Leia Shaw

Destiny Bewitched

Sam is a witch. Her family has been beating, abusing and neglecting her for years. Nikki her younger sister, who Sam has protected and loved where her family has failed. Nikki has been kidnapped. She knows her fathers debt to a secret underworld fighting ring, is why she was taken and so Sam heads into the underworld. Geo, a half demon demigod, stumbles across a girl being attached by 3 werewolves. She is holding her own but knows she can not win against the 3. He says to himself keep your head down, it is none of your business. He is drawn to her but doesn't want to get involved. Until he hears her cry out and sees she is a witch. Geo was banished to the underworld as a punishment. Maybe, if the witch talks to Gaia(mother earth) and she says how much he has helped the girl, Gaia can get him out of the underworld and back home. So after rescuing the red head beautiful women named Sam, they make a deal. Geo will get Sam to the games, so she can get her sister. Sam will contact Gaia and tell her how much he has helped her. Too bad he plans to leave her there when he goes back home, and she knows she can't contact Gaia because her family is cursed. So the two travel together. Dangers all around them and both having lies of their own. Will the truth come out? If Geo finds out will he forgive Sam and will Geo be able to walk away from the women he is growing to love?

This was the first book I have read by Leia Shaw. If you like action, romance, and more action, you will LOVE this book. I couldn't put the book down and it made me cry. Both signs of a really good book. The love story between Geo and Sam is sweet, endearing and very funny at times. You watch their love blossom and grow, as they fight through the underworld. Sam is forever wanting to get to her sister and will do anything to get to her. Even it means lying to a man who is helping her. The story is fast and filled with action, from the fighting in the area and under the sheets. You are rooting for the two to the very end. I also liked the set up for the next book. Wonderful story..thanks for the great read! Will be watching for the next one.

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