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No Shelter

Imagine the water rising and flooding whole areas. Storms destroying homes. Government as we know it stops. Everyone is for themselves. What can I get ....How do we survive...who do I have to kill to get food, water, shelter. These are the challenges that the main characters have to figure out. Nada and her mom are on their own and are currently in the old high school. This is were everyone else, who is not on their own was holding up. The guardians, are basically a mob, there to "help" make sure everyone gets their fair share. But they know that they are up to something very bad. Issac is just a boy Nada sees. He looks strong and is intimidating. She wants and needs his help, if she wants to survive. After a tragedy and her mothers death, Issac and Nada are on there own. Survival depends on the two learning to work together. Gathering their own little tribe and learning to live in the new world is not an easy thing. With the threat and realities of constant fighting, raids, or just finding and defending food, is challenging. Issac and Nada are best friends, but Issac hints at more. They come across a boy, from another district. Turning him in would mean death, and he is asking for help with an impossible task. He asks them to help get his sister. She has been kidnapped by the people who Nada and Issac want to stay as far away from as possible.....the guardians. He has just saved Issac's life from a cougar, and that makes it a really hard request to say no to. The new boy also knows of a  shelter, where they would have  enough water for many years to come. Is it worth risking to save one lone 14 yr girl?

YA novel. A start to a series. It kept my interest going. I loved the drama between Issac, Nada and the others. Makes you want to see them through to the end. Issac, you get a love/hate relationship. Nada is a strong teenager, confident and capable of taking care of herself.. The characters are well written and the action will keep you going as a YA or adult. Worth the read for almost any age. Be for warned, it is a start of a series! I am hoping the author sends me the next book in the series.
complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review


  1. Book 2 Left Behind
    The story of Nada, Issac, Mary, Daedric and the others. At the end of No Shelter, they were on there way back to danger, to get Issac. Nada, Mary and Daedric start on the journey. On the way they stop to rest, starving and very discouraged, they find Issac. He has made it away from the guardians with another girl in tow. How did he "get away"? Slowly the story comes out. Daedric and Issac both want Nada. As the story unfolds and they learn what the guardians want from the young travelers. By the end you know why they have to run, and where they must go. This is a continuing story, so there is a 3rd book coming.

    The 2nd installment was very good. Lots of stuff happening. I really like Daedric. With Issac, Nada has known him for longer but he really gets around and I am still not sure if I trust him. Daedric loves her and would be good, but I am not sure if Nada really wants a good guy. I am also worried about Mary. She seems on the breaking point. I guess we shall see in book 3(soon to come). For those YA fans...I will say it is not appropriate for under 16. Book one was ok for that age range. Book 2 does have a sex scene in the book. Other than the sex scene, there is some moderate violence in the book as well.

  2. Thanks for the review, Julie! Hope all is well with you. :D

  3. Buried Alive Book 3

    This was a hard one for me to review, just because I don't want to give away to much. This was a very good series. Enjoyed the story line. I think it is appropriate for ages 16+. There are a couple of small sex scenes in the series and some violence. I will not say too much about the third story other than read it, wow! I was shocked and surprised. The story continues with Nada, Issac, Daedric, Mary and the other girls. They are running to the government hid out with Vic hot on their tails. If you have read book 1 & 2 please read 3. You have to finish the series and find out how things turn out! Wonderful and entertaining series. What else can you ask for in a series.


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