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By Don Abdul

Strikingly handsome hunk, Stanford Jordan appears to be shy and reserved. The reality of his demeanor is somewhat different, however. Considering that he is one of only three black employees in a predominantly white, privately-owned company, he thought it wise to heed the advice of well-wishers by keeping his distance from the feline prowlers who flirted with him at every opportunity.
Stan had only been in the company for a couple of months when rumors started making the rounds about how well-endowed he was in the nether region. Wendy from HR had claimed her best friend had met Stan at some night club way back in college and ended up in his bed. Regardless of the veracity of Wendy’s claim, within days all the resident flirts were scheming to snare him into their beds. The immediate problem was the twenty-eight year old, hunk’s reserved disposition. The ladies, nevertheless, found encouragement in the hint of mischief that tempered his sexy brown eyes.
Despite his obvious indifference to the seductive antics of his female colleagues, his reputation as a hard-to-get prize catch reached quite high up the corporate ladder. Unbeknownst to Stan, somewhere in the labyrinth of offices, an intricate web of seduction was being spun just for him.

Earlier that day, Peggy had clicked on the send icon on her email window, and with that click, she crossed the point of no return in her audacious scheme to satisfy her lusty desire for her intriguing junior colleague. Her concentration on the revenue projections report she had been reading was interrupted by a firm knock on her office door. Looking at her desk clock, she smiled, it was precisely 3:30 p.m.
Mmmm! A stickler for time, she thought, impressed by his prompt arrival.
Peggy Munroe sat back in her chair and watched Stan walk into her office carrying a folder of spreadsheets and other documents she had requested in her email. She noticed how his intelligent brown eyes scanned her neatly arranged desk briefly, and then gave her spacious corner office a once over. He was impressed, taking it all in calmly whilst shaking her proffered hand, greeting her with a friendly smile.
Big sexy hands too. Mmmm! Peggy’s thoughts were beginning to stray from the subject of work; it was all she could do to stop herself from lingering on the handshake. She savored the warmth of his big hand which wrapped her soft feminine one in an embrace that left her warming up inside already.
“Please take a seat,” she said composing herself, waving him to a visitor’s seat on the other side of her tempered glass and steel desk. To distract herself from his potent charms, she smiled before asking him if he had the spreadsheet she had requested. When he answered in the affirmative, she suggested they get right down to business.
She pored through the figures and made notes and comments while he studied his own copy of the same document. They paused a few times to discuss various matters that arose, and then carried right on working through it until they’d lost track of time.
Peggy was sneaking peeks at him even while she scrutinized the papers she was working on. She reveled in his chocolate complexion, his strong jaw line, his confident handsome face. Seeing him up close for the first time, she tried to put his shy work demeanor into perspective. She thought it was paradoxical that a man with such charisma could be shy. Getting hot as her eyes came to rest on his full sensuous lips, she was overcome by a near painful urge to kiss him—would have done it too being the impulsive slut that she was. However, her secretary hadn’t left for the day yet, and her office door was merely shut, not locked.
Picking up her intercom, she told her secretary she was free to leave anytime she was ready—that she would be working late. A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door, and her secretary popped her head through the open crack to tell Peggy she was leaving.
Pushing back her chair, Peggy stood and went around her desk towards the door. Sensing the pressure of Stan’s eyes on her slinky body, she took her time, making each raunchy step count. Shutting the door behind her secretary, she then excused herself for a bathroom break. She caught him still checking her out when she opened the door to her private ensuite bathroom at the rear of the office. On her way back from the bathroom, she swayed her wide hips for Stan’s benefit but was disappointed when she realized he hadn’t been looking her way. He appeared to be lost in his private thoughts.
“So how are you getting on? Have you seen anything I should know about?” she asked purely to attract his attention. When he still didn’t look her way, she decided to up the ante. She walked
right up to him and then perched at the edge of her own desk a mere foot away from him. Her long sexy legs were tantalizingly crossed, and her short skirt rode up a few inches higher, baring her silken thigh. “Ughm!” she cleared her throat. When he turned around startled by her presence by his side, she smiled with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.
“A penny for your thoughts.”
“Oh, pardon me. I uh…was far away…” His voice trailed off as he checked her out.
Peggy felt warm inside as his eyes zeroed in on her hard pointy nipples poking tantalizingly at the front of her blouse. Somewhere at the back of Peggy’s mind, she wondered if he had noticed that she had gotten rid of her bra when she had gone into the bathroom earlier. She supposed he might think she was a slut. The mere thought excited her greatly.
“Let’s take a break, shall we? Do you fancy a drink?” she asked.
“Ah…yes. That would be very nice thank you.”
Peggy was pleased with herself; her web of seduction seemed set to deliver as planned. His mechanical response to her offer of a drink hadn’t been lost on her; she felt flattered by his furtive stares at her arresting cleavage. Smiling mischievously, she recalled how she had deliberately undone an extra button of her blouse to afford him a great view of her unfettered breasts.
The slut inside her was growing impatient. Getting off the edge of the desk, she gestured towards the couch located to the right hand side of the office with a wave of her hand. “Go on over to the couch and relax while I fetch the drinks.”
“You’re very kind,” Stan said as he picked up a folder then made his way over to the couch. Peggy noted the folder he had picked up and was amused that he would still pretend to be more interested in work. She saw through his polite smile as he tried to conceal his surprise, curiosity, and pleasure behind a mask of an unruffled expression.
The process of pursuing her desire; actually being the hunter was turning out to be even more thrilling with this handsome chocolate stud. Walking over to the wet bar, she smiled, analyzing the situation further as she turned over the bare facts in her mind—the quiet strength in his sexy brown eyes, his confident smile, and the firm grip of his big warm hands. She figured he was just being cautious and wasn’t in any way intimidated by her.
Well, I suppose it would be wise for him to be sure of what I’m up to before making any move. After all, if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t want to be slapped with a sexual harassment charge and most certainly not by the heiress to the throne.
Bemused by her own attempt at arm-chair psychology, she smiled as she took a bottle of Champagne from the fridge and picked up a couple of fluted glasses. Then she went over to join Stan at the couch.
The surprise on his face was priceless as he watched her approach with a magnum of Crystal. Setting down the glasses and without further ado, she popped the bottle open and filled them. Stan stood up, accepting the flute of bubbly she handed him.
When he stretched his hand across the low coffee table between them to accept the drink, the sight of his thick, long, manly fingers triggered a whirlwind of dirty thoughts in her head. Oh my god, it must be true what they say about the correlation between the size of a man’s fingers and
that of his package. Peggy once again found herself helplessly sucked into the vortex of his sexy reserved charms.
Her previous encounters with Stan had all either been too brief or attended by the presence of others. Now that she had him to herself, she couldn’t control her curiosity any longer. The size of his package was the stuff of legend around the building. The slut deep inside of Peggy was determined to finally separate fact from rumor about the handsome hard-bodied ebony man.
Oh but you’ve been dying to fuck him ever since you first laid eyes on him, her inner slut chided.
Still lost in her dirty thoughts, she heard his deep manly voice from a distance. “I’m sorry did you say something?” she asked, desperately trying to conceal her racing pulse and heated desire. It was no mean feat; she was all tingly and moist down south.
“To what do we owe the pleasure of the champagne, if I may ask?” Stan’s brows were slightly furrowed in obvious curiosity; a hint of naughtiness in his eyes made Peggy a little giddy with lust. Fearing he might have been able to decipher her very naughty thoughts and almost stuttering, she lowered her gaze once again before responding to his question.
“Oh...um… To us!” she said in her best sultry voice, reluctantly tearing her gaze from his crotch whilst raising her glass in toast.
“Hear, hear!” Stan responded to her toast, clinking his glass to hers. Their eyes met, and this time she was surprised he did not lower his gaze. Instead, he gave her a knowing smile which made her feel busted. In the visual equivalent of a Freudian slip, her eyes once again travelled to his crotch. This time, though, she could swear the swollen protrusion had grown considerably larger than the last time she’d looked.
His pants were stretched tightly over the way-above-average bulge between his legs. She looked back up at his face, and he was smiling mischievously at her. Gone was the shyness, even though he remained calm and restrained in his overtures.
Her plan of seduction had been to sneak up on him, make it appear things had happened spontaneously—she had her doubts about how far that plan would have gone at first but later tweaked it until she was fairly confident it would work perfectly. Now in the middle of her play, she had been busted, and her quarry seemed intent on teasing her.

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