Skhye Moncrief

Resurrecting The Beast

This one grabbed my attention on pg one. The main character Sylvie has been kidnapped. She ran away from a arranged marriage and now is being taken back to her farther. In this world there are shifters and humans. Aliens have landed and are slowly getting ride of humans. So this is a dangerous time for human, let alone cute young women. The Beast is a man who has his own personal demons to fight, and the last thing he needs is a young women at his side.  He knows that she probably will not make it back to her father or to aware in one piece. Her captures have set her loose and are now chasing her for the fun of it and have promised to rape her when caught. So Sylvie, runs for her life. The Beast against his better judgment saves her. The story itself reminds me of a paranormal erotic romance of Beauty and the Beast! But, defiantly not a Disney cartoon.

Cool story, cool new world, would love to read more!

Erotic paranormal  romance..adults only!

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  1. Loving Lucius

    This is the 1st in the series Werescape. The story starts with Lucius and several of werewolves traveling to a outpost. he is travel for an unknown reason for his father. When he gets there he finds that the aliens that have been killing peopl on the planet are after the warlords of the area. The warlord who had sent for Lucius, has 3 daughters. he want to keep them safe and will do and give anything to keep them safe. He offers one of his 2 elder daughters to him, if he takes all 3 back to their home, which is safe and protected. Elise the eldest daughter is smart, beautiful and has a secret.She is attracted to Lucius but has been kept away from everyone and has never touched a male. SO the story is Lucius fighting his desires for Elise and Elise terrified everyone will find out she is actually half alien. Will she find her home just to be sent away again or can Lucius convince her that he can protect and take care of her.

    The story has lots of good sex scenes and I really like the relationship between the 2 characters. But I thought Elsie was a little bit wimpy. The environment that she is from and the world the author created, she should be if not physically strong mentally. I would have LOVED to see more of her sister too. But if you want a good read that has some intense attraction between 2 people this is a good one. Over all not my favorite but a good read!


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