Leia Shaw interview part 1

Please Welcome Leia Shaw to Julie’s Book Review.  Leia is giving away a copy of her new book Destiny Bewitched. Destiny Bewitched is already on Julies Book Review, check it out!  You must check out the rafflecopter on the right of the page to win and post below to win!

         Hello Leia, How are you doing?

        Great, thanks for having me!

Welcome to Julie’s Book Review. We are thrilled to have you on the site.

As I and most who follow Julie's Book review are avid readers and always wonder how did they come up with the  wonderful stories? Did you have any special inspiration for your books or series?

I'm often inspired by music or movies, sometimes other books. Usually the characters come first, in my opinion, they make the story. My first book came to me in a dream. After that, they kind of spiraled out of me.
          You must have some awesome dreams! Or at least awesome characters!
How many series of books are you currently working on? can you give us a little taste of what each are about?

The next in my PNR series, Shadows of Destiny, is a story about having to choose between your lifelong dream and obsession or the woman you love. Like all my books, there will be plenty of humor, adventure, magic, and steamy romance. Right now I'm working on an erotic contemporary book that has yet to be named with two writing partners. It's a funny book with some quirky characters - including a ghost hunter. But it's got a lot of heart and sexy love scenes.
          I can't wait to read it! Maybe we will see it on Julies Book Review? lol!

As a writer do you have any authors you look up to or even any that have helped you along? Who do you follow and read when not writing books?

My number one favorite PNR author is Kresley Cole. She's my writing idol. I've read her whole series, Immortals After Dark several times. Her books are the whole package - funny, sexy, exciting, and clever.
Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Find a good critique group or partner. You can't go this road alone. Take the feedback and roll it around in your mind before getting defensive. Even the best writers make mistakes and need help.

Good advice for life as well as writing!

Of your published books out, is there a favorite? Favorite scene? Favorite Character?
Would you want to meet the character in real life?

Destiny United (my second book) is one of my earliest. The writing isn't as strong but it's a book very close to my heart. I put a lot of myself in that one. And it's got the most emotional depth, in my opinion. It also has the worst reviews. Lol. But who can tell what people will like? As a writer I'd love to meet all my characters in real life. Cristian and Geo are probably  the best husband material. They're family men with a tender side but also the instinct to protect what's theirs. Very sexy.

        What would that character say to your readers?

OK that is it for today folks. Make sure you try for the contest going on now! Check out the review for Destiny Bewitched already on the blog. More of the interview to come and several more reviews! 
Check out the rafflecopter to the right of this page.to win Leia's newest release! It was an awesome read!!


  1. had to start everyone off. couldn't stand it sitting at zero! lol

  2. Great interview. I enjoyed getting to know you. Good luck with your book. Thank you for sharing.

  3. great interview...


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