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Please Welcome G. R. Holton to Julies Book Review. G. R. is giving away a signed copy of his Horror/SciFi novel Deep Screams this wk. Make sure you check out the rafflecopter to the right of this page! 

 Welcome G. R.! It is awesome that you have come to visit JBR. My readers at looking forward to hearing all about you! Let's start with, tell us a little about yourself? Besides being a wonderful author!
 Well I am happily married man of a spry 50 years old. I have three awesome kids a son and two daughters and I have a step-son and a step-daughter. But the real apples of my eyes are my three beautiful granddaughters. I live in Tennessee in a tiny little town called Etowah at the foot of the Starr Mountains. My mom lives with us part of the year and she is great to have around. I started writing four years and a half years ago as a form of therapy. I am a disabled vet and highly involved in my town. 

What kinds of books to do write? My first three books were science fiction. I then followed that up with a children’s picture book about not judging by appearance alone, I then did the artwork for a young man’s alphabet book, and my last released novel is a fantasy. I guess you could say that I am not really tied to a genre, but write whatever comes to mind.

 What can we expect from your books? Sex, violence, romance, gore, action, adventure? Well with my current books you won’t find sex as they are mainly YA based. Any sex is mainly insinuated. You will find some violence and gore especially in Deep Screams. Soleri, Dragon’s Bow, and Guardian’s Alliance are filled with action and adventure. I did put a smidgen of romance in Deep Screams… but really not that much. 

 Your newest release? The latest is Dragon’s Bow. It is a fantasy novel where white magic and black magic meet. Twin sisters are born of the white witch Athena and the evil dark wizard Malahan. When the girls turn eighteen one sister is turned pure evil because of the dragon’s stone. The only way to change her back to her original loving self is by using the power of the fabled dragon’s bow. Both sisters go on a quest to find the bow. Adria wants to change her sister back and Audra wants to use the power to join her evil father in conquest. 
Who is your favorite character from one of your stories? why? It has got to be Captain “Crash” Craddock from Deep Screams. He is the leader of the Marine force that goes up to locate the missing Omega Space Station. He was taken from my Drill Sergeant in the Army. He is a cocky, brash, egotistical, and he thinks a ladies’ man.

 Would you, if possible, ever want to meet that character? Hahaha…. I already did. But if I ever got the chance I would love to see him again and thank him for what he did for me. He really changed me for the good when I was in basic training. 

What book have they read that touched you deeply? and why? (yours or someone else’s) Well the book that I did the pictures for is one that means a lot to me. It is called “Cameron’s A to Z – A Habitat for Humanity Project”. The book was written by a ten-year old named Cameron Titus. He had watched the tornado damage caused in Joplin, MI and knew he had to do something to help. He came up with a unique alphabet book where every letter of the sentence begins with that letter of the alphabet… i.e. “Annie Anteater Ate An Appealing Apple”. But it is not the book itself. He is donating all proceeds from the book to Habitat for Humanity. I didn’t take any money for doing it. He and I are just happy to help out all those hurt by tornados. So go on to Amazon and buy the book to help others while getting a cute book at the same time.

 Are you currently writing anything? Can you give us any hints? I am also a screenwriter and have done the scripts for my books and also two others. Right now I am writing the book for a screenplay called “The Mob” as a project with my Manager/Producer Marlene Mendoza. It is a tale of a young girl who sees her father gunned down by a mobster. She grows up to marry the guy with the only reasoning being to make him pay for her father’s death. I usually write the book first then the screenplay, but this time I am doing it just the opposite

 Any advice you would like to give aspiring authors? I know the old stand-by is write, write, write. But I have three words that my mentor Derek Milton, Director/Screenwriter gave me. Faith, Focus and Patience. Have faith in what you are trying to do, keep your focus on what you are trying to achieve, and patience to take the time to see it through properly. I keep these words above my computer monitor and they help me get through the rough spots and writers block.

 How about some fun stuff? Favorite past time activity? That is a tough one Julie. I don’t get out much due to my disabilities, but I am a geek through and through. I love reading about technology and anything futuristic. Now my wife would say my favorite pastime is playing Angry Birds. I can’t argue with her on that. I have all the versions and use it when I have writers block. I do though get to act sometimes in the local theater group called the Gem Players. I have been in Twelve Angry Men and played Uncle Billy and Mr. Martini in It’s a Wonderful Life.

 Favorite animal? Do you have one? Oh I would have to say I love snakes… but have never had one. Mom wouldn’t let me and my wife would absolutely freak... I do have a Shih-Poo though and he is a little monster. When I got him from the rescue he looked just like a little Ewok from Star Wars, so that is what his name is. Little did I know that he would turn out to be as mischievous as one.

 Favorite food? Chinese!!! Japanese!!! Korean!!! I will eat anything that’s oriental. I really love sushi andhot/sour soup you name it I will eat it..

 A favorite book or one you can recommend (not your own) Well I could put Cameron’s A to Z again… but maybe something different. Hmmm… it would be Bradbury’s “Farenheit 451”. It was not only one of the best written books of all time, but it was about what it would be like without them, plus I loved the mechanical hounds. I love robotics!

 A favorite author you can recommend and why? I would have to say my favorite is Ray Bradbury… now I know that seems like a typical answer for a Sci/Fi geek, but it’s true. He is probably one of the few authors that have influenced my writing and why I write science fiction. 

What kind of music do you listen too? I am a rocker. I listen to AC/DC, Journey, Boston, Eagles, ZZ-Top, anything from the 60s through the 80s.

 Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer? Why? Summer definitely. I lived in Hawaii for three and a half years. I was in my glory. I can’t handle the cold due to my issues and hate cloudy rainy weather. I would rather sleep through the winter.

 And finally where can we find your books? (please include any links you want including buy links) The easiest way is to go to my website www.grholton.com. 

Well I know I learned a lot and have added to our TBR list. I hope you all have as well. Thanks you again G. R. for coming and talking with me here on JBR. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again. Good Luck and wishing you lots of success! 

Julie Ramsey 

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