Special Feature R.E. Butler - Letter from Alex to his mate

A Letter to My Future Mate by Alek Fallon

(Hero of Loving Lachlyn, from the series Ashland Pride, by R.E. Butler)

Dear…I don’t even know how to start this letter. Do I address it to my sweetheart? The future-Mrs.-Fallon?

I’m sitting in my room in the boarding house in Ashland, Indiana, and wondering how long I’m going to be alone. The bed is the most comfortable one I’ve ever owned, but sleeping alone makes it seem as if the mattress is stuffed with razor wire and rusty nails. My brothers share a mate. So do my uncles. I think that I’ll have to share you, sweetheart, and that’s okay. Because I’d rather share someone I loved than be alone. And I don’t even know who you are yet, but I love you a little bit already. Because as my mate you’ll be perfect for me. I know I’m not perfect yet, but I’ll try. And I’ll promise you a few things before we meet so that you know I’m going to try my hardest to be the best mate possible.
* I promise not to leave my underwear anywhere but in the laundry hamper.
* I promise to hold your purse while you try on clothes.
* I promise to clean up my beard trimmings from the sink every morning.
* I promise to always ask how your day was.
* I promise to always kiss you goodbye.
* I promise to find out your favorite dessert and learn how to make it.
* I promise to watch chick flicks with you and hold the tissues.
* I promise to hold your hand when we walk and always open doors for you.
* I promise that when we have kids, I will help with the diapers and feedings so you can rest.
* I promise that when we do fall in love, that I will love you from the very deepest part of my heart for the rest of my life.

I want to promise a hundred other things to you, sweetheart, but until we meet I’ll save the rest. I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re happy. And I hope to meet you soon.



  1. oh this letter is so very sweet, I would love to have someone like Alek. Waiting for the rest of the book.
    Love it

  2. Yay Alek!! He's grown so much since callie and the cats


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