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Destiny Divided

Sage is a young 20 something girl who has had a rough go so far. Growing up in foster care, she has all ways known she was different. She was moved around a lot, called badly behaved, destructive but most often the foster parents were scared of her. Things happen when she is around. When she is mad, things break, move or are totally destroyed.  Until her foster sister Erin, she really has never been accepted by anyone. She told and showed her sister everything. From the balls of destructive light she could throw, to  how she could make a storm pop out of nowhere. She didn't understand it, but Erin accepted it as Sage. When she was older, out of foster care. Sage would steal for money/food and shelter. When James finds her hiding out in the university, he knows she is different. She has some amazing untapped power.  James offers her food and shelter and training in her abilities. He explains, he is a sorcerer and can train her. James has a past all his own involving being turned into a vampire by his enemy. Now he is looking for revenge. Sage may be the weapon he needs. But with her feisty attitude and strength he may be drawn to her for more than just a weapon.

Destiny Divided is a roller coaster ride. Leia pulls you along, teaching about the world she has created, that is suppose to be hidden from our view. There is a Underworld were James's enemy is building an army of werewolves, vampires and demons. James at first wants Sage to fight for him, if only he can control her. As time goes on, he really gets to know her and knows she is unbelievable strong both in her magic and her personality. Slowly, both learning to trust one another. Bonds form. But, Sage has issues, do to her life experiences. It is why I really like her character. Strong, independent and flawed. James is the strong, I will protect you type. He learns that Sage can hold her own, but can he live without her is the question! Awesome read! Love how it leads right into the next book!

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  1. You've been telling me about Leia Shaw for awhile... This sounds like it's going to be a great series! I'm gonna have to check it out! Thanks for another great recommendation Julie!


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