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Review of Allora's Valentine by Lorraine Nelson

Allora's Valentine
by Lorraine Nelson

Allora Tate had planned the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding…until her groom-to-be left her standing alone at the altar. She decides to go on her honeymoon by herself and meets Dexter Hammond, the sexy and exciting hotel manager.

Dexter sees many beautiful women pass through his hotel, but none have captivated him the way Allora has. He wasn’t keen on catching a woman on the rebound, but he couldn’t make his heart understand. Determined to catch her attention, Dexter plans a Valentine’s party for his guests with the hopes of winning her over during the evening.

This book was very fast-paced read.. very sweet read! Allora had worst day ever on top of that it was Valentine day!! A happy wedding day turned into nightmare even her groom left her at the altar. Then from there things went down hill, until she meets Dexter.  Everything goes back into place and they fall in love with each other.

Olivia R.
5 stars

Review of His Christmas Wish by Lorraine Nelson

His Christmas Wish
by Lorraine Nelson

     Colin Reyes is ready to get away from it all for a while and be alone.  So when a friend offers to let him use his cabin, he jumped 
at the chance to escape and enjoy some solitude.  What he least expected to happen was to come to the rescue of a stranded motorist 
only to discover it was the one woman his heart can't seem to escape.
   Fatima Leone was just trying to get a Christmas tree before the storm rolled in when a deer darts in front of her and in her attempt to 
avoid hitting it,  her car slid off the road, airbags exploding and darkness taking her over.
     And when she wakes and finds herself with Colin she wonders if this is punishment or fate???  Can they make it work out this time or
will she walk away again???

Review:  This was a quick, easy read.  I really enjoyed the characters and their story.  I especially love that Colin seemed to keep an open heart even though Fatima had hurt him so much in the past.  A great Christmas story.  The author reminds us that communication is key in every relationship.

4 stars
Theresa F

Review of Ridiculous By D.L. Carter


By D.L. Carter

Millicent and her sisters have been taken in by Mr. North, a rich miser who treats them as servants and expects them to fulfill his every whim.  Although life with him is insufferable, at least the girls aren't living in the workhouse.  However, when the skinflint dies, the girls face a conundrum.  Without Mr. North’s support, they will be tossed into the street.

Millicent dreams up a fantastic solution.  She cuts off her hair, dons her cousin’s clothes, and becomes Mr. North.  She finds that she enjoys the freedom of living as a man, and all goes well – until she meets a charming, wealthy duke who wants to be Mr. North’s best friend.  Millicent is dying to be more than just friends with the duke, but she fears she’ll lose him forever if she reveals that she’s not a man.

Millicent’s adventures as Mr. North in London high society are absolutely entertaining.  Yes, it’s a bit absurd that not one person ever suspects that this funny-looking man is actually a passably attractive woman, but seriously, this is a romance novel and a sometimes you just have to embrace a bizarre premise with open arms in order to enjoy the happy fantasy behind it.  I absolutely loved every page of this book and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Five stars.
Yvonne H

D.L. Narrol Day 3

How about a snippet from my latest that is not yet released, Arctic Quest

Chapter Two:

It was Monday morning, Colin and the Neanderthal got off the train and plunged their

way through London’s hustle and bustle.  The Neanderthal followed Colin through the

crowds, unnoticed.  Colin was already dressed in his three-piece suit, ready to teach his

Monday morning lecture at the university.  He crossed the street with Neanderthal,

trailing behind him; and made his way to the university lecture hall at the Natural History


Rosa walked by Colin.  “Colin! Hello!”  She called out, waving her arms above

her head to catch his attention.

Colin turned his head and took a few steps toward the beautiful petite figure, as he

cut his way through the gaggle of university students.  “Grand to see ye,” he said with a


“I see you still have your fine fuzzy friend by your side.”

“Thankfully, he slept on the train ride to London.  I was finally able to order some

breakfast.  It was brilliant, so it was.”

“Colin, you’re teaching a lecture now, and you’re bringing Neanderthal with


“What else can I do?”

“You can’t bring Neanderthal to your lecture.  Colin, he’s a prehistoric prime

mate.  He needs to be placed back in his time.”

“It’s bloody-well destroyin’ me life.  It’s eatin’ me out of house and home, and it

bloody feck tried to kill me on the ship, so it did.”

She raised her hands to her mouth.  “Oh my, Colin, I’m so sorry this is happening

to you.  What can I do to help?”

“Look, it’s me own mess, so it is.  Lorelei was right in sayin’ I’m always tryin’ to

play God.  So, this is what I get for me own wrong-doin’, eh?”

Rosa lifted one eyebrow.  “Lorelei said that?”  She paused.  “How profound.”

“Why ye miffed that she said that?”

“Because she’s a whore, that’s why.”


“Are you sleeping with her again, Colin?”

He stepped away from Rosa.  “Why should ye care?  Yer off gettin’ yerself

married to Sasha.  He’s already married.  Yer makin’ a bleedin’ mistake.”

“We’re going to get married in a Catholic church.”

“Sasha’s Catholic?”

“I don’t really know what he is, but he said it doesn’t bother him.”

“Yer marryin’ him and ye don’t even know what denomination of Christianity

he’s from?”

“So, Amoli Sharma is Hindu, whatever that is.  Something Asian, I suppose.”

The prehistoric mammal started to grunt and poke Colin in the side.

“I’ve gotta dash to me lecture, now.”

“By the way, Colin.”

Colin turned to her.  “Aye?”

“We’re getting married on Christmas day.”

Colin’s lips were parted as he stared at Rosa in silence.

“Weren’t you and Amoli to be married on Christmas day?”

Colin forced a smile and tried to nod in agreement.  The Neanderthal continued to

poke Colin in the side.  “Gotta run,” he paused.  “Cheers.”

Rosa watched Colin and Neanderthal vanish in the crowd.  She continued to stand

amongst the busy crowd, as she saw Colin and the beast no more.

Amoli passed by Rosa, giving a little un-intentional shove.

“Hello, Miss Emanuel,” Amoli said with a partial smile.

“Amoli, hello.  I was just speaking with Colin.”

“That’s nice.”

“Have you spoken to him lately?”

“I think it’s best that we don’t see each other anymore.”

“Are you sure about this?”

Amoli started to bight the ends of her book. “Are you sure you want to marry Dr.


“Of course I’m sure.”

“He smokes a lot of tobacco, Miss Emanuel.”


“Now is your chance to get Colin back.”

“I don’t think I can do that, Amoli.” Rosa’s posture changed, demonstrating her


“I always knew you wanted him back.  He’s a very nice man, you know.”

“Yes, he is.  Look, Amoli, it’s almost 1911, times are rapidly changing and

women are now allowed to do so much more than before.  If you want Colin back, then,

you have a chance to pursue him.  You see, women can now do the pursuing.”

“It was the most difficult decision that I have ever made to let go of Colin.”

“Me too.”

“You let go of Colin?  I thought he let go of you.”

“Long story,” Rosa said trying to focus on something else.

“You still love him, Miss Emanuel.”

“I just can’t live his crazy lifestyle.  He works too hard.  When would he ever be

home?  He drinks too much alcohol.  When would he ever be sober?  He’s always time

traveling.  When would he ever be living in the present?  He wears his hair too long.

When would he ever cut his hair and look respectable?”

“I like his hair.  I think it makes him look like a God.”

“A God?”

“When he has a beard with that long hair.  Yes, I very much think he looks like a



Amoli smiled.  “Well, I suppose you have a lot of planning to do for the


“I already purchased my wedding dress.”

Amoli smiled.

“We’re going to marry on Christmas day.”

“I see.  Colin and I were going to do that too.”

Rosa fiddled with her poorly fitted engagement ring.   “Do you still love Colin?”

“Of course,” Amoli paused, then gazed at Rosa’s over-sized engagement ring.  

“Don’t you?”

“Of course I do.”

“So, why are you marrying Dr. Dimitrikov?  Isn’t he already married to someone

in Russia?”

Rosa shifted her eyes a bit.  “He said he doesn’t love her anymore and that he

wants me.”

“Colin thinks you’re making a mistake.”

“What does Colin know about relationships?  He just knows about those

disgusting whores on his ship.”

Amoli’s eyes dropped to the floor.  “Well, I can’t discuss Colin anymore.  I’m

feeling very saddened about our broken engagement.”

“You were the one who broke it off in the first place.”

“I don’t really like that he’s so popular with the women.  It bothers me.”

Rosa lifted one eyebrow.  “Well, um, yes, that he certainly is.”

“I bet if you made a pass at Colin, he would respond to you.  I know he always

loved you.  That also bothered me.”

Rosa’s eyes widened and she smiled.  “Do you think so?”

“You just said it yourself that women can now do the pursuing.”

Rosa fluttered her eyelashes a bit and primped her hair.  “Do you think he would

respond to me if I made a pass at him?”

Amoli’s head hung low.  “I know you want him.  So, why are you so excited

about your engagement to Dr. Dimitrikov?”

“Amoli, Colin and I are no more.  In fact, we never were.”

“I don’t believe that.  I can’t continue this conversation, it’s too painful!”  Amoli

said, turning her head away from Rosa.

“Amoli, you made the decision to end it with him.  He’s very sad about that.  He

loves you.”

“No, he loves you.  I see the way he looks at you. He always calls you love, which

makes me ill.”

“All Irish men call all women love.”

“Too many women flock around him.  I can’t stand it anymore.”

“He never encourages it, though.”

“That’s true,” Amoli paused to think about what to say next.  “He always gets

drunk and ends up sleeping with them.  “I think he encourages it.”

Rosa tried to focus on something else.  “Look, he has Neanderthal to worry about.

I think that prehistoric creature has become a great burden on him.”

“Poor Neanderthal, nobody likes him anymore.”

“Nobody ever liked Neanderthal.  Neanderthal is mean. He’s always taking shots

at Colin.  I just saw Colin and he looked a bit banged up.  Poor man.”

Amoli’s expression appeared somewhat surprised.  “Neanderthal is misplaced and

he’s so very misunderstood, that’s all.”

“Colin is constantly in a physical confrontation with him.  It was Colin’s idea to

bring that bipedal beast to our time period because Colin was afraid for its life.”

“Colin was right.  We couldn’t have left Neanderthal in 1970.”

Rosa rolled her eyes back and folded her arms in front of her.  “Then you should

mind that beast instead of Colin.  Neanderthal always liked you best.”

“I don’t know if I can, my father wants to get me on a boat to India so I can be

married off.”

Rosa’s eyes widened.  “Don’t tell that to Colin.”

“I don’t know what to do, Miss Emanuel, Colin loves me so much. Tell me what I

should do?”

Rosa stepped back and took a breath.  She focused on anything but Amoli.  “Do

what you want.  If you want to return to India and marry your father’s choice, so be it.”


Review of Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline by Don Mardak

Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline
by Don Mardak

This book was my first introduction to Christian mysticism, which was intriguing for me, as I was indoctrinated as a child in conservative Protestantism.  Most of the main character's out-of-body experiences took place within familiar Old and New Testament stories, so it was interesting to delve into the author's variations of those situations.  I enjoyed the elaborations on the personalities of Moses, Paul, and Peter, since the Bible itself never gives much detail on the human side of these famous characters.  While many of my conservative acquaintances would categorize much of this book as blasphemous, I personally view it as a good fantasy book that incorporates the author's treasured religious beliefs -- and one does not have to share those beliefs to appreciate the story.

Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline kept my attention up until the end.  It is well written and the tale continues at a fast pace.  My only problem is that it has a bit of a patriarchal tone.  For instance, the main character meets reincarnations of his wife and soul mate on his journeys through time, but she is always portrayed as a slightly inferior creature and is quick to voice skepticism of his heroic experiences.  Her purpose seems to be to follow him throughout the world and listen to his spiritual theories.  

I think the book was definitely a worth-while read, especially for fans of apocalyptic and time travel tales.  

4 stars
Yvonne H

Review of Blake - A Montana Dayton Novel by Lynn Thompson

Blake - A Montana Dayton Novel
Lynn Thompson

Montana's story opens with her driving to her new home in the mountains. She a 28 year old investor and lottery winner. Along with her she has her 6 month old bull mastiff mix puppy, Killer. Montana is longing for a vacation of peace and quiet. She has only seen her vacation home in blue prints. Her friend Rose has been over seeing the building an decorating. She can only imagine the wonderful job Rose has done.

While trying to relax, Montana seems to have creepy feelings that someone, somewhere is watching her. Feeling the need to be protected is where Max comes in. Max is willing and able to the do the job, but what he didn't expect is the feelings that comes with the job. Montana is wondering if having Max around is what she wants or is her feelings in the way ??

Great read and very fast paced and in your face. I love Montana ! She seems to be a women that knows what she wants and goes for it. The new friends that Rose brings into her life are just what she needs, but yet I don't think she realizes that right off the bat. One thing is for sure I looked over my shoulder for awhile after reading this one !

5 thrilling stars

Mary L Williams Day 5

If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1)

If You Only Wanted One Night Would You Take A Chance On a Man Who Wanted Forever?
Rose O'Brian wants to spice up her love life and Jack Winston seems like the answer. Sexy, funny and a killer smile, Jack is every woman's fantasy. All she wants is one night of passion, nothing more. But Jack has a secret that stops him from taking her up on her offer, stops him from having the one thing he wants more than his next breath--beautiful Rose O'Brian. Rose has her own secrets. Emotionally scared, she's never believed in happily ever afters. But for the first time she's met a man who makes her want to open her heart, to dream of love. When Rose's past rears its ugly head can she finally let go and overcome the hurt? Can Jack convince her to take a chance and embrace a future with him? Can he show her that love is there if she will only reach out and take it?

About the author
Mary J. Williams was born and raised in Washington State. She attended Eastern Washington University and graduated with a degree in photography. It has always been her dream to write, but it took a while for the dream to come true. With the publication of "If I Loved You" featuring the love story of Rose O'Brian and Jack Winston, she hopes to expand on that dream and write many more. She will be revisiting Harper Falls and Rose's best friends Dani and Tyler in future books, "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "If You Only Knew". Both books will be out later this year. Love stories were always her favorite when she was growing up, and now she's writing her own.

When not writing Mary loves to read, garden (raspberry bushes are just starting to green up) and exercise, though the last part is not a favorite activity. She loves to bake (which makes the exercising really necessary), and cookies are her favorite.

Just before she downloaded "If I Loved You" for publication her hands were shaking so badly it was hard to hit the button. But for better or worse the book is out there. All comments and reviews are welcome, even the bad ones (let's hope there aren't too many of those).

Visit Mary's website at and sign up for her newsletter.

Like Mary on Facebook Mary J. Williams and visit for updates.

Happy reading everyone.

D.L. Narrol Interview Day 2

Interview with D.L. Narrol:  Part 2

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?

Don’t think about writing ~ do it!

Do you have a favorite author? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?

Conrad.  He wrote great adventures.  I love that stuff.

Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it memorable?

I started writing when I was in the fifth grade.  I knew from then, I had to continue.

Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your work? 

My travels and the people I’ve met on my travels.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies, pets or stories you would like to share?

I paint, sketch, etc.  I love

Favorite places to travel or visit?

I need to return to  Ireland, Russia, Ukraine and the South Pacific.

D.L. Narrol

Join us tomorrow for a snippet from her latest book that is not yet released, Arctic Quest


D.L. Narrol Interview day 1 feature

Welcome to JBR.  Today we have D.L. Narrol with us. 

Here is the first part of our interview.

We are having a give away going on what item are you giving away? (Anyone can win
the item by going to the rafflecopter on the right hand side of the pg.)

I’m giving away my stand alone, When Beowulf Meets Kyla.  It’s a hilarious romantic fantasy.

When Beowulf Meets Kyla

First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Canadian, for starters, born and raised in
Toronto.  I’m well travelled, and my main genre is steampunk.  The only contemporary I like is

Newest release? 

Arctic Quest, should hopefully be released at the end of the calendar year.  It is
the fourth book of my steampunk series.

What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance, sex, blood and guts?

My books are always packed with action, the romance is on-going, and the battle scenes usually
contain some blood and guts.

Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?

All my readers marvel over Dr. Sasha Dimitrikov because he’s the comic relief of the series. 
However, my favorite is definitely Captain Limmerick.  He’s my protagonist.  He’s gorgeous, bright,
and a genuine good man.  However, what I love about him is that he’s not a super hero.  This man
has definite issues. He’s just striking to look at, but unfortunately, he drinks a  little too much, where
it often gets him into trouble.

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:

The series is mainly about Captain Colin Limmerick, the brawny, working class researcher who is
interested in time travel:  Dr. Sasha Dimtirikov, the eccentric Russian scientist who develops the
time travel device and later the time machine; Rosa Emanuel, the most intelligent character in the
series and Amoli Sharma the spoiled, little girl from India.  It’s the early 1900s and these four
people are very different from one another and yet they travel through time together.  They don’t
particularly like each other, where there are constant arguments, and mud slinging amongst them  -
- however, they are time travel partners through thick and thin.

Has there been any other authors who have inspired your work or helped you out with your

Diana Gabaldon, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Conrad:  I’m attracted to adventure, that’s where Conrad
comes in, I love humor mixed with drama, that’s where Vonnegut comes in, and I enthralled with
time travel, and that’s where Gabaldon comes in.

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful? 

They can tell their family members and friends.  My readers love my series.  Most of them read the
first book, Prehistoric Journey:  The First Expeditions and then they were hooked into reading the
other books in the series. 

Join us tomorrow for more of the interview with D.L. Narrol

Wilde Mountain Time by Siobhan MacKenzie

Wilde Mountain Time
Siobhan MacKenzie

Thom Mitchell is 53 and a famous singer. Thom is wanting a long vacation before he starts his new tour, which is manager, Malcom is happy to assist with.

Malcom has been Thom's close friend and manager for 25 years. When Thom ask for a get way, Malcom is happy to assist. Thom's favorite get way spot is Mount Washington Hotel, which is also the home for Wilde Mountain. A mountain that is well known for claiming a few hikers. Once there Thom finds himself wrapped up into doing a benefit for abused children. Doing a good deed also finds him very interested in the very attractive Joanna Hayes. Joanna is a lawyer and there to help raise money for a worthy cause.

Thom and Joanne have a rough start but things soon start to smooth out. One conversation leads to another . . . . .
While Thom is wrapped up with Joanne, he fails to see the obvious going on around him. Someone is out to get Thom. They want revenge and Thom will be the bargaining chip to make things right. Will Thom figure things out before its to late or will Wilde Mountain claim yet another life ???

This was an awesome read :) The author did good at keeping you on the edge of your seat. Going into the story you know Thom is a target but WHY ?? The story unfolds and just gets better with each page :) Love story .. . maybe. . thriller ... for sure :)

5 thrilling stars

Mary J Williams Day 4

If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1)

Here's a brief hello from the hero of my book, Jack Weston.
Hi everyone.  I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Jack Winton.  "If I Loved You" is my story, mine and Rose O'Brian's.  I knew the moment I met Rose that she was going to change my like forever.  Convincing her of that was harder than I expected.  Rose is independent and can't see herself with a happily ever after ending.  Her emotional scars run deep.  It hurts me to see this smart, funny woman cut herself off from happiness.  I grew up in a big, loving family so I know if she would just give us a chance we could have something special, beyond just the mind-blowing sex.  Which, by the way, is amazing.  I hope you'll come on the journey with Rose and myself.  At times, it's difficult, even gut-wrenching.  But I'm determined to make her mine.  Oh, and my dog Edgar is completely in love with Rose.  I don't think he would ever forgive me if I let her get away.

Join us in Harper Falls, a town full of secrets, lies, sex and more than a few happily ever afters.
 Here's a link to my website:


Mary J williams Day 3

If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1)

When I sit down to write I have to admit that most of the time I have no idea where I'm going.  I really admire other writers who lay out their stories, with long outlines and have a beginning, a middle and an ending before they ever put the first words to paper, or in my case word processor.  But for me, it only works if I let the characters dictate the flow of the story.  Yes, I'm fairly certain who is going to end up with whom, I do write romances, after all.  But nothing about how they get to their HEA is structured.  What you are about to read is a perfect example.  I thought I knew where this scene was going, and how it would end.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for my heroine, my hero had other ideas. 

The kiss was pure improvisation.  Bad idea, his brain screamed, but he had to have a kiss, one brief kiss.  But the moment she made that little moaning sound and opened her mouth to his questing tongue, he knew he was a goner.  Kissing Rose could never be brief, he planned on devoting hours to this one task.  
Eventually, he’d be able to write a thesis on her taste alone.  It turned out kissing Rose was the best bad idea he’d ever had.
Rose was drowning in pleasure like she’d never known, just from a kiss.  Jack wasn’t touching her any place but on the lips and yet she could feel it on every inch of her body.  Long, sure strokes of his tongue made her ache for him to explore the rest of her with equal thoroughness.  She needed to touch him, why wasn’t she touching him?  She reached out, not caring where she started just determined to start.  But Jack had other ideas.  Before she could do more than skim her hands up his chest, he stopped her, trapping them in one of his and raising them over her head.  She was at his mercy and loving every moment.
“I want you, Rose.”
Even his voice was an erotic jolt to her already overheated system.  She had gone from nervous to ready to explode in mere seconds.  Jack’s warm breath bathed her ear with every whispered word.  Had her ear always been so sensitive?  She couldn’t remember, at the moment she couldn’t think of anything past the small patch of skin on the side of her neck that he was slowly caressing with the side of his finger.
“Can you feel that, Rose?”
“Yes,” she sighed.  More, give me more.
“Close your eyes.  Think of nothing but my touch.  Is that enough?”
Rose moaned.  Enough?  God, no.  She needed his touch; she needed everything.
“One finger giving you so much pleasure.”  He slowly moved the tormenting caress down her neck and to the top her spine.  All her senses were zeroed in on that feather light touch as it made its way down the exposed skin of her back.
“Imagine, Rose, just imagine.  If just one finger can set your heart racing what could the other nine do?”

Jack took things farther than I had planned, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  Not that Rose had any complaints, she was on board with him going a lot farther.  Luckily for my story I was able to put a stop to my wayward hero's rogue behavior, at least for the next few chapters.  Jack Winston likes to be in charge, even when someone else is writing the story.

I'm currently trying to control an new set of characters, Rose's friends Dani is in the middle of her own love story.  I'm finding the hero of "If Tomorrow Never Comes" to be just as alpha male controlling as Jack.  But he will get there, and I'm certain love will prevail.

The second and third books in the Harper Falls saga will be out this summer.  If you'd like to find out more please sign up for my newsletter.  I'll be having contests and giveaways with the release of every book.

And exclusive to the newsletter is what I'm calling Thoughts From Lila.  It will be a monthly bonus section giving a little more detail into the goings on in Harper Falls.  The first issue has Lila filling in some details on the night she meets Rose.  Rose has a particularly bad date, let's just say a pair of gorgeous Prada pumps are ruined by her dates untimely loss of his dinner.  Lila takes the time to flesh out the scene in her diary.  I hope it's just a fun way to get to know a minor character and her perspective on the town.  Here's a link if you would like to sign up.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my characters.  I hope you all enjoy "If I Loved You", it was a labor of love.

Julie's Book Review

Hello, all my followers, visitors, and guests. Welcome to Julies Book Review. This is a site dedicated to helping authors and readers alike. Readers to find new authors and stories and authors to find new readers. For authors please contact me if you are interested in low cost promotion at I accommodate where I can. Readers please go through and search the blog. We have been active here for a while. Hundreds on authors, stories and genres to choose from. We have everything from sci-fi, erotica, romance, contemporary, mystery and horror. And nothing gets on this site without a 3 out 5 star rating minimum. I have several reviewers that read different genres. If you are interested in reviewing for me and the site please contact me at the above email. I hope you enjoy the site. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all.

Julie Ramsey & Theresa Fehse
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