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The Passers by Loretta Laird - Review


“At the time of Awakening, Jadara is awakened to her own destiny. She is the one who has

been foretold to bring about the time of Change in the land of Fellnesia. Meanwhile, the

evil Greenflack tries to expand his reign of terror by enslaving the peaceful freegan; noble

beasts from The Fire Hills of Dargoon. With the help of the Passers, she begins to know

courage and love in this heady mix of adventure and romance. Will true love conquer all in

this epic quest?”
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Grade: A This novel is a romance mixed with the world of fantasy. Though the fantasy element for me

was a little on the downplayed side, the story overall was quite outstanding. It had a perfect

balance of sex to story.

I’m a lover of fantasy over a lover of romance, so I was hoping that the fantasy element of

this story would be a little more prevalent. This isn’t a story for the lovers of heavy fantasy,

but if you love romance and fantasy, this book will be a perfect fit for you. It hits both sides,

though favors the romance.

The chemistry between the main characters is strong, and it build quite well throughout the

story. There’s no instant connection, no sex on the first day scenario here, but you can feel

the connection between the two character from the very beginning, and the author does a

masterful job building on that. The steamy factor in the novel is not to be ignored. It’s just

steamy enough to make it a little hot in the room, but it doesn’t overpower the idea of the


The author writes in a very particular style, it feels a bit old fashioned, and suits the world

she is building in this series. For the first of a series, the author does a great job building

up the world, giving details about characters, and making the whole world feel concrete and

real. I really liked the idea of eye color dealing with Kins. She throws in great details, and

overall writes a compelling story.

A great romance read, not too much steamy, but just enough to make things interesting,

and keep the fantasy element in check for those non fantasy lovers. If you are reading

this review, I suggest picking up this book if you can say, “I love romance novels” and “I

like fantasy novels”. If these two statements are true for you, I promise you’ll love Loretta

Laird’s The Passers.


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