Orsen Scott Card

Ender's Game

Picture this we are at war with an alien race. The world is over populated so there is a 2 child limit on families. We are looking for the next military genius. So take a brilliant couple and they have a child. It is a boy "Peter", he is brilliant off the charts but he has a cruel side. Child #2 is "Valentine", brilliant off the charts but is too passive. They are so close to what the want, so they authorize a 3rd child. Andrew or " Ender" as his nickname, may be the one to save the world. Ender's game is about his journey and trials he goes through to hopefully safe planet earth and the billions of people on it. It is one of those books that keeps you going all the way through the book. Very entertaining, lots of action, and is YOUNG ADULT appropriate. It does have some violence but no more than a PG movie. This book was the book that got me started in reading in my earlier 20's. This book has 3 more in the series. Book 2 Xenocide is very good but book 3 and 4 really are not worth reading (in my opinion). There are a lot of spin off books. Books on other characters form the 1st book. I have read a couple and they are good. Ender's Shadow being my favorite. I enjoyed that one as much and Ender's Game!  This is a AWESOME book for any young adult and has enough action, and story to keep an adult loving the story as well.

ON MY FB page I have a cast list for the movie  Harrison Ford is cast in it! Out in 2013!

Past Watch the Redemption of Christopher Columbus

This book was one that I wasn't expecting to like and I really enjoyed it. I makes you think about our history and know that one little thing happening could have changed our entire world. The story starts out in the future. there is no war, no famine, no disease, but the population is down to like a few million people (don't quote me on that number). They have invented time travel and are working on a way to go back in time and change the course of history to save many more lives for the future. Sounds good right? They have to pick a time when things were changing and change them in a way that will help the future.  Now i will not go into the main part of the story but I will ask you this one question, and it will give you an idea on where the book goes.  what do you think would have happened if Christopher Columbus never discovered the new world? Think about it.  North America, South, and central America How would they have changed? it is an intriguing idea and one this book answers or tries to in this story.  It is a GREAT read and really makes you think about how little things can change and make HUGE differences!


  1. Orsen Scott Card has other series he wirtes but I have not read any of them...If anyone else has please post...how are they?


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