Review of Not a Dragons Standard Virgin by Siobhan Muir

Not a Dragon's Standard Virgin

Isabelle, has always been considered "different". She has 2 sisters that do not look like her and Isabelle is taller than most of the women in town. The towns folk think that she is the result of her mother having an affair with a Fae. She knows her mother would never have betrayed her husband willingly. With her mother dead and the town  believing that she is Fae, no one has offered to marry her yet. She just wants to live, have a family and her own home. Her home life is not pleasant. Her own father, or who she thinks is her father, treats her like nothing more than a servant. Always calling her names and treating her badly. Her sisters love her but are starting there own lives. On top of the problems at home, there is a dragon attacking the village and surrounding area. The town has been sending virgin girls to appease it. Now the town is looking at Isabelle as the next sacrifice. Isabelle knows she will be sent to her death if they choose her. So she need to make a decision, go when the town asks and die for people that hate her or make it so she can not even be considered for a VIRGIN sacrifice.

Jon, kills demons. He was born and bred to do this task. Being a dragon in the shape of a human, he can blend into the human villages and finds the demons in what ever form they take. In this village, the demon has taken the form of a dragon. He will kill this demon and avenge his family and move on again. While in the town, he sees a beautiful tall woman. His attraction is strong and he hasn't had an attraction this strong for hundreds of years. After a hot bath and a good meal the attraction is growing, and when he gets an usual request from the young woman, how can he say no?

This was a really good book. I loved the authors style of writing and the way you are transported to a time where dragons, demons and Fae are just a part of everyday life. Isabelle is in a no win situation. If she does nothing she knows she will die and if she loses her virginity she will never be wanted by any man and she will be known as a whore. She would rather be a live whore than a dead virgin so, she embarks on a mission to find a man, but when she is thought of so badly, it is easier said than done. Wonderful story, wonderfully written and even some pretty hot scenes!! Loved it would love to read more by this author!

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  1. make sure when this goes on Amazon and B&N you let me know and i will post there as well


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