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Welcome to Julies Book Review (JBR)! I have a lot of people who would love to hear about you and your books!

Tell Us About Yourself:
I’ve been blessed with a great partner in life, Pam, my wife of 47 years. We have two sons and two dogs. My wife is an author, so we review and edit each other’s work and have remained married, a feat few couples have accomplished. After forty-two years in the Human Resources arena, specifically C-level staffing and executive search, I retired to pursue my heart’s desire and work at the craft of writing. 

I grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. My mother was first-generation Slovak and my father was of English-German descent. We lived in an old multi-ethnic neighborhood on Cleveland’s Westside. After college and a career move in Ohio, I relocated the family to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve lived here 34 years and consider Oklahoma home. 

I’ve written for fun and for business all my life. I wrote poetry at Ohio University for a college magazine and policies and procedures for my employers. I buried the desire to become an author in my twenties to pursue making a living. My grandparents came to America so their grandchildren could pursue the American dream, and the American dream added up to dollars and cents.

In 2006, I looked toward the future and decided to plan for a different career. As Pam and I watched television, or enjoyed a movie, I’d whisper to her, “Watch and see. Here’s what going to happen next.” Then I’d say, “I could do better than that.” Doing better takes time. I’ve studied the craft since 2006, and I learn more every day. 

What Kinds of Books Do You Write?
Greed, betrayal, lust, sex, and revenge, all the things that make life fun—I write Thrillers. The topics tend toward political, psychological, and international themes and plots. I usually use anti-heroine female protagonists and pit them against the flawed men in their lives. 

My Newest Release?
Madness - The Peacock Trilogy - Book 2 is due for release March1. Here is the back cover. 
On the brink of World War III, the agent who can stop the madness is going insane!

The implant Doctor Kolb placed in Agent Peacock’s brain is slowly deteriorating. When Peacock goes on a mission to kill Thomas Reed, the erosion escalates. Reed reveals the truth to her. Because she stopped the assassination attempt on President Monroe, Arthur Pendleton will fire the U.S. Space-based missile systems. Millions will die, and it’s her fault. Peacock kills Reed and disables her programing. Before she goes completely mad, Peacock sets two goals. Punish Kolb and those who took her child from her, and stop the missiles from launching.

Pendleton pinpoints his targets. He will execute his plans for world domination at the expense of human lives. He selects a medical team capable of removing Peacock’s implant. Even knowing she is trying to thwart his plans, his love for her is unwavering. He sends his best agent to find her and bring her safely to him.

Will she destroy Pendleton’s plans and prevent the madness of war? Or will Pendleton save her life and rule the world? 

Who is your favorite character from one of your novels? Why?

You must promise not to tell my other characters my answer, or some will go on strike. My favorite character is Roy Stone from The Fifth Step. Jonathon Demme’s Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs stands out as the finest psychopathic murderer in print. Roy Stone is my first attempt at matching Lecter. Although I haven’t the foggiest idea about who would play him in a film. 

Would you, if possible, ever want to meet that character?

I’ve met all my characters. They argue with me. I show them the outline of the book. I set the rules. “I’ll give you some freedom in each scene. Surprise me by showing me something unique. However, do not Sin. I am God. I determine the outcome I want. Don’t change my novel. Enjoy
yourself within your scenes. Sin, in the world of my novel, is a character attempting to change the outcome I’ve slaved so hard to build. So I’ve met Roy Stone. He’s a nasty SOB. 

What book have you read that touched you deeply? And why?
Ian McEwan’s Atonement strikes at the core of jealousy and human error. A twelve year old destroys two people’s lives with a lie. The fact that the author spins a story of love and reconciliation from lovers ripped apart builds the reader up. But then, he crushes us with an Epilogue that tears all hope apart. I love McEwan. And I hate him. 

Are you currently writing anything? Can you give us hints?

I’m writing a novel about the evils of sex trafficking. Busted is the story of call girl Holly Bunn. Holly works the elite upper class of Orlando, Florida. But love, naïveté, and bad luck almost destroy her life. The way I write books, this one should be available sometime in August 2013. I have two layering edits and a final edit to go.

Any advice you would give to aspiring authors?

Study with the best authors you can find. I learned from William Bernhardt and Cecil Murphy. Write what you are passionate about, not what is popular. If you don’t have passion, get a job at McDonalds. Never be satisfied with anything you write. You will never have writer’s block if you love your subject. If it isn’t great, put it away for a couple of years. Today, only great novels will rise to the top. 

How about some fun stuff? Favorite pastime activity.

Let’s go racing, Boys! I don’t miss NASCAR racing on television. My wife and I traveled to Kansas City, Texas Motor Speedway, Atlanta, and Las Vegas to attend the races live. Favorite race team, Stewart-Hass Racing. Favorite driver, Ryan Newman. Favorite beer, Budweiser. Favorite sound, Vrooom. 

Favorite Animal?

Retrievers! I’ve owned a Golden and a Black Labrador. These dogs are lovers, fun, spirited, and loyal. 

A favorite book or one you can recommend.

Stieg Larrson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo features the perfect anti-heroine, Lisbeth Salander. Her character is a model for Peacock in my Peacock Trilogy, absent the tattoo.

A favorite author you can recommend, and why?

Tom Clancy! I love the near future stories he writes. His attention to detail leaves no doubt he’s done his homework. In fact, Clancy, Larrson, and Demme are my favorites. You will find pieces of them in all my books. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

Classical, Classical Broadway and Classical Jazz. Favorite composer, Gustav Mahler. My book trailers are all Mahler backgrounds. Also Mozart, Beethoven, and Puccini. I played the violin for sixteen years. 

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter? Why?

I love them all as long as I’m above ground and breathing.

Finally, tell us where we can buy your books.

Presently, my paperbacks can be purchased on Amazon and Create Space on the following links: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Bill%20Wetterman.
https://www.createspace.com/4022690. https://www.createspace.com/pub/simplesitesearch.search.do?sitesearch_query=Room+1515&sitesearch_type=STORE

The eBooks are exclusively on Kindle KDP.

 It has been a pleasure! I wish you great success and hopefully a few people have either added you to their TBR list or are enjoying your work now.  Thanks for coming and visiting JBR!!

Julie Ramsey


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