Review of Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder

Let There Be Linda


Rich Leder

ISBN: 978-0- 9905442-5- 8
Copyright 2016 by Rich Leder
Laugh Riot Press

It’s under that shell! No it isn’t! Harvey and Omar want it back. Then, it’s under this shell. Hell
no, it isn’t! The Greenburgs want it too. It’s got to be under this one, then. Nothing here; the
zombie doesn’t have it either. Then where is it? Oh? Oh! Then, Gary Shuler Vista must have it!
Shuler may have wanted it, but he doesn’t have it; he may have told the zombie what to do with
it, but neither of them have it now. So what? It’s only $75,000…of a loan shark’s money. So

And so it goes when estranged brothers, Danny and Mike Miller, are forced to tolerate each other
because their mother, known lovingly as “Saint Linda” has died. Both of the brothers bring
baggage and personal agendas to the funeral arrangements. Danny brings the residual of his
unsuccessful gambling habits and his debts to an unscrupulous loan shark named Harvey.

Harvey, of course brings his ‘muscle’, Omar. Mike brings failed family relationships and a bad
relationship with a former client who has lost everything and has placed the blame squarely on
Mike. Likewise, the partners in Mike’s accounting firm place the blame squarely on him as well
and fire him from the firm. Now, the former client has gone insane and is stalking Mike with
intent to murder.

Where do the Greenburgs fit in? Greenburg is dentist who is hopelessly in debt to Harvey. He
has a poodle dog named ‘Chachi’ who becomes a pawn in a game facilitated by yet another
player, Jenny, who none of them know well including Danny who contracted with her to manage
her talent for spontaneous resurrection. Everyone else believes it to be a con game, but none of
them are willing to give up the chance to profit from it.

Finally, there is the off-beat, more ‘off-duty’ than ‘on-duty’ cop/comedian, Gary Shuler, who
wants to profit in his own way at the expense of all of them. Hated by the public and the LAPD
alike, Shuler lives for a few minutes of attention on the stage of comedy clubs. To Shuler, life is
a joke, and he is there to tell it.

As you may have guessed, Let There Be Linda has a full cast of wacky, nutcase characters. All
are sufficiently well developed to support the storyline, but only the Miller Brothers and the
Greenburgs have any depth. The story moves very quickly and the amount of information
presented seems overwhelming…like, whoa, I didn’t see that coming! Let There Be Linda is well
written and well edited and is a stimulating read. It can be read in one evening if you’re willing
to sacrifice some sleep; I did.

5-Stars Clabe Polk

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