Review of the Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis

This is the review of a 6 book series.

The Prince Of Wolves Book 1
Jacque, Sally and Jen, best friends are excited about a new exchange student that is moving in with the couple across the street. Entering their senior year, hoping to have a great  one, looking forward to their futures.  When Jacque sees the exchange student, she is attracted to him but knows that something is different about him. When she hers a male voice in her head, she knows something is up or she is going crazy.  Whoever the boy is, he is calling her Luna...what is a Luna? So Jacque has to call in the girls. The girls are baffled as much as Jacque but also want to see the drop dead gorgeous guy across the street. As the story unfolds, you learn that Fane (gorgeous boy across the st) is a werewolf. Not just a werewolf but a prince, and not just a prince but also Jacques mate. Finding out about werewolves, the supernatural, and the whole mate thing would be enough but nope...a new pack that Fane and the rest of the werewolf population did not know about surfaces. And someone else has also claimed Jacque as their own.

Blood Rites Book 2

We return with Fane and Jacque. Getting ready to go through the blood rites of werewolves,  after a life or death fight, is stressful for any one, let alone a couple of 17yr olds. When Jacques finds out that she is indeed 1/2 werewolf, she is curious about her father more than anything. So when the girls are in a horrific car accident, her dad comes and makes a visit and you find out things about her BFF's that no knew about. When Jacques is kidnapped, her new found dad, the grey wolves and Fane are hot on the trail but will it be in time to save her from someone they thought was a friend.

Just One Drop Book 3

Jen, Jacque and Sally, are back again. Now with Jacque married and starting her life with Fane, the girls have found out something about Jen. Jen has a very small part of werewolf blood running through her veins. Not only that, Decebel the Beta of the pack, is acting strange toward Jen. If she didn't know any better, she would think he was acting like they were mates. But with no mating marks, and no other signs than the attraction between them, no one knows what to think. When the alphas arrange a gathering for all the unmated wolves to try to find mates, Jen and Decebel end up fighting each other. The tension builds and the packs may have a traitor in their mist that wants to destroy the Romanian pack.

Out of the Dark Book 4

Jen and Decebel finally together but not yet bonded, are going to face their hardest challenges ever. With her girls, Jacque and Sally at her side. They face off with the witch who had helped the Serbian pack. Still bent on destroying the wolves, she throws spell after spell at the werewolves and Decebel gets hit with not 1 but 2. Decebel loses a part of himself that affects Jen and the entire pack. With a witch hunting them and Decebel cursed, the Romanian pack will have to work together to live through it!

Beyond the Veil Book 5

With the Serbian pack now under Decebel's leadership, Jen and Dec together, Jacque and Jen happy, they find out what Sally's place in all this is. Sally, finds out she is a Gypsy healer. A certain werewolf s also paying a lot of attention to their little healer. Sally finds out as a gypsy healer, her mate will be a wolf. On her 18th birthday the signs appear and what everyone knew becomes confirmed. With the witch still on there tail, danger is never far away. After the close call with Jen in book 4, the Fates come to collect and tell her what the price will be for cheating death. Jen finds out she is pregnant and the price is the life of her child. If that were not enough the witch has something worse than death planned for these mated males and before the end is here they may wish for death to come.

Fate and Fury Book 6

The girls are back fighting for the men they love with life and death hanging in the balance. Working with  Peri a Fae, they have to try to rescue the men they love before they loose their minds in the In-Between. Trying to find a way in and out is difficult and almost impossible at best. Now the witch, is getting under way with her ultimate plans, opening the veil to the demon world. She wants to unleash them into the world. The problem is the only one who knows how to open the veil is the Warlock King. With the witch orchestrating her plans and the girls all trying to rescue their mates, everyone is on edge and ready to fight.  Will the time in the IN-Between put a wedge in between the mates, will their minds survive the torture, are they strong enough to make it and beat the witch once and for all or will they lose all they have been fighting for.

I was recommended this series by a friend. I read and review paranormal but not too many YA books. I will say I went through all 6 in under 5 days. I could not put them down. I was repeatedly drawn back to the books time  and time again. The stories are so well done, with lots of action, suspense, love, romance and above all friendship. The 3 main girls, being only 17 rise to the occasion and stand together to fight for what they want and believe in. Friends that will love each other even in the worse of times. I will say my favorite character is Jen. She brings out the fighting spirit of the girls and is the smart mouth friend we all have that every one is laughing at. She brings humor to situations and will make you laugh out loud. This is a series I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who likes paranormal will love these books. It is a YA book that adults will love as well. Miss Loftis has found a new fan who will be watching for more. I can not say enough about how much I enjoyed the entire series. The only bad thing I say is my heart broke along with Decebel's at the end of 6. I can't wait for the next one, I am hoping she doesn't make us wait too long. This is one series I could see on screen!! Looking forward to reading more from this author!

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