Jade Varden

Justice (Deck of Lies)

Rain wakes up to a new day. Excited, scared and a normal teenager, starting a new school. Rain received a scholarship to Sloane, a private very rich school. Out of thousands of applicants she is one of 5 poor kids to receive the scholarship. Her parents and brother talk of the future. Rain leaves her house happy with her family's support and excited about a new future. When she gets to school, she is met by Laurel. She shows her around but doesn't befriend her. The school is full of privileged kids,who treat Rain as if she doesn't belong. Carsyn, Von Shelton, one of the most popular girls at school, doesn't let Rain forget she is not wanted or welcomed there. Carsyn comes up to Rain and offers to take her shopping. Rain wanting to fit in, and hoping maybe for a friend at the new school, accepts the offer. Trying on clothes and all the expensive things was something new and exciting. So when she puts on a bracelet and Carsyn says she has already paid for it, she believes her. When the security guard grabs her and charges her with theft, she is very surprised. At the police station she explains what happened and they believe her and call her parents. Rain knows she is in a lot of trouble. After they finger print her, her world goes from bad to worse. The police seclude her and will not let her talk to her parents. When the social worker gets there, they inform her she is a missing person. Rain was kidnapped as a small toddler and has been missing for 14yrs. Her name is not Rain but Chloe. Chloe Van Shelton!

This was a VERY good YA mystery. It is told from young Rain's point of view. She goes through hell. To have a loving family and discover it is all lies, or to think it is, would be horrifying. The author does a great job with Rain on how she deals with everything. Rain is a girl who is put in a unimaginable situation and deals with things as best she can. Rain wants to find out why she was kidnapped. She doesn't want to believe that her parents she has known are bad. She knows there has to be an explanation for it all. As she discovers answers more questions unfold and you want to know more of the mystery evolving their families. River and Rain's relationship is complex but cute and has potential. This story is a entertaining and makes you think and wonder. As an adult, I wanted to know more and wanted to follow Rain on her journey. I am hoping the author will send me the next book of Rain's story. It was defiantly worth the read for any adult or teenager!  Thanks for the awesome read.

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