Amanda Hocking

Vampire series

Book 1 My Blood Approves catches you quick. The characters are fun and exciting.  It is about a girl who falls for a vampire who saves her from certain death. These books I consider YOUNG ADULT.  Out of the 4 books in this series there is one very brief love scene (3 or 4th book). The human gets into all kinds of trouble with her vampire boyfriend.  Not a complicated story but well written, fast pasted, quick reads and very entertaining.  highly recommended  for readers 14 and up.

Trylle series

The Trylle are a people who lived in the forest and usually have a fey type ability and at one time were called trolls (some were even small and green). They learned many centuries ago that humans lived better lives and there young had better chances.  So with there magic the would exchange a Trylle child for human child (with out the humans the wiser) and let the, usually rich human raise there Trylle child.  Then when they come of age they send out trackers to bring back the child and the money they have from the human families. The 1st book Switched, talks about how the human mom picked for the princess of the Trylle never truly believed the little girl she brought home form the hospital was hers and it made her crazy and the princess doesn't have the best childhood.  The story itself is moderate in action and has lots of drama. Interesting story and has some big twists and turns that you will not except. Again this is safe for YOUNG adults (14 and up).(3 books in the series)


Zombies, Zombies Zombies!  It is the end of the world and a strange disease has spread and Zombies are roaming attacking at will. People are dying left and right and if it wasn't bad enough that there are Zombies everywhere you really don't know who to trust and the main character has to protect her young brother whom she loves dearly. There is one short sex scene in this book and a couple more in the 2nd...so I still consider young adult but you will have to use your judgement. Lots of action and if you love the walking dead you will love this series. i could not read the 2nd book myself do to me being a chicken when it comes to zombies. Lots of suspense and some blood guts and a little gore in these books. (2 are out in this series)

She has mentioned on her website amandahocking.blogspot.com that she has other series she is working on but these are the ones i have read.  Her writing is very good  with lots of action and suspense but ignore the typo's.

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