Fayth Devlin

Blood Lust Rising

Ella and Micah are demon/vampire hunters. They have to work & train together. Ella is convinced that Micah is out to get her kicked out of the agency they work for. Micah thinks Ella is dangerous. Both are all ways picking at each other and fighting. The tension between them is intense.  Ella is a half vampire, Micah thinks he is all human. Their world changes when they run across a demon and a little lust spell. They both wake up in a motel they don't remember getting to. Covered in blood and other fluids, after 4 days of continuous sex and not remembering any of it, they both are a little freaked out. They also notice that they have tattoo's....matching tattoo's. When Eli, Micah's brother shows up and opens the door, Ella knows that something drastic has changed. She is a full vampire and Micah may not be totally human. So the book is all about Micah finding out who he truly is, Ella finding out how and why she is a full vampire and why they now can't stop having sex or just being near one another.

This was a great roller coaster of a book. They start with the 2 main characters fighting and arguing continuously. You can feel the sexual attraction  while they are fighting. The demon they encounter just wakes them up to the attraction that was already there. The sex scenes were great and if they weren't having mind blowing sex they were kicking ass and taking names against other vamps, were's , and demons. As their love starts to grow and they figure out some of the things going on in their world, they know what ever is out there, they can beat it together. This a wonderful action paranormal love story....stress on the action both on and off the bed.


  1. will be watching for books 2 and 3 in the series and would LOVE to review them!

  2. Hi Julie,

    Well, I would LOVE for you to review them too! Like I said, I'm hoping ARC's will be ready late Sept for an Oct release date. That is ambitious for me, but I'm hopeful!!

    Thank you so much for the amazing review!! Truly. I loved your take on the story and the things that stuck out at you. This is my favorite part about reviews, knowing what you loved about the book. So again, thank you!!!



  3. Darn it Julie! That sounds really good, and now I want to read it, and I am really hurting for time and book money now! Oh well, I guess I don't need food anyway ;-p

  4. It was non-stop from pg 1...action fighting or sex was going on! the food thing is for both of us. lol let me know when u read it.


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