Winners of JBR's July mega giveaway

Here are the winners of July's mega giveaway!

authors                                                                    Winners
Milly Silver                                                           Jessica N

Caddy Rowland                                                1. Patches
                                                                            2. bn100
                                                                            3. Cianna E
                                                                            5. Boo O

Mina J Moore                                                  1. Marie

Andrew Downs                                                1. bn100

Julie Jordan                                                     1. $5  Donna F
                                                                           2. $10  Patches
                                                                          3. $25 Theresa
                                                                          4. $25 bn100

Diane leynes                                                   1. Cianna
                                                                           2. Dawn Froggy
                                                                           3. Lynda D

A.K. Kuykendell                                             1. bn100

Holly Gill                                                          1. Jessica N

Nic Taylor                                                         1. Theresa

Hazel Gower                                                    1. Donna F

Sheri Fredricks                                               1. Patches

Ct Oliver                                                            1. Boo O

Kathy Morrison                                                  1. Jessica N

Peter Brow                                                       1. Lynda D
                                                                           2. Jennifer F

Ok These are the winners. The authors i will contact shortly. You should receive an email with in the next day or two IF you have not received an email from the author by Monday please contact me. If I hear nothing with in 2 wks after this message then i will assume you have received your prize or have been in contact with the author. There will be an aug giveaway but it will be starting next wk. Thanks for stopping by and i hope you all enjoy your prizes.

Julie Ramsey


  1. all winners and authors have been contacted via email or fb.

  2. Jessica N please email me...you email that is on when you do the rafflecopter is not working

  3. Jessica N I can give you 2 wks to respond after that your winnings will be forfeit

  4. Jessica N you need to email me with a new address....yours that you are using keeps bouncing back. the authors have tried and so have i several times.


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