Sherrilyn Kenyon

OK this author has several series. I have read a few. The 1st is Dark Hunter series. She has another called the Chronicles of Nick (YA series).

The Greek gods, cause all kinds of damage. I will try to make this short, but it is more complicated than how I am describing. Artemis and Apollo do not get a long. For reasons you can learn reading, they have both created people to fight one another. Apollo has created a people that in there early 20's lose there sole and to extend there time on earth they must take blood or someones life to extend there's. Artemis has created a group of people that fight them. All the Dark Hunter books are about 1 or more of the Dark Hunter's explaining how and why they fight for Artemis and there struggles they face. All have lots of action and have a adult romance situations in them. There is one character is all of the books Archeron.  He is basically Artemis's go to guy.  They are a lot of the Dark Hunter books out there but I will suggest that you read Archeron 1st.  It is not the 1st book in the series but it explains the character Archeron and the entire series, how it really starts and what is the issue between the 2 gods.  I read a few before Archeron and liked the series but didn't get a lot of the connections between some of the characters. Archeron is my FAVORITE book. I read the 700 pg book in 2 days. I was exhausted emotionally after reading it. I had cried like a baby, laughed, cried some more, got pissed off at the characters, and fell in love with others.  After reading that story, I totally understood the Dark Hunter and dream books. They made sense. So read Archeron 1st! Then you can work your way through the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter books. But be for warned Archeron has a lot of violence with abuse on kids and  adults. The story is worth it, stick with it and keep the Kleenex handy!

The Chronicles of Nick

This is the YA series by Ms Kenyon. Nick is a normal kid that gets almost killed because he helps someone he doesn't know. He ends up working for Archeron and learning about the paranormal world. Werewolves, Vampires, zombies and more plague his world. Nick has to save the day and figure out what is going on. Lots of action and kinda a spin off PG version of the dark Hunter series. The series will be liked by adults as well. They do have some violence so I recommend 13 and up. book 1 is Infinity


  1. I loved this series, having picked it up way back at Wulf's book and I quickly back tracked from there to read all of them. I have the same favorite. I however have no interest in the Nick Chronicles. I also have to say that I sometimes have a hard time bouncing around all the different dark series. There is the weres, the dream gods, and then still the dark hunters. I love these books, but it was hard enough keeping track of it without the forced time out because I have no interest in the young adult series. I still haven't read the last adult book. Mostly because I want to keep it on standby because I
    will have to wait lord knows how long before the nick stuff is done and we can move forward.

  2. The YA series is pretty good...not really one of our books Jamie but I know my son actually likes them and they are close enough to my books that I don't mind reading them to him. But i could see some 12 or 13 yr old loving them. I have only read a few of the Dark Hunter series. Archeron was by far my favorite though!


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