Review of Taming Her Racy Ways - Racy Nights 5 by Tara Rose

Taming Her Racy Ways - Racy Nights 5

Marisol and Rafe are in love. Rafe a senior in high school, 18 yrs old and Marisol 14yrs and too young for Rafe. Reluctantly and with pressure from family, he breaks up with young Marisol. Even though they had not done anything sexual together, no one believes them and for 18yrs there attraction never waivers but are kept apart by Rafe's family. Marisol has always wanted Rafe. Rafe has always wanted Marisol. 

Marisol, leaving a bar, knows her car is on it's last leg. On her way home, it starts to die. She knows that she is not going to make it but can make it to the garage to get it repaired again. She sees the garage, and also sees that Rafe is the only one there. The tension between the two is huge. Nether admitting their attraction is still there. Rafe takes her home when the sirens go off. A twister is hitting Racy. Running to the safety of Marisol's basement. Being scared and in close confines, brings back memories and feeling thought long gone. After the destruction of downtown Racy, the two go and help out. Finding that only buildings were destroyed and all their loved ones are safe, brings to two back together for one spectacular night. The two have dreamed of this for 18 yrs. In the morning, Marisol thinks maybe they can finally be together as a couple, like they had wanted to so long ago. Rafe, still listening to family, loves Marisol but listens to his family and doesn't see how they can work out. 

After being with the one man she has dreamed of and now Rafe not talking with her, she gets back into work. Ellis, working with the town counsel, has know Marisol for a while. Single, and knowing he wants to get to know her more, they go car shopping and have a great day out. A attraction is there and Ellis wants to explore it. His involvement with BDSM clubs, and Marisol's interest in learning about it puts them together in a way they could never imagine. Can Rafe get over his family's negative reaction to Marisol? Will Marisol have to choose between 2 very different but sexy men? Can Ellis learn to love a sub and give Marisol all that she dreams of?

Hot read, with lots of drama and tension. I enjoyed the read but kept getting pissed of at Rafe.  His family is a big influence and he has ignored Marisol, even though he has loved for this entire time. But saying that it goes two ways. Marisol did the same as well. Ellis just happens to fall into the right place and the right time to bring the 3 together. The 3 make a great team or "couple". Hot read, adults only MFM scenes. Thoroughly have enjoyed this series so far.

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