J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward
 The Black Dagger Brotherhood. A Vampire and demon type race fighting in the town of Caldwell. Lots of back story to read so read them in order if possible.  Lots of action and romance. Ms Ward will blind side you with the twists and turns she throws out! A group of Vampires fight to save unknowning humans and others of the Vampire community from the "Lessers". Both fight to destroy the other. I had been waiting for this last book for a while.  It is has already made me teary.  LOVE IT!

Fallen Angel series

It is a war between good and evil...heaven and hell. The two sides have a deal who ever wins the next 7 souls gets them all. So they decide on a man who is not all ways good but also not all ways bad and give him the task of  helping the soul do what is right and get of the right path or as the devil wants to go down the wrong path. Jim has 2 angels there to help him battle along the way. The problem he has he has to use his judgement to make the decision on which way to direct the chosen soul..which as the stories go he sometimes knows and sometimes doesn't know who he is suppose to go after.  It is a action packed series and you cheer Jim on through them and see why he was chosen. Between fate, human error and free will, Jim has a hard road to hall. He also knows if he doesn't win the loved ones he has in heaven will not be there for long. So no pressure or anything.  good series can get a little long but worth the read!


  1. Love it! Not a TMI review, but still gets across the anticipation level and how much she pulls at your heart strings.

    1. thanks Jamie did you check out the others?

    2. I have read the first book of the Fallen Angel series, and it was awesome. I am waiting for a few more to come out before I read anymore though, the anticipation from the black dagger brotherhood is already killing me!!! I just wanna save them for a nice vacation and read them all at once and get my fix!

  2. Just finished the new one from Black dagger brotherhood Lover Reborn..Torr's story. It took me several days to finish it but what a roller coaster ride of emotions! There are lots of ups and downs and twists I never thought of but boy did JR Ward deliver! I loved how it ended even though I wanted to throw something at the 95% mark as I was reading. Lassiter is one of my new favorite characters. You will understand it if you read the story! If you haven't read the Black Dagger Brotherhood..you are missing out on one hell of a series!


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