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I just want to thank Julie for having me on her blog for the next five days.
I hope you all enjoy what I will share with you.   
Cassandra L Shaw.

GRAVE ROBBER FOR HIRE. Adult Urban/Paranormal Fantasy Mystery.

“A funny, suspenseful thriller that grips you from the beginning and pulls you into a
weird and twisted world of missing art, supernatural evil, and plain, old-fashioned greed!”

Where did you get the idea for Grave Robber for Hire?
The story of Grave Robber for Hire (GRFH) and the planned five book series sort of came in
three chunks. First when I was half asleep (which is the normal time I get ideas for stories) I
saw the heroine Angel with a shovel beside a half dug out grave with a male guardian angel
at her side and I instantly thought I could work with that image and play with the main
characters traits and personality until I found the main female character I felt fitted most.
The second part was I decided a real grave robber wasn’t the nicest person to have as a
heroine so made her a psychic who uses her ability to rob graves more in metaphorical sense.
The third part was making her an animal loving women who has man issues, creating the
hero Tyreal, and deciding that some darker scenes would add flavour to the story. I also
discovered I love writing darker scenes, they are just so much fun.
Angel’s quirky side / slightly over the top personality just came to me as I wrote her – she
was so entertaining to write.

An early in the story snippet that highlights Angel’s quirkier side.
 Cross chunks and soil crystals seared the bare skin on my arms, chest, and cheek.
Dust burning my nose, I opened my sixth sense and called telepathically to the spirit lingering
in the disintegrated coffin beneath. My version of knock, knock, who’s home.
I blew out a breath, creating an eye blinding dust storm. Eyes watering, I blinked them
clean. “I’m not looking forward to meeting up with Clyde’s spirit again. He was creepy,” I
told the ant near my nose and Vig.
“Creepy?” Vig speaks only a few decipherable modern words.
“Super creepy. Shrivel my ovaries to specks, creepy.”
He laughed, “That is bad.”
The thousand-year-old dead guy had a point.
A whisper tickled up the hot soil into my hands. I hate doing this sort of search. Since
Clyde died so soon after the painting went missing, reading his spirit was probably the
quickest and easiest way of finding said masterpiece—just not the most pleasant. I get all
sorts of visuals from this sort of reading—personal, boring, sexual. Everything.
Clyde’s spiritual volt felt weak with age, but two years ago I’d done this with a six-
century-old grave in Yorkshire, so I knew the spirit was still available. I just had to dig
deeper. Literally. I wriggled my fingers back and forth, digging them further into the packed
dry earth.
“I’m adding the cost of a fresh manicure to Claudia’s account,” I told Vig, although I
doubted he understood a girl’s mangled nails angst.
A gentle abrasion nibbled my fingertips. Woot. “I’ve got him.” Through the dusty
vapor, I saw Vig’s thumbs up. To gain a stronger connection, I dug down a few more
millimeters. An electrical malignant slime bolted through my fingers, up my arm, and jolted
my soul. I screamed, but nothing left my mouth except a puff of black smoke.
My heart hammering blunt spikes into my chest, I pulled and twisted, trying to
extricate my fingers from the ground. Multiple savage stings told me something with mini
claws had latched onto my fingers. I tugged and jerked and tugged but couldn’t pull them
Bloody hell.

Grave Robber for Hire is available at the following retailers:
AMAZON:   http://tinyurl.com/mqzh87a
SMASHWORDS:  http://tinyurl.com/nj4pjpn
IBOOKS:  http://tinyurl.com/qc6pywk
NOOK: (Barnes & Noble) http://tinyurl.com/pnhxasj
CREATESPACE:  https://www.createspace.com/4681384
KOBO: http://tinyurl.com/negf8lp

Back Book Blurb: Grave Robber for Hire
Reasonable rates
Do family legends hint at long lost treasures? Have handwriting from ancestors I can read to
jump-time? Then call, Angel Meyers.
No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms (that’s not my gig).
Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men, possesses I-catch-cute-guys cleavage, and is
the only person she knows with her gift. Her talent for touching handwritten documents and
connecting with the mind of the writer, dead or alive (usually dead), lets her delve into the
past and locate lost family treasure for her clients.
When she’s hired to locate a Rembrandt lost one hundred and fifty years ago, Angel sees a
whole bundle of dollar signs. If she finds the painting, her fee would be enough to buy her
much dreamed of animal rescue farm.
There’s just one tricky bit, when she touches the writing of Clyde Owen Jones, the last man
to know the painting’s whereabouts, Angel feels a malevolence coming off the pages and
realizes Clyde was pure evil.
But the evil doesn’t remain with the dead, it’s here now, and it wants the same thing Angel
does—the Rembrandt and maybe her soul.
Can Tyreal the Private Investigator Angel found too hot not to hire and Viggo her guardian
angel, protect her from herself and Hell’s evil?

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