Britt Bury

The Darkest Day

In this world Britt Bury created, things are very different. The world is full of magic, creatures and full of unknown demons, beings and everything that goes bump in the night. The one thing that is newly extinct is humans.  Immortals are the norm and humans are thought to be a thing of the past. Izel, thinks she is a normal Fionn(works magic), she knows that something is about to change. She has received a letter form her grandfather. He has told her to leave all she knows and come to him. She loves him and he is the last of her family. So, she comes to Scotland. After walking for miles she comes to his home and finds it empty. She is startled by a large man behind her. He calls her a McCall, the name that her grandfather had warned her of. If a man comes and calls you by this name, you RUN! She tries but, he is too big. He is going to kill her. Everything changes at that moment. Kelvin, a Pookah (razorback shifter),  is sworn enemies of the Campbell clan. He is immortal. The clans have been fighting for hundreds of years, since they killed his father. He is searching for the mystic of the Campbell's, who has been missing. After arriving in his home he meets a woman. The woman who is the McCall(next leader) of his sworn enemies. He is going to kill her. For 25 yrs Izel has lived with feeling nothing. No love, no passion, no hate, nothing, for 25 yrs the mystic has been hiding Izel, hiding the fact she is the last human left on Earth. A prophecy says she is meant to bring peace to the clans and have great powers....Unless she meets a Pookah who will change her fated path.

This was an AWESOME story. Tons of action. My only complaint is some of the terms of the different types of people are a little confusing. Saying that, once you figure that out, oh my! The sexual tension is phenomenal.The actual scenes even better. You watch these two characters,  Izel and Kelvin, grow, fight their attractions, lose that fight, and finally fall for one another. Just when you think things are going well, the floor drops and Izel's world changes. She, loves and hates this man. Loves what they shared but everything is based on a lie.  This book was one of the best I have read in a long time. It also sets the stage for upcoming books that I will be looking for. If you like fantasy, paranormal, romance this is a must read! Adults only!!

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