Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson series
Mercy is a coyote shifter otherwise known as a walker.  A walker can see ghosts, a native American and can shift at will, she doesn't have to wait for the full moon or anytime for that matter. Ms. Briggs makes a world were a young coyote shifter is raised by a colony of werewolves. She is raised and loved but never truly fits in. She has become a auto mechanic in a shop run by a gremlin (fey) and lives across the way from a alpha of the local pack and fixed buses for a vampire!.  Mercy gets into lots of trouble just by being herself. She is a strong women character that falls in between the local alpha Adam and the man who she had a crush on from her past Samuel. These books are full of suspense and action and a little bit of love. Not much as the way of sex in the series so if your looking for "action" this series is not for you. If you want a action filled story with tons of really cool character's then try book 1 Moon Called.  You will fall for the series with in the first few chapters.

Alpha and Omega

This is a spin off series from Mercy Thompson series. Charles is the enforcer for the werewolf world. He is a quiet but dangerous guy but is one of the only full blooded werewolf alive. As werewolves can normally not care children most are made and not born. Charles mom, a native American medicine women held off her changes to carry a child and then died durning delivering Charles. Charles, in book 1 Cry Wolf,  meets Anna an Omega.  The series is about the trials and troubles that the Alpha and the Omega go through and the Love story of the two. These are good stories but not nearly as good as the Mercy Thompson series.  Read the Mercy series 1st.  You will learn about Charles (Samuel's brother) in this series.  He is a very interesting character.

Patricia Briggs also writes fantasy books.  They are well known and I have been told they are pretty good but I personally have not read the books. As a author I like how she writes and the Mercy series is one I look forward to the new one every year!


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  2. I have read them Jamie. Not the most recent but up until that one. I like them just not as well as the Mercy series. I plan on getting the last one just haven't yet.


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