Katie MacAlister

OK here is one of the funniest authors out there.
 Dark Ones series

Vampire men have no soul and the only way to get one back is to find that one person who can save there soul. There is a 7 step process...which sounds funny because 2 of the steps involve exchange of fluids...lol. The process ends with the person willing to give up herself for the one she loves. The series has strong characters and a wonderful comical Love story.  I have never not laughed in any of MacAlsiter's story's. They all have twists and turns with trouble in the middle but if you want to laugh and have a little action along the way, these books are for you. 1st in the series is a Girls Guide to Vampires.

Dragons series  (Aisling Grey)

You Slay Me (book 1) starts off with a young women, who is a Currier by trade and is on a delivery.  As she is excited to be in Paris (it was somewhere big) she finds the person she is suppose to delivery to is dead and there is a guy there (maybe the killer) steals the object she is suppose to deliver. So as hunts down this gorgeous maybe killer...she accidentally becomes a demon lord (who is a big dog that is fricking hilarious!), finds out she is a guardian of a hell gate.  When she finds  the gorgeous guy, he is the leader of the green dragons and she is his mate. Allot to deal with in just the first couple chapters of this book. Again Ms MacAlister delivers.  Jim the demon sidekick is one of the funniest characters i have ever run across ed. There are 4 for Aisling and then 3 more books for the silver dragons and the 3rd of the light dragons is about to come out too!

Contemporary titles
It's all Greek to me, The Corset diaries, Hard Day's Knight, Ain't Myth behaving...All are Very funny and I am sure there are more than just these. She also has a historical romance that i have heard, from others that is is good as well but i have not read them. Katie also writes as Katie Maxwell.  This is her Young adult or PG-PG-13 type books.  Young adult...I have heard these are very good as well.

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  1. Sparks Fly by Katie MacAlister. It is book 3 in the Baltic Light dragon series. So far it is good but don't try to read it unless you have read books 2 and 3 at least. I highly recommend the dragon series by this author though. You can look up the series here on my site. The Arsling Grey series is 1st in the dragon books. If you read them watch for Jim. He is a demon dog that is one of the funniest characters I have ever read. He makes me LOL in every book...usually every couple of chapters!


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