Carrie Ann Ryan

Dust Of My Wings

As an warrior angel Shade had many responsibilities. Keep the secret of the paranormal community and keep other angels from spilling that secret. When another angel messes up, Shade delivers punishment. He receives a summons from the council to fix a problem. A women has obtained a vile of dust. Not just any dust and not just any women. The women is a scientist, whose job it is to find out what it is and where it comes from. The problem is, it comes from Shades wings. He doesn't know how she has gotten the dust but he has to find out why and fix the problem. Lily Banner, a scientist is working as a technician in a lab, has just been given a vile of dust.. Her boss is a jerk has told her she has to figure out what it is.  On her off time she plays board games in the park and hangs with her friends at Dante;s bar. One afternoon she meets someone. A man approaches her and sees her alone waiting for a friend in the park. They play a couple games and get to know each other. Shade knows that he must be careful and find out what she knows and destroy the sample, but is drawn to this women like no other. Lily is extremely attracted to Shade and decides a date may be fun. So they meet at Dante's Bar where Lily's friends can also meet Shade. As they women are waiting and drinking together, lightening strikes the bar. No one is hurt just banged up and bruised. Lily soon realised something has changed. Something in her is different. Shade and best friend Ambrose show up to the bar and know something happened. Shade and Lily, becoming closer as time goes on and Shade soon realises Lily is more than just human. How can that be because she was just a human when they met? As Shade and Ambrose try to figure out how Lily has been changed, how the dust got into Lily's hands, and  try to keep her is the dark to keep her safe because Shade is falling in love. Lilly is trying to figure out what the dust is, getting sick because something happened when the lightening hit, and falling in love. With all this going on they soon realise someone in the council or high in the ranks of the angels is a traitor and is setting up Lilly to be killed. Who would want her killed and why?

This a 1st book in the Dante's circle series by Carrie Ann Ryan. In this story Shade and Lily are so drawn towards each other and there is so much working against them. The lightening strike was very cool and unexpected. it changes Lily and the other women. It starts and explains what and who are in the books to come. The story was very well written and has action galore. The love story is touching and you are really rooting for the two to get together. A great start to a new series. I am really looking forward to see what is in store for Ambrose. Awesome start to what will be a great series.

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