Molly Cannon

Ain"t Misbehaving

Contemporary Romance

Marla Jean has not had a good year. She has had a rocky marriage and now has been divorced for a year. To make matters worse the husband who had professed to have loved hear for years had been cheating on her with the women who ran the bookmobile Ms Compton.A women who was 20 yrs Marla Jean's senior.  In this small town everyone knows everybody and she is tired of hearing poor Marla Jean.  So she is hurt over the lost relationship, her ego has been hit and to top it off she is lonely. So we start off with Marla Jean at a bar (Lu Lu's). She really just wants to get back in the saddle, if you know what I mean. So after dancing and flirting with all the eligible guys in town, finding herself in a car about to do something that she hadn't in a long while. Jake, is Marla's brothers (Lincoln) best friend. She has known him her whole life and has had a crush on him for all of her teenage years and here he is pulling her out of Donnie's truck. She is relieved (wasn't truly wanting Donnie), but is mad that he is just "watching" her for her big brother. The book is basically about these two characters fighting their attractions to each other. Marla Jean, not thinking she wants anything serious and just wanting some meaningless sex. Jake is very attracted to Marla but she is also very off limits being his best friends little sister. Evan though she is an adult and can make her own decisions. So they go through the story fighting their attractions tooth and nail. Marla Jean fighting with her EX, dealing with a business, dealing with ex's new girl friend who also just happens to be Jake's Aunt. It makes for some very comical situations.

The book starts off a little slow. Learning about the town, what and who the characters are. They are well developed and Marla Jean is very likable. She is shown in the wrong lite to the town and is constantly either hurting herself or someone else. Never out of malice but is all ways shown as the jilted wife and is humiliated. You feel very sorry for her ex specially when she is constantly being interrupted by family, when all she wants is a little nookie!  Her ex, is very self absorbed and now that he is divorced has nothing to do with Marla Jean unless it is to but in were not wanted. The story is very cute. Lots of comedy, situational mostly. I will a admit I even shed a couple tears. My only complaint if I was was to have any at all, would be the sex scene was a little under whelming. You know the 2 main characters are going to get together and should. When they do the sex is is quick when I was waiting for hot and steamy. So if you are looking for a hot and steamy..this is not it. There is tons of sexual tension and lots of wanting! Not my favorite book but very good overall. I would defiantly read this author again and it is defiantly worth the read.

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