Review of Time to Play by Sam Crescent

Time to Play

Simone decided to surprise her boyfriend, with a sexy outfit and some good sex for valentines day. She arrives at his place and finds him having sex with his secretary. The one thing Simone hates is cheating. Her wealthy father, broke her mothers heart, by being a repetitive cheater. Simone, now an adult with mental scars from her past, leaves her boyfriend and heads to the bar. She is pissed off but dressed to seduce. So guy after guy approaches and she shoots them down. Until a tall, very sexy man approaches and peeks her interest. She decides that is exactly what she needs, a night of really good sex, with someone that can keep up with her. Just one night and she can just get back to life and put her ex-boyfriend behind her. When she goes back to work the next Monday. She finds out the the company she is working for is being bought out.  The man who is buying it, was who she had a amazing one night stand with. Callum Gallagher, is buying a company out because someone is stealing money from him. When he sees Simone again, he knows one night will never be enough.  Cole Turner, Callum's security does some digging and finds out someone is trying to frame Simone for the money. But Cole knows her history and who her father is. He knows she is from a very wealthy family and would have no need for this money and is not the one who took the money. So who is behind the theft? Getting Simone to work for Callum and trying to find the person responsible and also seeing where a relationship can go, is Callum's objective. Callum and Cole, best friends, just want to see the other happy. Callum sexually drawn to Simone and Cole is attracted to her as well. The men have shared women before and it has never turned out right. Can the two try again? Will Simone's past come back to hurt her again? Will Simone be able to handle two men vying for her attention?

This is a VERY sexy read. The 2 men, both have issues to overcome from their past but both want Simone. Simone with her own past to overcome, is drawn to both men as well, but also wants to settle down and have a family and a normal life. The book shows how Simone might be able to have it all, on her terms. Very Hot book, that will keep you guessing till the end. I loved Simone! A strong character, confident in herself as a person and  her body. Adults only! But you will enjoy!
Time to Play (The Allusifa Siblings)

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