the pain caused by sticking to their
traditional values.

In Melodies Passé, a mature woman memories of living in her grandmother’s home before her
greedy relatives sold it to land developers to build an apartment building play like a movie in her

In Of Note, a mentally unbalanced young woman pins her life upon the promises of her
manipulating employer with disastrous results.

All of these tales are well written literary works that require significant emotional investment
with the characters. They would be most appealing to lovers of classical short stories and those
with a special interest in the social plight of women of various cultures throughout the world.

5- Stars
Clabe Polk

Review: Love and Other Acts of Courage

Love and Other Acts of Courage
Ann Warner

ISBN-10: 1495313913
ISBN-13: 978- 1495313912
Copyright 2014 by Ann Warner
Published by Silky Stone Press
236 Pages

Sophie Suriano and her husband, Sam Suriano, were aboard their yacht Sylph near New Zealand
when a Chinese freighter collided with them at night and sank the Sylph in minutes. Alone in a life
raft without supplies, Sophie floated at the whim of the ocean’s wave and currents until rescued by
New Zealand authorities, fifty-six hours later. Injured and barely surviving, Sophie entered a long
period of physical and emotional healing; and grieving. Rescue was much too late for her husband,

Jake Rutherford, an Australian newspaper reporter from Sidney, had had done many things in her
life before covering a story in Cairns about a SCUBA diving couple who were abandoned on the
Great Barrier Reef by a careless dive boat operator. Jake thought she was prepared for anything,
until she met Max, the maritime attorney from San Francisco who represented the couple’s children.
Ironically, Max also represented Sophie Suriano in a wrongful death suit against the freighter’s
Chinese owners.

Max, thought he had a good life albeit one with challenges. A successful attorney who had lost his
legs in an accident, his wife had left him years before. He was not the first man who fooled himself
into thinking that he’d recovered from the emotional impact of losing his legs and his wife.

The stage is set for one of the finest stories I’ve read in a while, Love and Other Acts of Courage. Max must deal with becoming emotionally caught up in these two legal cases and sort out the nature of his relationships with Sophie and Jake, both of who have their own emotional issues to sort through.
The result is an excellent tale of love and humanity as well as plumbing the depths of human moral
turpitude and criminality. The characters are well developed, totally likeable and I found myself
cheering (or tearing up) for each of them in turn.

Love and Other Acts of Courage is a recommended read for any reader who loves a good romance,
stories about the interplay of personalities and relationships, criminal intrigue or those who just love
a good adventure.

Clabe Polk

Review: All Roads Lead to Winter

All Roads Lead to Winter
by  Mark Fuller Dillon

ISBN: 9780991861200

Copyright 2013 Mark Fuller Dillon

Personally, I found All Roads Lead to Winter to be a bit odd. As I understood this novella, it is about a race of cat-like creatures from a parallel Earth who have been transported into the Earth of the story
to save man-kind from themselves. Allegedly, these creatures have evolved concurrently with man in
their parallel world and have no bad habits.

Thomas Bridge, an ideological misfit, has been imprisoned for reasons that remain obscure and
despite the fact that he has been freed, is incapable of moving forward; perhaps for the same reason
that he clings to the memory of a wife who left him after a year of marriage twenty-years before and
committed suicide.

Avdryana is one of the cat-like creatures, Thomas’ former captor, who for totally undefined reasons
has developed sensual feelings for Thomas. She is like a third-party interloper in the closed pity-
party happening between Thomas and his dead wife’s memory.

The story line is weak at best and focuses around discussions concerning the origin of the cats, the
nature of parallel universes and whether interveners have the right to intervene in the lives and
destiny of other races no matter how doomed they may be. What the story lacks in substance, it
makes for in sex with a long pointless sexual encounter initiated by Avdryana designed to get
Thomas to forget about his wife.

Thomas is a one-dimensional character incapable of accepting change. Avdryana is never really
defined except in light of her over all racial differences in values and physical characteristics.

All Roads Lead to Winter would be expected to appeal to readers who are looking for a short sci-fi-
fantasy read, or perhaps those who feel the world’s environment is doomed. For the latter, there are
no solutions, just heavy handed interventions.

Clabe Polk


Kindra Sowder

The Deliverance of Desiree Tanner

Despite being an award-winning novelist and poet—as well as a great journalist and teacher, Tom Mach faced unusual obstacles along the way toward success.  In this unusual memoir, Mach takes you through his long and wayward journey toward self-discovery. His book is sprinkled with humor but he invites you to feel the pain of his scary moments as well. At the end of his memoir he describes ten important lessons he learned from life and finishes the book with his touching story about a little girl's Christmas wish and her mother's inability to provide that wish. You definitely will not be able to put this book down.

Click on https://www.amazon.com/author/tommach for my Amazon author page as well as for more information on Persistence, Then Peace


Tom Mach

Despite being an award-winning novelist and poet—as well as a great journalist and teacher, Tom Mach faced unusual obstacles along the way toward success.  In this unusual memoir, Mach takes you through his long and wayward journey toward self-discovery. His book is sprinkled with humor but he invites you to feel the pain of his scary moments as well. At the end of his memoir he describes ten important lessons he learned from life and finishes the book with his touching story about a little girl's Christmas wish and her mother's inability to provide that wish. You definitely will not be able to put this book down.

Click on https://www.amazon.com/author/tommach for my Amazon author page as well as for more information on Persistence, Then Peace


KL Donn


He felt a need to meet her, so he intentionally got in her way so she would bump into him. As they collided, his body awoke in ways he’d never experienced before. She was soft where he was hard. Her curves molded to him. Her breasts planted against his chest felt delectable. He was ready to throw her to the ground and have his wicked way with her.
            When she didn’t look up at him after he’d held her longer than acceptable, he knelt down slightly to meet her eyes. Eyes so deep and pain-filled he wanted to toss her over his shoulder caveman style and take her home.
            He smirked when she seemed to study his own features. Her gaze travelling up his body felt like a caress. When she finally met his eyes, he tried to hide his shock at seeing the scar on her cheek. By how faded it was, he could tell it was old, but it had to have been one hell of a cut to still be so noticeable.
            “Hi,” he murmured, drawing her attention back to his lips. Wanting to play with her, he slowly licked across them. Her indrawn breath was all he needed to know that she was attracted tooo. “Are you alright…?” He let the question hang, hoping she’d tell him her name.
            Clearing her throat, he watched enthralled as she stuck the tip of her tongue out between her pink lips copying his movement. It was his turn to nearly groan out loud waiting for her answer.
             “Cecilia,” she whispered.
            Perfect, he thought. “Cecilia,” he murmured, needing to hear it come from his lips. Oh yeah, he could see moaning that name out in pleasure for the foreseeable future. “A lovely name for an even lovelier woman,” he told her. The immediate blush that stained her cheeks was adorable. 


Noelle Bodhaine


When Sophie stumbles into Rhys' world she is mere whisper of herself. A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect. A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs. What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control. Gambling with one's heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don't walk away from the table when you are winning. 

Rhys is everything Sophie never knew she wanted, until he lets her down. With a broken heart in tow she leaves him in the dust and starts over only to find herself a shell of who she had become, no longer satisfied by who she was. When Sophie cuts him off, Rhys is a shell. Wanting what he cannot have, he must prove to Sophie that he has changed. But when the moment comes will he speak up? Can Rhys overcome the ghosts of Sophie's past? Can Sophie forgive Rhys his past sins?


MJ Summers

3 Full-Length Novels + 1 Novella by international bestselling author MJ Summers
Regular Sale Price of $8.99
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K.L. Kreig


“Let me obliterate each and every last beast that’s holding that beautiful mind captive, Giselle.” 

It’s no secret Detective Mike Thatcher wasn’t a fan of the blood drinkers. They stole his life, his woman, his future when they kidnapped his college sweetheart. So of course Fate paired him with the one thing he’d spent the past eleven years hating…a vampire. But Giselle isn't just any vampire. She’s seduction, sin, strength and fragility all wrapped into one ice-cold package. 

“That could take a lot of time. I have a lot of demons.” 

Giselle has reasons for her sandpaper exterior, but they’re hers and hers alone. Then along came the one male she never wanted. Her Fated. Mike changed her in ways she didn’t like. He made her soft. He made her care. The gorgeous asshole made her feel, goddammit. And he’s just made it clear the running is over. Letting love in would prove to be the biggest challenge she’d ever faced. 

But as Mike lets the past go, can Giselle do the same? Can she bare her soul? Show her shame? Just as Giselle stops fighting the inevitable, her entire world doesn’t only shift on its axis…it falls the fuck off.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE. This is a novella in the Regent Vampire Lords series that picks up on Mike and Giselle's relationship toward the end of Reawakening. To understand their back story, you MUST read the series in order, starting with Surrendering. 

**Contains graphic sexual content and foul language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+


Ed Duncan

Pigeon-Blood Red is a fast-paced and suspenseful crime thriller by Ed Duncan. It was
released in March 2016, published by Zharmae and is available for sale on Amazon.

Duncan says, “It’s always been said that you should write what you know. I am a
lawyer - as is a pivotal character in the novel who is being pursued by a hit man -
and I'm excited to be able to use my legal training creatively as well as


For underworld enforcer Richard "Rico" Sanders, it seemed like an ordinary job.
Retrieve his gangster boss's priceless pigeon-blood red ruby necklace and teach the
double-dealing cheat who stole it a lesson. A job like a hundred before it. But the
chase quickly goes sideways and takes Rico from the mean streets of Chicago to
sunny Honolulu, where the hardened hit man finds himself in uncharted territory
when a couple of innocent bystanders are accidentally embroiled in the crime.

As Rico pursues his new targets, the hunter and his prey develop an unlikely respect
for one another and Rico is faced with a momentous decision: follow his orders to
kill the couple whose courage and character have won his admiration, or refuse and
endanger the life of the woman he loves?

Praise for Pigeon-Blood Red
“Fast-paced and full of surprises. Will keep you on the edge of your seat!” – Amazon

“Pigeon Blood Red has a dramatic and satisfying conclusion, leaving the reader
nodding his head with approval." - Readers' Favorite

“In a novel with as much action as love, it is sure to be a story that will fulfill the
desires of readers of all ages, genders, and areas of interest.” – Red City Review

About Ed Duncan
Ed Duncan is a graduate of Oberlin College and Northwestern University Law
School. He was a partner at a national law firm in Cleveland, Ohio for many years. He
currently lives outside of Cleveland, OH and is at work on the second installment in
the Pigeon-Blood Red trilogy. To learn more, go to http://eduncan.net/

Readers can connect with Ed on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


Baylee Rose

Unjustified Demands   (Filthy  Florida Alphas #2)

I've claimed her. She's mine and I'm not letting her go.


I own this town. 
People don’t tell me no. 
If they try, they regret it. 
I live my life to please no one, but myself. 
One look at Ana and I wanted to play with her. 
To test her. To find her secrets. To make her my toy. 
Until I grow bored. 
But Ana surprises me. 
One taste and I keep wanting more. 
She submits to my demands. 
But with each encounter I find I want more. 
Now, I want her to submit more than just her body. 
I want her heart. 

And I always get what I want. 

Complete Stand Alone Full Length Book Warning: Instant Lust ahead. Love comes eventually. Happy Ever After inside, because every woman should have one


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