Celinda Santillan


As a normal popular teen trying to finish High School, Alyssa has a hard road ahead of her. Four years earlier, she was left broken; physically, in heart and spirit.  In order to cope, she pretends like everything is OK. With the help of her two best guy friends she is able to do just that, and concentrate on school. trying to move on is hard in itself,  almost impossible for the memories all around her.  But, what do you do when your past comes back after, you are finally strong enough to move on? What do you do when your past isn't what is seems, and your future is forever changed. Alyssa finds out she is not who she seems. But, soon she will find out why her parents are so distant, why her eyes are purple, and why she is not just another teenager. School, and all she knows is set aside because she is continuously in danger from things she didn't know existed. In the time it takes her to grasp her new reality, it changes again! Alyssa not only has to find herself but stop a catastrophic war threatening her life, and everyone she loves.

I found this to be a pretty interesting story. The main character is so experienced at such a young age, I don't recommend for impressible teenagers. Young adults closer to legal age would be best 17+. I liked the story itself. The author did a great job  making the characters interesting, and pulling me into the story with the twists and turns of the plot. I think the ending made the story much better. While reading this book, the grammatical errors, incomplete sentences, and lack of editing toward (mostly) the second half of the book became extremely distracting.  It became harder to read and understand the story. Evan with the decent story line, the severe errors in the book, made me consider not finishing it. I am glad I did; however the lack of editing made a lasting impact, stronger than the story.

Cyndi F

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  1. Hi!
    I'm the photographer for the cover of the book.
    The author found out that she uploaded the wrong file for Kindle which is the terrible version of the story. She tried to give everyone the updated version, but it's a lot of people.
    So she took the book down for now, and will have the updated version up (for free again).
    Thank you so much for reading the book (And actually going through it even though you have the bad version).


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