Laurel K Hamilton

One of my Favorite Authors
the Anita Blake Series book one Guilty Pleasures.  Imagine if you had a loved one who just passed away.  the family is fighting over everything because no one knows what the family member really wanted.  So In comes Anita Blake. As a job she is what is called a Animator. She can raise the dead.  Everyone goes to the grave site , Anita raises the dead family member, everyone can say there goodbye;s and get the answers they need and then she puts them back to rest again. In this world, vampires, shifters, zombies and everything that goes bump in the night is known about but feared. As a second job Anita helps out the police when they have a murder or crime that they suspect is done by the paranormal. These books start on page 1 and don't stop until you close the book. BE FORWARNED they are graphic and violent. As you farther in the series Anita learns more and more and so you as the reader learn more and more about the world Ms Hamilton has made. Not for the faint of heart but if you want action, strong story and characters this is the series for you!

Meridith Gentry series

Meridith is a PI. She is also a Fey Princess in hiding. He Aunt the queen has been trying to kill her. The series is about the Queen coming to terms with the fact the fey world is dying. They are losing there magic and fewer fey children are being born. The queen send out her guards (who are part of her harem) to find Meridith and bring her back. the queen has a proposal for her and the Prince.  Which ever one has a child first wins the crown. the prince is a cruel evil bad guy (lol). So Meridith slowly picks up men along the way and lots of fighting and running from the princes men. She falls in love and starts to reawaken the magic.  How she does it you will have to read it. Book 1 is a Kiss of Shadows.  Good series not as good as Anita but worth reading.


  1. I think it is worth mention that the anitia series is more kick butt with some serious erotica in the later books. The Merry series is serious erotica with fighting thrown in. Both series however, if you don't start at the beginning, you may have a hard time with all the changes in the characters over time. New people come in and out of the series, causing SERIOUS character and story changes.

  2. Kiss the Dead

    She is back! I was worried because the book before this was not my favorite. Loved Kiss the Dead. In the story Anita is chasing a group of just turned vamps that had a young girl hostage and killed a couple of cops. She is back with the swat team working the cases. Killing, shooting, running ...putting the fear of actually death into people who were suppose to be beyond it. Anita is the bogey man of the vamps. So this story is Anita following a case and also trying to get her life in perspective. So Micah, Nathaniel, Nicki, Dev, Sin and a couple more I may be forgetting are all there. So we get some good glimpses of home life at the Anita house and at the Circus of the Damned, were John Claude, Asher and a few more, that you will remember join in the drama.

    The Anita Blake stories are the only ones where you pick up new terms like Polyamorous and hetroflexiable. LOL Words that fit her life style. This book brings back all the things that you love about Anita. She is a strong, smart kick ass female that has lots of sexy boyfriends. Loved it! The sex scenes were awesome and the story was great. I loved that we got glimpses of some of my favorites, and some that may become new favorites. I can't wait for the next one!!


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