Kimber Shook

 Destiny Unhinged
Vanessa is quiet and a bit on the shy side.  It's almost her 17th birthday and all she wants is a boyfriend and maybe some excitement to save her from her dull and boring life.  But even before her birthday she finds herself town between two guys.  She feels drawn to both of them in different ways.  Max is a dead alien king from another world who claims that she is his destiny.  Toby is a guy from school who seems to show an interest and desire to be with her,  but his destiny is meant to be with someone else.  Its a destiny he doesn't want. The connection that Vanessa has with Max is strong but the desire that she feels for Toby is stronger.  What will she  do? Who will she choose?  Which destiny awaits her????

Review:   This is a difficult review for me.  This book has a bit of SCI-FI in it and that isn't my usual kind of book so as I read it I kept expecting to not like it.  But I did.  I kept thinking, well, pretty soon the book will cross the line to completely unbelievable and I wouldn't like it.  But again, it didn't happen.  I really enjoyed the book and was totally into the story.  The story went back and forth between the two guys and it was intense for Vanessa at times.  It was sweet and funny too.  But as the book was getting to what I felt was its peak,  It just stopped.  I was left with a lot of unanswered questions.  Too many questions  :( So, I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this book was but disappointed at the ending.  Maybe I just
wanted more of a story I was enjoying.
Theresa F.

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  1. Nearly 17 year old Vanessa follows the once a year family tradition of primping deceased family gravesites.
    An unusual meeting in the cemetery starts the beginning of bizarre happenings for Vanessa. This fantasy like story is of your average teenage girl discovering the facts of her past, her family and what her genetic lot in life is.
    The teen gaged story is the equivalent of a love triangle with a twist- average teen girl trying to choose her own fate. Will destiny allow her to make her own decisions?
    The real question of the story is whether you can change/postpone destiny or will it find you one way or another?
    It's a fun, easy read for all ages teen and older.



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