Cassandra L Shaw Day 3

GRAVE ROBBER FOR HIRE. Adult Urban/Paranormal Fantasy Mystery.
“A funny, suspenseful thriller that grips you from the beginning and pulls you into a
weird and twisted world of missing art, supernatural evil, and plain, old-fashioned greed!”
Today I’m doing a character interview with the main character of Grave Robber for
Hire—Hayyel Angelina Meyers (Angel).

Angel, in your own words tell us who you are and what are your life goals.
Ug, really? I mean, who is anyone?
 I’m tempted to say, well, I saw this great fifty’s pin up dress the other day that would
look great with my red pumps.  But hey, I’m into digging into my inner psyche as long as I
don’t reveal too much of myself.
Okay, what do I do to make a living for me and mine? I’m a psychic who can see into
the mind of person, dead or alive, through their handwriting. What do I do with this? Good
question. I’m metaphorically rob graves. By touching old handwriting I hunt for lost family
heirlooms and treasure.
I’m a vegetarian who loves my supped up 1938 Jag I call Streak. I’m also passionate
about animals and run a small rescue farm. My greatest desire is to run a much larger one and
save as many animals in need as I can.
How do you envisage your future?
Future? People consider their future? Mmm, how about, crazy cat lady with great
boobs? No I’ve too many dogs and horses, maybe just crazy animal lady? You know I don’t
look into the future much, well considering I mostly touch dead people’s writing, literally.
Hee hee hee. Umm, right I’ll serious. I see myself living by alone, surrounded by animals
whilst dressed to kill and eating cheesecake.
Cheesecake really is the elixir of life. As long as you don’t mind being a bit on the
rounded side of body shape.
What in your past had the most profound effect on you?
Oh ugh, more deep ad meaningfuls.  I’m not really into sharing. But if I really
consider all the good and bad in my life, I’d have to say my twin brother. I loved Sasha and
he loved me until at the age of ten he turned insanely evil.
After that time he developed a terrifying fixation of wanting me dead, and since he’s
killed whole families I guess he was capable. And well, I’ve never really trusted a male since
that day.
Damn, I wanted some cheesecake. I mean who asked a girl questions that like and
then didn’t supply cheesecake.
What is your favorite item of clothing?
I eyed my ankle boots with the spiked studs depicting skulls, the thought of my thigh
high red boots, They do a lot of my legs. And my ass, a girl has to love anything that makes
her ass look awesome. Oh, hang on my new Tweety print dress made me look really cute. 
Nope can’t decide, I have too many things to choose from.
What do you regret?
Never knowing my parents, but not being able to keep my brother from turning into a
murderer hurts.
Do you have money troubles?
Ooo, hard question. Business is good, in fact since the global financial crisis business
has been great, and I’ve become partners in a real estate renovation project that’ll make some
money. But it’s not enough. I need far more to buy and set up the rescue farm.
Who was your first love?
Well Streak my 1938 jaguar sedan I had done up ranks pretty high but if you mean
boyfriend type thing, never had one. I don’t do relationships. I’m more the friend with
benefits type girl, although I prefer if they don’t get too friendly. Although I do love Viggo.
Viggo’s pretty great but he’s more like a best friend.
What is your favorite food?
Just one? How can I pick one? This needs to be plural, no one has one favorite food.
But have I mentioned I have a thing cheesecake?
What do you want to be?
A fairy princess. No a pirate. A bird so I could fly, no no umm—a chef. No rich so I
could employ a chef, yeah that’s that the one. Rich so I could afford lots of rescue farms but
have a chef. Oh and when I grow up …
What haunts you?
How my parent’s died. And why so many of my relatives seemed to die in freak
accidents, or find themselves down the wrong end of a dark alley. My brother Sasha and I are
the last of our family. Weird that all our ancestry had such bad luck.
What are you afraid of?
Easiest question yet. Five thousands percent positive it’s Dybbuks. They’re evil body
snatchers from Hell that I’ve just discovered exist and live in this world. And unknown
evil—the fact that monster live and exist in this world. Oh and men who are so hot I can’t
resist them but who want some sort of commitment. Why do I find the guys that want to
settle down? That’s not fair. Oh and Tyreal my new work partner. He’s wayyy too sexy for
my own good.

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  2. I really enjoy character interviews. Thanks for the insight. I look forward to checking out this book.
    sharayah c.


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