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Release Day 

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes the New
Standalone Story of Mack, a Continuation of the King Trilogy


Mack Blurb:
MY NAME IS MACK. And if I play my cards right, I will soon be dead.
Permanently. Not even my powerful twin brother will be able to resurrect
me. A good thing. Because a man like me has no business living. Not when I
have killed. Not when I have betrayed everyone I have ever cared for. Not
when I know I’m destined to do it again.

This is why I have come looking for her—the only one capable of ending me
once and for all. But will she think I’m just another insane patient? Or
will she believe the truth? I am thousands of years old, my heart too dark
to be salvaged.
MY NAME IS TEDDI, short for Theodora. My entire life has been a canvas of
grays, whites, and black. I can’t feel, I can’t understand joy, I’ve never
truly lived. Until now. His name is Mack, and though he believes he’s
cursed, my degree in psychology tells me otherwise. Besides, someone who’s
capable of bringing so much light into my life can’t be anything but good.

But I can save him. If he’ll let me.


About Mimi:
Contemporary Romance. Her books have been #1 genre sellers around the
world. Both traditionally and independently published, Mimi has sold over
600,000 books since publishing her first title in 2012, and she plans to
spontaneously combust once she hits the one million mark. Although she
obtained her international MBA and worked for over 15 years in the
corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the
romance closet and follow your dream.

When not screaming at her computer or hosting her very inappropriate radio
show (Man Candy Show on Radioslot.com), Mimi spends time with her two
pirates in training, her loco-for-the-chili-pepper hubby, and her two rat
terriers, DJ Princess Snowflake and Mini Me, in the San Francisco Bay
She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback
(for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.
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Lindsay Marie Miller Day 2

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Suspense, Thriller
Available in Paperback & eBook
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Release Date: October 7, 2015

Finley O'Connell is a shy, reserved college student, who has no intention of ever
trusting another man. At nineteen, Finley spends her Friday nights alone, studying
clinical psychology to ease her mind of the abusive childhood she has yet to
overcome. Her new professor, the young, charismatic Cabel Jones, begins to take
an interest in Finley, whose first instinct is to run. But when an ordinary
experiment turns to bloodshed, Finley must rely on Cabel, as the two hide away in
a rustic, secluded cabin in the wilderness. Plagued by deception and fear, Finley
soon finds herself in the arms of the one man on campus who can never truly be

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A couple of weeks later, I was due for the second experiment, though it was really my
first. As I waited in the third floor lobby, my mind flooded with strange visions of what
the experiment could entail. I remembered studying the long-term effects of child abuse,
as they translated into adulthood, for the last exam. Surely, that wouldn’t be a potential
topic for the experiment.
I didn’t want anyone delving into that part of my psyche. Ever.
As I got tangled up in my daydreams, the remaining students were called away for
their own experiments. Before too long, I was the last one left. Again. An uneasy feeling
flowed through my system, because the déjà vu felt all too expected, all too planned.
Sighing aloud, I carried my satchel over my shoulder and rose from my chair in the
lobby. I trudged across the carpet with my head down, desperate to go back to my
apartment and sleep. Nightmares of my past had tormented me the night before, but I
didn’t want to revisit them now.
“Miss O’Connell,” a cheery voice called. I looked up to find Cabel with a pen and
clipboard in his hand. “Ready?” He turned on his heel as I followed, letting him guide me
down the hallway.
“For what exactly?” I searched for the nearest elevator, intent on heading home and
curling into a ball on the couch. But when Cabel grabbed my elbow, I gave him a second
“Your experiment,” he answered, furrowing his brow in frustration. “It’s today.”
“I know it’s today,” I snapped back, already irritated. “My experimenter didn’t show
up.” I brushed past him and continued down the corridor, desperate to find a place to
rest my head.
“I’m your experimenter.” The strength of his voice followed me, traveling down the
I slowed my feet and turned back around, not believing a word he had said. “What?”
Cabel stepped towards me, his icy blue eyes dilating at the pupil. I thought that was
odd, considering the bright fluorescent lights overhead. “Come with me,” he pressed, his
steady gaze authoritative and haunting, “unless you want to fail.”
I forced myself to swallow, then followed Cabel down several long, winding corridors,
until he finally led me into an empty room and shut the door behind us. Cabel flipped the
light switch on, to reveal a small rectangular table with two wooden chairs on either side
of it. I glanced around the room, spotting a couch against the left wall and a sink by the
lone window at the back of the room. The blinds were drawn.
I flinched when Cabel shut the door, and then jerked one of the chairs out from the
table. “Have a seat,” he ordered. Obedient, I tossed my satchel onto the couch and took a
deep breath.
“Yes, Mr. Jones.” I sat down with my feet flat on the ground, my hands gripping the
“When are you going to stop calling me that?” Cabel stood in front of me, hovering.
“When are you going to stop calling me Miss O’Connell?” I countered.
The edge of Cabel’s mouth lifted into a smirk, though he didn’t allow the smile to
linger. I held his gaze, looking up at him through my eyelashes, playful and
coy. Cabel narrowed his eyes at me in return, but not out of malice. He was thinking,
wondering, considering.
“Roll up your sleeve,” Cabel instructed, staring at my black long-sleeved t-shirt.
“What?” I stared up at him in confusion, while Cabel merely sighed. All at once, he
leaned forward, grabbed my left wrist with one hand, and pushed my shirtsleeve back
with the other, until the fabric became a bunched mess around my elbow. I held my
breath at the touch of his skin against mine, while Cabel rocked back on his heels and
placed his hands on his hips.
“Put your arm on the table,” he said, alarming me further. I rested my left arm on the
table beside me and turned my palm up towards the ceiling. When Cabel collected a
black box from the TV stand and placed it on the table, I began to sweat.
“Don’t I have to sign a disclaimer first?” I piped up, questioning his order and method
of experimentation.
“We’ll get to that,”
Just as he unlocked the box and opened the lid, our eyes met with frantic delight. I
forced myself to swallow, my gaze shifting from Cabel to the table. What was inside of the
Suddenly, an alarm sounded overhead, sending a violent ringing through my
ears. Cabel shut the box and returned it to the TV stand, then jerked me out of the chair.
Before I could react, an announcement came over the PA system.
“Attention all students, faculty, and staff. Please evacuate campus immediately. This is not a drill.
Find the nearest exit and leave now. All classes are cancelled until further notice.”
The announcement played on a continuous loop, while the alarm rang on and on.
“Cabel, what’s going on?” I tried to swallow, but there was no more than a hard,
relentless lump in my throat. Distracted, Cabel released me and moved to the door, deftly
clicking the lock in place. “Cabel?” He grabbed the chair I had been sitting in and pushed
it in front of the door, then snatched the table and remaining chair off the floor and did
the same.
Cabel weaved his fingers through his hair, those blonde locks becoming disheveled
and unruly. His head snapped back when someone began pounding their fist against the
door. I looked intoCabel’s eyes and noticed that his soft blue irises had thinned around
two deep circles of black.
Without any warning, Cabel grabbed my arm and steered me towards the window.
He drew the blinds back, and then pushed the window open to reveal our only way out.
“No!” I protested, struggling against him. Cabel grabbed my shoulders and shoved me
towards the window. I stomped his foot with my shoe and kicked him in the knee,
but Cabel wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned his head on my shoulder.
“Climb down the railing and go next door,” he whispered. “Take the stairs to the
third floor and wait for me in the second room on the left. It’s the janitor’s closet.” I felt
his warm breath in my ear, his words more comforting than the vice-like grip he had
around me.
“What?” I whimpered, tugging at his arm. “But, I don’t understand.”
“Trust me,” he pleaded in earnest.
The banging against the door only grew louder, as I tried to rationalize, tried to
think, tried to decide what to do. I didn’t know if I could even trust Cabel. I hardly knew
him. But in that moment, I realized how badly I wanted to.
“Is this part of the experiment?” I craned my neck around to look back at him, my
eyes dancing across the planes of his strong, chiseled face.
“No,” he mouthed, his lips so close to mine that they nearly touched. For the briefest
moment, Cabel looked at peace with the world, gazing into my fearful brown eyes. But
then the door burst open, and Cabel picked me up and tossed me out the window.


About the Author

LINDSAY MARIE MILLER was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated
from high school as Valedictorian. Afterwards, Lindsay attended Florida State University
and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an English Literature major, Psychology minor,
and Specialized Studies in Markets and Institutions. Lindsay is the author of the romance
novels: Jungle Eyes, Me & Mr. Jones, and Emerald Green. Jungle Eyes is the beginning of
a new romantic action/adventure trilogy. Emerald Green is the first installment in a four-
part series of Young Adult romantic thrillers. And the New Adult romantic thriller, Me &
Mr. Jones, will be accompanied by a sequel. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing,
playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs. The author resides in her hometown of
Tallahassee, FL, where she is currently working on her next novel.

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Lindsay Marie Miller

Title: Emerald Green
Author: Lindsay Marie Miller
Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Suspense, Thriller
Release Date: June 7, 2015
Available in Paperback & eBook


On a chilly December night in Savannah, Georgia, seventeen-year-old Addie Smith dreams of an alluring young man, too mysteriously handsome to be real. When spring semester commences the following week, at Maple Creek High, a new student, named Tom Sutton, arrives, bearing a striking resemblance to the beautiful stranger from Addie’s dream. Addie feels inextricably drawn to Tom, and his rare, unwavering resiliency, as the enchanting nature of first love takes hold. But when a cold-blooded criminal returns to Savannah, in pursuit of a long-forgotten possession, Addie must confront the darkest secrets of an elusive, hidden past that threaten to destroy her future. 

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I turned at the end of the hallway, noticing a red EXIT sign above a door. I pushed the door open and climbed three flights of stairs, before reaching an old wooden door at the top. Turning the tarnished metal knob, I crossed the threshold and found a dark, empty room.
“Hello,” I called out, stepping forward. But as I let go of the heavy door, it swung back into the door frame, slamming in place. I twisted the doorknob, frowning at its immobility. The door was locked.
“Hello.” I banged my fist against the door, yelling for help. “Jeanine!” But she wasn’t going to hear me. I had left her in the hallway three floors below.
After fifteen minutes of hollering, I set my purse down and removed the thick warm coat that hung over my gown. The room smelled of dust and sweat. I wondered why the hotel had yet to remodel it, as renovations had been completed on the rest of the building just before the Winter Ball date had been set.
All was dark in the room, except for a small, square window that revealed a sliver of moonlight, which shone down on the floor below. I stepped into the pale white light and watched the half-moon hang in the black sky. A translucent layer of dense fog surrounded the moon, drawing further attention to its true silvery radiance.
“Addie,” a strange voice said. I felt a cool hand touch the bare skin of my shoulder. My heart thumped loudly inside of my chest as I swallowed, too terrified to turn around. Lifting my eyes to the window, I spotted his reflection in the glass. His black, neatly cropped hair looked like Ricky’s, though not exactly. Unable to resist my fear any longer, I turned around. The man who stood before me was not Ricky.
“Hello.” He smiled, standing much closer than I would have liked. A pair of straight white teeth glimmered in the moonlight as I recoiled, pressing my body into the window. Privy to my fear, he held his hands up in innocence and backed away from me.
Breathing heavily, I closed my eyes, and then opened them again, only to find him staring at the stretch of wall beside me. He kept still, letting his arms hang down at his sides, as I took a step towards him. Once I followed his gaze, I realized that he was not staring at the wall, but at the painting that hung there.
It was a portrait of a young woman, no more than eighteen. She sat still in the moonlight, gently holding her palms together, over her lap. Long thick locks of golden blonde hair framed her face and fell to the middle of her back. The hair was silky, wavy, and looked as though it had been fashioned from an angel’s wings.
The woman’s frame appeared thin, fragile even, yet her complexion was less fair than one would have imagined, presumably from hours spent beneath the summer sun.
Though of all her soft, gentle features, the most remarkable was the magic, liquid luster of her emerald green eyes. She was beautiful.
“You remind me so much of her,” he whispered in the darkness.
A white satin gown was draped over her shoulders, flowing around the rest of her slim body. I looked down at my own dress, unable to deny the similarities. The hair.The eyes.The skin. It was all the same. If not for the emerald stone around her neck, I would have thought I was looking in a mirror.
“Who is she?” I extended my hand, moving close enough to touch the portrait. But before my finger could trace the stone, all of it disappeared.
I woke in the darkness, lying on a bed of white sheets. Recognizing my bedroom, I turned to the lamp on my nightstand and switched it on. The clock by my bed indicated that it was three o’clock in the morning. I pulled the sheet back, sank my feet into the carpet, and lost my balance. Stumbling to the wooden chair near the window, I found my white formal gown and winter coat that lay draped over the seat. For the life of me, I could not remember putting them there.
I thought about the strange dream. The boy seemed familiar to me, somehow. He had jet black hair and a tall, muscular build, like Ricky. Yet, there was something different about the two of them. Both had brown eyes, but they were not quite the same. Ricky’s eyes had always been a strange mixture of red and brown, like the color of a maple leaf. But the boy, the stranger, his eyes were golden brown, almost the shade of honey, with flecks of yellow sprinkled throughout.
I spent the next several nights sketching the boy’s eyes. I started with a thin gray pencil to outline the shape of them. Then, I filled the pupils with black before coloring the irises with a blend of orange, yellow, and brown. By the time I was finished, the eyes reminded me of autumn, when all the leaves begin to change in color and hue.

I looked out at the tree that stood before my bedroom window. 
All of the leaves were gone.


About the Author

LINDSAY MARIE MILLER was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, where she graduated from high school as Valedictorian. Afterwards, Lindsay attended Florida State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an English Literature major, Psychology minor, and Specialized Studies in Markets and Institutions. Lindsay is the author of the romance novels: Jungle EyesMe & Mr. Jones, and Emerald GreenJungle Eyes is the beginning of a new romantic action/adventure trilogy. Emerald Green is the first installment in a four-part series of Young Adult romantic thrillers. And the New Adult romantic thriller, Me & Mr. Jones, will be accompanied by a sequel. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys singing, playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs. The author resides in her hometown of Tallahassee, FL, where she is currently working on her next novel.

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Nia Farrell

SOMETHING MORE (The Three Graces Book 3) by Nia Farrell, a BDSM MFM ménage erotic romance from Dark Hollows Press.  Two brothers, a biker and a porn star, are on a mission: to find and fetch the girl they thought was dead.  When Rae Simmons aka Rachel Givens comes face to face with her past, the single mother with a special needs child learns just how much more she can handle. 

BLURB: Loving a biker and his porn star brother came at a terrible price.  Taken by a rival gang, beaten beyond recognition and sexually assaulted, Rachel Givens saw a chance to survive by claiming the identity of the other girl who was taken and killed.  She spent months recovering from her physical injuries but still struggles with post-rape PTSD.  Add her three-year-old autistic daughter to the equation, and Rachel (now Rae Simmons) has her hands more than full as she makes a new life for themselves in a quiet little town.

When her former loves walk into the restaurant where she works, it’s clear that the Colson brothers have come for more than the plate lunch special.  Once Rachel gladly submitted to their domination, but she hasn’t been with a man since she was taken.  She has triggers and issues and a daughter whose needs come first.  Cord and Cam don’t care whether or not Hannah is theirs.  As far as they’re concerned, Hannah is Rachel’s and Rachel is theirs – and they’ll do whatever it takes to convince Rachel that they belong together.

EXCERPTIt’s two hours before I normally pick up Hannah. Two and a half hours before I start getting charged by the minute. Rules are rules, and there are penalties to be paid. As I drive to the motel, I think of all that’s gone on, of what each of us owes the others, and wonder how it’s going to play out. My question is answered when Cord opens the door. The warmth of the room hits me first, then the sight of both men, shirtless and barefoot, dressed in their Dom leather pants.

Cam stands beside the turned-down, king sized bed, dangling handcuffs and holding a deerskin flogger.

“Clothes off,” Cord tells me. “Then kneel.”

They want my submission as much as I need to give it. This is different than being at the mercy of men who have none. Cam and Cord take only the power that I allow them to have. They can restrain me, spank me, flog me, cane me, and I will let them, trusting that, if I tell them to stop anything, at any time, they will. Kink doesn’t preclude sex, but I know they’ll want it. It’s possible that we may have it. But that remains to be seen.

I take off my clothes, freeing myself as I do, revealing the web of white veins etched on a once-gravid belly, the faint marks on my wrists made by zip ties, the scars on my chest and back from knife blades, brass knuckles, and lit cigarettes. The back of one shoulder bears two opposing half-circles, made by one man’s teeth. He was the worst. The thing that he said he wanted to do–

It turned off the others so much, they made him wait. He would have been the last one to use me. He would have maimed me, then killed me.


I don’t feel the least bit guilty, hoping he died a horrible death.

Naked, I assume the position they taught me, kneeling on the floor with legs apart and my hands behind my head, breasts thrust out like a naughty forties pinup, wearing only their names in flowery script, inked on the inside of each thigh: Cameron and Cordell. I’d insisted on their real names, not titanic Jamie or biker Cruz but who they always were. Who they always will be. Mine.

Cord strokes my cheek, his callused fingers gently rasping my skin. “Angel,” he murmurs, his voice thick, his eyes suspiciously moist. “I’ve missed you. We both have.”

I don’t want to think of where I was or where he’s been, but a question looms as large as an elephant in the room. “May I speak, Sir?”

Cord lifts his hand, takes it away, and drops it to his side. “Yes.”

The loss of his touch leaves me achingly bereft. I struggle with how I should phrase what needs said. The tests for STDs while I recovered in the hospital and while I was pregnant all came back good, and I haven’t been with anyone since. There’s no way they’ve both been celibate. Maybe Cord.


Even prison life gets lonely.

“I’m not on birth control. If this goes beyond discipline, protection will be worn from the beginning. No putting it on midstream. Not until we’ve been tested and cleared and I’m protected. And no blindfold. I need to see you. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Moving like a big cat, Cam crosses the room to where I am kneeling. I know from the hitch in his gait when he’s close enough to see my scars.

“Fuck. Fuck.” He closes his eyes and inhales sharply, gathering himself. When he can bring himself to look at me again, tears shimmer in his eyes. “Come here, sweetheart. Let’s get you on the bed.”

Farrell’s Foxes, Nia Farrell’s Street Team page https://www.facebook.com/farrellsfoxes
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The Three Graces Series by Nia Farrell from Dark Hollows Press
SOMETHING ELSE August 25, 2015
SOMETHING DIFFERENT September 29, 2015
SOMETHING MORE October 15, 2015


Nia Farrell

SOMETHING DIFFERENT (The Three Graces Book Two) by Nia Farrell, is a standalone MFM
ménage BDSM rock star erotic romance.  Starving artist Anna James has sworn off men.
Rock gods Jackson and Jacob Thomason just promised her the best sex of her life.  Does
Anna dare submit to the part-Comanche twins who perform as No Mercy?

Singer/songwriter Anna James is getting desperate.  Even with a day job, money’s tight, and
she’s wound tighter yet, having sworn off sex to reconcile with her mother who’s in chemo and
her father who disowned her for her wild, wicked ways.  No sooner than her psychic best friend
predicts an end to Anna’s self-imposed drought, rock stars Jackson and Jacob Thomason come
to town, with the dream of an indie album co-written with local American Indian flutist Nico
White and his songwriting partner AJ McPherson.

The triple platinum artists are attracted to Anna, who gives as good as she gets.  Learning that
Anna’s alter ego AJ puts the “twist” in Nico’s “tribal” music only makes them want her more.
The part-Comanche Thomason twins need an album’s worth of songs.  That means spending
night after night, working closely, getting to know each other, learning how to co-create.

Anna’s never written music with anyone but Nico.  Their collaborations are so natural, so
organic.  They’re comfortable with each other.  The Thomason twins, who perform as No Mercy,
make her anything but.  What’s a fangirl to do, when submitting to her rock star idols means
exploring the darker side of passion?

There’s six feet three inches of male heat on my back when I grab one of the reusable glass bottles
and close the refrigerator door. He bends down to murmur in my right ear; his nose nudges the row
of hoops that rim it as his breath dances over my skin. “I don’t know where you went,” he says, “but
I sure as hell hope you go there again–and take us the fuck with you next time.”

I catch myself leaning toward him, like I’m drawn by a goddamn magnet. There’s no denying I want
them. I’d just like an idea of how this needs to go down. Before I give myself a chance to chicken
out, I flat out ask him, “Do you two do everything together?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.” He lifts his hand–the one that has L O V E tattooed on his fingers–and strokes
my arm, leaving gooseflesh in his wake. “If you know our music, you know us. It won’t be gentle,
and it won’t be quick, but I can fucking guarantee we’ll give you the best sex of your life….”

Buy links to SOMETHING DIFFERENT (a BSDM MFM ménage rock star erotic romance):
Amazon ➔ http://mybook.to/SomethingDifferent
Barnes and Noble ➔  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/something-different-nia-
Allromance ➔ https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-somethingdifferent-1897500-
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Goodreads ➔ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26369686-something-different
Nia Farrell’s Facebook author page ➔ https://www.facebook.com/?q=#/pages/Author-Nia-
Farrell’s Foxes, Nia Farrell’s Street Team page ➔ https://www.facebook.com/farrellsfoxes
Nia Farrell’s Dark Hollows Press author page ➔ http://www.darkhollowspress.com/#!nia-farrell/c1mop

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The Three Graces Series by Nia Farrell

SOMETHING ELSE August 25, 2015
SOMETHING DIFFERENT September 29, 2015
SOMETHING MORE October 15, 2015
from Dark Hollows Press


Nia Farrell


Grace Murphy is the local psychic medium who dreams of her soulmates –Nico White, a bisexual
American Indian musician, and J.T. Santiago, an ex-Navy SEAL and former cage fighter with PTSD on top of the guilt that he’s still carrying from other lifetimes that they’ve shared. J.T. is a dominant, but he’s never had a male submissive and Grace and Nico are a package deal. It’s a learning curve for all of them, with J.T.’s initiation into MMF and MM relations and Grace’s introduction to BDSM. With Grace’s yin, J.T’s yang, and Nico’s center balance, the three of them come together as far as J.T.’s PTSD will allow, but forging a future means healing the past, however painful it might be, in an interracial paranormal MMF ménage BDSM erotic romance.

99ȼ @ Barnes and Noble ➔ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/something-else-nia-
$2.99 @ Amazon ➔http://mybook.to/SomethingElse
Allromance ➔ https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-somethingelse-1874223-340.html
BookStrand ➔ http://www.bookstrand.com/something-else-mmf
Smashwords ➔ https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/571934
Dark Hollows Press ➔ http://www.darkhollowspress.com/#!something-else/c1tdc
Goodreads ➔ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26021180-something-else

SOMETHING ELSE (The Three Graces Book One) by Nia Farrell

Nico stands and offers his hand. “Nicolas White,” he says warmly. “Grace’s friend. Call me Nico.”

Friend. Amazing what one small word can do. The difference in him is palpable. The threat neutralized, he grasps Nico’s hand and shakes it. “J. T. Santiago.” He flashes a look my way and imparts his great secret. “Jesus Tomás.  My mother can be clueless.”

For a moment, I see the problems it caused him. In grade school. High school. The military–at least until he became a SEAL. He earned his initials and respect, but facts are facts. He was named at birth for a savior and an apostle. One knew his mission and his worth; the other was riddled with doubt.

His mother is more intuitive than he’s willing to admit.

The SEAL thing intrigues me. While I’m processing that and memorizing his smell–wind and leather, exhaust fumes and musk, Nico does the honors. “J.T., sit, please. We haven’t ordered yet. We’ve been waiting for you.”

At what sounds like a double entendre, I snap my gaze up to meet Nico’s and see that he knows it, too. J.T. is our chosen one, but how much will it take to dispel his doubt? Surely he’ll feel this…this thing–whatever you want to call it–that we three share. How can he not feel it, when its reconstruction has been building between us, bridging us since birth?

Nia Farrell’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/?q=#/pages/Author-Nia-
Nia Farrell’s Street Team page https://www.facebook.com/farrellsfoxes
Nia Farrell’s Tumblr page http://authorniafarrell.tumblr.com/
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Nia Farrell’s Amazon page  http://www.amazon.com/Nia-
Nia Farrell’s Author page at Dark Hollows Press  http://www.darkhollowspress.com/#!nia-farrell/c1mop

The Three Graces Series by Nia Farrell from Dark Hollows Press

SOMETHING ELSE August 25, 2015

SOMETHING DIFFERENT September 29, 2015

SOMETHING MORE October 15, 2015


Review of Krim Du Shaw by Talia Haven

Krim Du Shaw

By: Talia Haven

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Super short and super sad :( This is a very well written short story however it is really sad. To tell the story of the disappearance of unicorns was heartbreaking for me. This is by no means a fairy tale type story for children as there are some very dark images of mankind and the pain they caused the unicorns. As a story it is really well written but I am not sure of the audience it is targeted at. I don't think it is appropriate for children but at the same time it is not fully an adult story either. I think if you enjoy short stories and fantasy creatures explained you may really like this book.

Ana Elise Meyer

Review of A Home for Haley by Mary Jane Morgan

A Home for Haley by Mary Jane Morgan

4 stars
posted on Goodreads & Amazon

I was given this book for an honest review. I really loved the story line. No one wants to go through what Haley has but I bet everyone wants what she ends up with. Ethan and his daughter Kayla just clicked right off with Haley and her son Ryan. It tugged on my heartstrings to read about Ryan calling Ethan daddy. I would of gave this book a 5 star rating but some names were mixed up in the story telling. I would definitely read more of this series though. Book 3 in the CRYSTAL SPRINGS HOMECOMING can be read as a stand alone.
Tanya B

Review of Sweet Revenge by Serene McCarthy

Sweet Revenge: The Billionaire's Deception by Serene McCarthy

Maybe 3 stars....
posted on Goodreads by reviewer

I was given a copy in exchange for a honest review.
This book is basically about a girl named Kaitlyn (or Kaitlin.... the author spells it differently throughout the book)... she is a personal shopper for s store in Chicago (or is it Atlanta.... the author seems to constantly change it). She wants to go to a University for music, however wants to also build her portfolio as a personal shopper too. She works at some kind of clothing store and also does personal shopping for clients that need that service.  She meets a Billionaire named Roy Hearst (who happens to own the stores) and requires a shopper so her Manager assigns her to him. Later he makes her an offer to be his Social companion. This is just to keep gold diggers away, not romantic..... 
First I MUST point out that this book was all over the place. One minute she delivering clothes to the Billionaire Roy Hearst at his home in Highland Park, Chicago but later says his company controls the textile business in Atlanta (okay so maybe he works from Chicago). But later in the book she is returning to her hometown Atlanta and yes Roy lives there and so does her roommate Amy.... Also at one point Kaitlyn (or Kaitlin... another issue... shouldn't the author know how to spell her heroine's name?) and Roy are in France watching a Hockey game but in the next sentence she says that she cant stay focused on the movie, then says she likes watching his expression and his comments on the players in the game. SERIOUSLY, is it a movie or a hockey game.
I have to also talk about the language. At one point in the beginning I thought it had switched to a historical romance in England. No 20 something girl (we never hear her age at all) from Chicago or Atlanta will speak like this "Do not worry your head over the result" (speaking about a test to determine if he was a Winter or Summer, which NO ONE does these and NO MAN cares about)..... Then later says "Oh my, do pardon me if I seem over-bearing...." Not to mention that she ran into him while returning to work and when he enters the store she thinks he's there to complain about it..  So after they decide on his clothes and he says he has to leave for meetings her inner dialogue she calls him an "Impertinent jerk" because she didn't get the last word. 
Then it reads "Not only had he quashed the chance for her to have a final word with him, he had also dictated his instructions in an imperious tone and dismissed her with a careless attitude, as if he was expecting her to be at his disposal henceforth. The very cheek of him! Blimey! Did he think she was one of his housemaids whom he could order around?"     First of all she is from Chicago/Atlanta and would NOT use any of those terms, esp Blimey... she's also 20 something and a personal shopper so yes, he can dictate what he needs and wants.
Now let's talk about this billionaire Roy Hearst... He is a 27yr old Billionaire and apparently speaks in old English...sometimes... There is really way to much to go over. I could barely tolerate the characters aside from Amy (the roommate or housemate as it reads).  Except she also speaks like some old English Mother saying "And do cast off that shadow of worry from your face" and then Kaitlyn/Kaitlin replies "Fine, dear. Do as you please. I'm going to top up some groceries once I'm done clearing my head."  HUH? Are we in England and are the in their 70s?
I have to mention the lack of consistency (aside from not spelling the main character's name the same or knowing where they are) what seems to be a week from their (K and Roy) meeting to the proposal of the offer (which happened with a couple of paragraphs) which later in the book the roommate, Amy, says it was a few months.... In other words, what was a few days (they meet and a couple of days later he makes the offer was actually a 9 month span!) then they go to Europe which it reads like it was maybe a couple of weeks... was actually almost another 4 months!! 
Also, the author should look into using words like "It's" "I'd" "We've" and so on.... Think how people talk, we use contractions. Also the use of commas where they weren't needed and then the run-on sentences, made it difficult to read. Maybe it was done to so the books would have more words...... AND when we write or say a dollar amount it's not USD2000 should be $2000 or two-thousand dollars. 
I honestly think that the author had a thesaurus on hand and decided to use it for everything because some of the sentences didn't even make sense. 
I would highly recommend and editor and some beta readers that won't be bias, because those who gave this 4 or 5 stars are just being nice and it does NOT help the author. I had a difficult time giving this 3 stars, but here's my reason for 3. 
Firstly, the story line was decent and has a lot of potential, but the characters need more depth. They were all very shallow and things were constantly contradicting each other. Secondly, if this was made to be in England the language would make a bit more sense. I would go even as far as saying that making it into a historical romance might be a good idea. When I first started reading it I had to go back and check to see if this was a historical romance because the way the characters were talking and the inner dialogue just didn't make any sense.
It's obvious the author has imagination... if she writes another I hope she REALLY re-reads it, has some unbiased beta readers and proofreaders (Usually people will do it for free, I do it all the time).

Charidy Anaya

Review of Aganst the Oaks of Bashan by Julia Starling

Against the Oaks of Bashan
Julia Starling

Right off the bat, I have to say this is an excellent story.  It is a story of the darkest
conspiracy imaginable contrived by a man trained in the art of genetic manipulation by one or
more fugitive Nazi scientists, the illusive and sinister Professor Litvac and the effects of his work
on two generations of scientists under his influence.  Beginning in military ruled Buenos Aires
after the 1976 coup, more than 30,000 people (desaparecidos) disappeared through politically
enforced murder or imprisonment. Against the Oaks of Bashan is a story based on these
disappearances and proposes the scenario what if a trained scientist with a fetish for power,
trained by the dark influences of escaped Nazi scientists managed to develop genetically superior
scientists gifted in genetics and cell biology and focused their efforts on engineering a compliant
race of humans based on fear satiated by rampant consumerism. The atmosphere of political
danger, uncertainty, narcissism and diversion engendered in Buenos Aires during the 1970s
provides the backdrop for Professor Litvac’s sinister plan.
Enter Lucas and Vera Freund, gifted scientists who are an important part of Professor
Litvac’s plan.  Vera has made an undisclosed but significant scientific discovery that she and
Lucas do not want Litvac to know about. During the course of concealing it, they become
desaparecidos imprisoned by Litvac while forced to continue their work. Antonio Fons, a
narcissistic surgeon is recruited by Litvac who appeals to his vanity and inner need for wealth to
participate in his “experiments” …really more torture than science. Antonio finds that Vera has
family money and facilitates their escape to a facility in New Mexico.

One generation later, Frances Fons, Antonio’s younger daughter is accepted out of school
into Plan B of the local medical school…that is to say, she is targeted by Litvac to continue his
experiments. Antonio resists her recruitment into Litvac’s influence, but is countered by Frances’
school administrator with whom Antonio has financial arrangement. Frances enters the Plan B
program against Antonio’s wishes, and Antonio is discredited exiled to Uruguay.
More, I cannot tell without spoiling the story. It is sufficient to say that two generations of
scientists have an amazing relationship and that Professor Litvac’s evil scheme has very long
The author’s writing style displays a unique and interesting talent for description.
Description is a good thing for establishing context and tone, but in places I found myself
distracted from the storyline by descriptions. Other than that, the story was extremely well
written although the copy that I was given for review needed to be carefully proofread and
Against the Oak of Bashan should appeal to anyone with a taste for dark conspiracies,
psychological/political thrillers, or historical fiction.  Julia Starling has done an excellent job in
all respects.

5-Stars Clabe Polk

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