Sarah Yoffa

The main character is Dicky, a thief (of necessity) who lives in an underground colony with his parents who "adopted" him after they found him wandering around at age 3.  During a cave-in within the colonies Dicky encounters a young boy, Itzick, who seems to know who Dicky's and seems to be searching for him.  Itzick has come with a group of his kind (Jewish/Blackcoats) looking for the Lost One who he believes is Dicky.  Despite his belief that the boy is wrong, Dicky feels a connection of sorts with him and does what he can to keep him safe after the cave-in and this is how he ends up with Itzick and his caregiver, Leah, in his and his adopted family's cave-in shelter while waiting for the repairs to be done to make the colonies safe again.  He quickly learns that the boy has some "special talents" that are a bit unnerving to Dicky. If they are touching, they can communicate without speaking out loud.  Itzick tells Dicky that this is something that only the men in his family can do and this is another thing confirming that Dicky is indeed Itzick's uncle and the Lost One.  During their time in the shelter Leah and Dicky continue to build on an attraction that has been building since he saw her while hiding in a pantry when he was stealing food on the colonies upper levels before the cave-in.  Due to her religious beliefs, Leah is ultra conservative and very much wants Dicky to embrace his heritage as a Blackcoat  accept that he is the Lost One.  Dicky and Leah fall in love and are married in the colony and have the wedding night that they have both wanted.  But her religion does not recognize the union since it was not performed according to their laws so they agree to travel to Madrid where Itzick's great uncle is the leader of the blackcoat's in his area.  Dicky had never been outside in the open let alone traveled so far away from the colony and his adopted family.  During the long journey Leah and Itzick taught Dicky their language whenever they could but Dicky became ill and slept for much of their trip.  Dicky's education continues in Madrid but from the man who claims to be his uncle and Itzick's great uncle, since in their religion it is improper for Leah to spend time alone with him until they are married and he must first learn more of their ways before that can happen.  After much learning and soul searching Dicky finally accepts that he is indeed the Lost One and a part of this family.  After discovering that Leah is pregnant from their union in the colonies they are given permission by the matriarch of his family to be married in Madrid with all their customs and beliefs.

This book is set in a post nuclear future.  It is also inspirational fiction, per the author.  The book is a good read that kept me wondering if the main character, Dicky, was going to accept all the evidence that he was indeed the Lost One.  He and his adopted family are a likable group even though you know that they are all thieves because you know that they do it out of necessity.  They are quirky and fun and the
author help you to feel their bond of love and the loss they all feel when Dicky leaves for Madrid.  Throughout the book there are people speaking Hebrew and it is very confusing when there is nothing to tell you what is being said.  It is done to confuse the main character but it also confused me.  However, due to reading this book I now Know a little Hebrew.  This is a book that shows acceptance and strong bonds from both Dicky's families.  There is a little sexual content but the overall feel is inspirational. 
Teresa Fehse


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