Review of Desired by Wolves by Diane Leyne

Desired By Wolves (Call of the Wild book 2)

Growing up around werewolves, Lena knows what to expect. The brothers of a family share one wife. Lena accepted it and was looking forward to it. The James brothers new Lena was the one. They also new they had to follow Alex, the alpha of the 3. Alex being the oldest at 22, in the military, thought his 18 yr old brothers and Lena were too young to make such a commitment and made the choice for them all. Alex re-inlists and breaks Lena's heart. With Alex away Lena goes back to school, becomes a vet and then returns home to the city she grew up in, knowing the James brothers are waiting for her. 2 of the brothers want her back even if it means going around their alpha. Alex wounded emotionally and physically from war and torture, doesn't think he is worthy of Lena, and hides for as long as he can. But a small dog who Lena has befriended may be the catalyst to a new start between Alex, Lena and the entire James family.

What a great story. I really enjoyed the James brothers. I will tell you this book was giving to me at a time when I was really excited to read it. About 2 days later I received terrible news about family and had to put it on the back burner for a while. So at one of the saddest moments of my life, this book kept my mind occupied and gave me the distraction I truly needed.  I will always be grateful. I thought the book was very well written and loved the story of Alex and Lena, the brothers just make it even hotter. Damage whether it be mental, physical, or what ever may not ever truly go away but love can over come most obstacles. If you have not picked up this series ...do pick it up. It is well worth the read. Thanks Diane for a great read and I hope you will send me more. Adults only...menage scenes are very hot!


  1. Let me know when it goes on amazon and everywhere

    1. Hey, Julie. Thanks again for the thoughtful review. So sorry to hear you had some bad news but glad this book helped keep you occupied and that you enjoyed it.

      The book should be out on Amazon etc. in about 10 days. I'll let you know.
      By the way, Claimed by Wolves is now out on all the sites and I'd really appreciate it if you could post there.

      Thanks again, and I'm very happy to share more books with you!


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