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If I Loved You (Harper Falls #1)

When I sit down to write I have to admit that most of the time I have no idea where I'm going.  I really admire other writers who lay out their stories, with long outlines and have a beginning, a middle and an ending before they ever put the first words to paper, or in my case word processor.  But for me, it only works if I let the characters dictate the flow of the story.  Yes, I'm fairly certain who is going to end up with whom, I do write romances, after all.  But nothing about how they get to their HEA is structured.  What you are about to read is a perfect example.  I thought I knew where this scene was going, and how it would end.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for my heroine, my hero had other ideas. 

The kiss was pure improvisation.  Bad idea, his brain screamed, but he had to have a kiss, one brief kiss.  But the moment she made that little moaning sound and opened her mouth to his questing tongue, he knew he was a goner.  Kissing Rose could never be brief, he planned on devoting hours to this one task.  
Eventually, he’d be able to write a thesis on her taste alone.  It turned out kissing Rose was the best bad idea he’d ever had.
Rose was drowning in pleasure like she’d never known, just from a kiss.  Jack wasn’t touching her any place but on the lips and yet she could feel it on every inch of her body.  Long, sure strokes of his tongue made her ache for him to explore the rest of her with equal thoroughness.  She needed to touch him, why wasn’t she touching him?  She reached out, not caring where she started just determined to start.  But Jack had other ideas.  Before she could do more than skim her hands up his chest, he stopped her, trapping them in one of his and raising them over her head.  She was at his mercy and loving every moment.
“I want you, Rose.”
Even his voice was an erotic jolt to her already overheated system.  She had gone from nervous to ready to explode in mere seconds.  Jack’s warm breath bathed her ear with every whispered word.  Had her ear always been so sensitive?  She couldn’t remember, at the moment she couldn’t think of anything past the small patch of skin on the side of her neck that he was slowly caressing with the side of his finger.
“Can you feel that, Rose?”
“Yes,” she sighed.  More, give me more.
“Close your eyes.  Think of nothing but my touch.  Is that enough?”
Rose moaned.  Enough?  God, no.  She needed his touch; she needed everything.
“One finger giving you so much pleasure.”  He slowly moved the tormenting caress down her neck and to the top her spine.  All her senses were zeroed in on that feather light touch as it made its way down the exposed skin of her back.
“Imagine, Rose, just imagine.  If just one finger can set your heart racing what could the other nine do?”

Jack took things farther than I had planned, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.  Not that Rose had any complaints, she was on board with him going a lot farther.  Luckily for my story I was able to put a stop to my wayward hero's rogue behavior, at least for the next few chapters.  Jack Winston likes to be in charge, even when someone else is writing the story.

I'm currently trying to control an new set of characters, Rose's friends Dani is in the middle of her own love story.  I'm finding the hero of "If Tomorrow Never Comes" to be just as alpha male controlling as Jack.  But he will get there, and I'm certain love will prevail.

The second and third books in the Harper Falls saga will be out this summer.  If you'd like to find out more please sign up for my newsletter.  I'll be having contests and giveaways with the release of every book.

And exclusive to the newsletter is what I'm calling Thoughts From Lila.  It will be a monthly bonus section giving a little more detail into the goings on in Harper Falls.  The first issue has Lila filling in some details on the night she meets Rose.  Rose has a particularly bad date, let's just say a pair of gorgeous Prada pumps are ruined by her dates untimely loss of his dinner.  Lila takes the time to flesh out the scene in her diary.  I hope it's just a fun way to get to know a minor character and her perspective on the town.  Here's a link if you would like to sign up.  http://www.maryjwilliams.net/contact.html

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my characters.  I hope you all enjoy "If I Loved You", it was a labor of love.


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