Lila Shaw review 2

Vixen and the Pea
     an erotic fairy tail

Once upon a time there was a land where women outnumbered men. The prince of the land was prince Koldo. He loved going to the neighboring kingdoms and pretending to be a commoner. With plenty of willing women, he had lots of fun. As Barlow, he had no worries. The king has decided he is too marry and become king. It is time to settle down. A royal ball is planed and if he hasn't picked a maiden, his parents will. Lady Otsana is a favorite of his parents, Koldo can't stand. Her robes cover her so he can't see if she is pretty but they argue all the time. He can never be right around her. The lady does not wish to be married, but her parents and the king and queen want the two together. Barlow (Koldo) goes out on the town to find a girl and release some frustration. He comes across a beautiful young girl. She is not only pretty, but smart, talented, and matches him in almost every way. Why can't I pick a girl like this, he thinks. He knows there time is limited. Soon he will have to marry. The young women he meets is of course Lady Otsana, in disguise. As there time grow near an end she is conflicted. She is falling for Koldo, but knows she still does not want to get married and the fact he thinks she is a commoner even a hoar, she cant give herself away. When the prince finally tells the king his challenge to pick a princess, Lady Otsana may be the only one to handle the challenge. What will the prince do if he finds out the 2 women are the same one and will the lies keep them apart.

This was a very cute story. VERY ADULT. But Guys will like this one as well. Imagine a porno of the princess and the pea! Has some awesome sex scenes. Made me laugh in several places. It does remind me of a fairy tale though! Easy read, short but worth the read!

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