Mary Janice Davidson

Betsy  Series

A not so smart blond gets mauled by vampires (doesn't realize they are vampires at the time), fired from work, her cat runs out on her and then gets hit and killed by a car.  Wakes up and is more pissed off that she is in cheap shoes and clothes than the fact she is a vampire.  She comes to find out that she is not only a vampire but a vampire queen. This series will make you laugh. Betsy takes nothing very serious until to late or unless it is shoes. A little sex a ok love story but it is VERY funny. several in the series. Undead and Unwed is book 1

Alaska series

Imagine a world were Alaska was never bought by the US but in a country all it's own. Ruled by a king and royal family.  It is really a world not much different form our own. When a young girl gets herself kicked off into Alaska with out a pass port and no way to get home gets into all kinds of trouble. A VERY comical story lots of situational humor. worth the read!!!

Fred the Mermaid series

It is exactly that  a funny series about a mermaid who works at a aquarium and the love and trouble she gets into.

I find that Ms Davidison's book tend to be light and comical.  Don't read if you want a serious story or one with lots of detail.  She does wonderful with what she does.  Funny situational stories.  Be ware you will laugh and maybe pee your pants but you will enjoy the story!

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  1. MaryJanice Davidson was one of the first honest to goodness laugh out loud authors I have come across. I love that about her and Michele Bardsley. They both have good stories and still make me laugh and then totally throw in a VERY adult scene or two.


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