Cassandra L. Shaw Day 4

 Adult Urban/Paranormal Fantasy Mystery.

“A funny, suspenseful thriller that grips you from the beginning and pulls you into a
weird and twisted world of missing art, supernatural evil, and plain, old-fashioned greed!”

Cassandra, as the author of Grave Robber for Hire can you tell us a bit about yourself.
Well, like my main character Angel, I live in Australia on a small farm on Queensland’s
Sunshine Coast. We have dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, and ducks but we are also
owned by a pet Sun Conure (crazy beautiful insane bird) who is the destroyer of electrical
wires, USBs and, anything else he fancies gnawing on. This bird can screech so loud it makes
your head spin, and our ears hum.

Many of my animals receive immortality in my writing.

Unlike Angel, I don’t have commitment issues and am married (going on for 26 years) with
two children. However, like Angel, I love fashion, although I don’t dress in themes, but I
once studied to be a fashion designer.  However being a writer and living on a farm doesn’t
give me much of a chance to dress up. 

I’m passionate about the environment and hold a degree in Environmental Management.
However these days my work is my writing, my family, and my animals. I also read (a lot—I
know not unexpected from a writer) and dabble in clay sculpture, drawing, and painting. I
also love to garden although I find little time for it these days.

I grew up in a mix of areas. Born in Sydney, my family and I moved when I was eight for
greener and much more beautiful pastures to a country area in northern New South Wales. I
loved it there and have many many fond memories, of the countryside, my extended family
on my mother’s side (she’s was from that area), the animals and the people. 

After a few years my parents relocated us to Brisbane for better work opportunities.  Here I
did high school, discovered nightlife city style (loved it in fact) and met my husband in a
blind date when we were still teens.  Once many years later when we decided to have
children I dragged my city man out of the suburbs and pollution to live in the country. We
both know we will never be city dwellers again. Although occasional shopping, gallery, and
theatre excursions are a must.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on the 2nd in the Grave Robber series which I might call Grave Robber
for Free.

Also as I have a Paranormal Romance coming out with Black Opal Books in a few months
called Twin Flames (Book 1 in the Katoom series) I have started writing the 2nd in this series.

I have also written and am revising a Contemporary Romance based in a fictional coastal
town in Maine. It’s the first in the Material Girls series of my planned much larger Cap Low

Back Book Blurb: Grave Robber for Hire

Reasonable rates
Do family legends hint at long lost treasures? Have handwriting from ancestors I can read to
jump-time? Then call, Angel Meyers.

No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms (that’s not my gig).

Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men, possesses I-catch-cute-guys cleavage, and is
the only person she knows with her gift. Her talent for touching handwritten documents and
connecting with the mind of the writer, dead or alive (usually dead), lets her delve into the
past and locate lost family treasure for her clients.

When she’s hired to locate a Rembrandt lost one hundred and fifty years ago, Angel sees a
whole bundle of dollar signs. If she finds the painting, her fee would be enough to buy her
much dreamed of animal rescue farm.

There’s just one tricky bit, when she touches the writing of Clyde Owen Jones, the last man
to know the painting’s whereabouts, Angel feels a malevolence coming off the pages and
realizes Clyde was pure evil.

But the evil doesn’t remain with the dead, it’s here now, and it wants the same thing Angel
does—the Rembrandt and maybe her soul.

Can Tyreal the Private Investigator Angel found too hot not to hire and Viggo her guardian
angel, protect her from herself and Hell’s evil?

Grave Robber for Hire is available at the following retailers:
AMAZON:   http://tinyurl.com/mqzh87a
SMASHWORDS:  http://tinyurl.com/nj4pjpn
IBOOKS:  http://tinyurl.com/qc6pywk
NOOK: (Barnes & Noble) http://tinyurl.com/pnhxasj
CREATESPACE:  https://www.createspace.com/4681384
KOBO: http://tinyurl.com/negf8lp
I’d love to meet you on Facebook or my website
Website: www.cassandralshaw.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/cassandralshawauthor

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