Review of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and I.J Miller

Wuthering Nights
by Emily Bronte and I.J. Miller

An erotic retelling of Wuthering Heights.  The story of the love between Catherine Earnshaw and the brooding Heathcliff.  This retelling tale reimagines the scenes between these two lovers and adds smoldering heat and passion that is just under the surface in the other story.  Catherine is a beautiful and spirited young lady when her father brings home the orphan, Heathcliff.  They become fast friends and are soon inseparable.  As the years go by Catherine knows that she loves him but that it can not be.  For he has nothing to offer.  He is little more than a servant.  So she vows to love him forever in her secret heart.  She knows that when she marries that she will never give him up.Heathcliff has had a trying life but when a man brings him into his home and treats him so well, he is as close to happy as he has ever been.  Soon the mans son, Hindley, begins to resent Heathcliff and begins to torment him. When the man dies and Hindley takes over the estate the torment becomes a regular thing and almost more than anyone should bear.  But Heathcliff knows that he will stay and take the abuse, without retaliation just to remain with Catherine.  For his love for her is so strong that he thinks he would do anything just be near her. Their love is tested many times until finally it possess them, enslaves them, and changes their destiny forever.....

Review:   Since this is a retelling of another story I was having a hard time figuring out how to write the review as I have never read Wuthering Heights.  I felt that in order to do a review that I needed to read the original.  So I did.  The stories really do run the same but this story line is easier to follow.  I enjoyed the writing style so much better in this book.  Even though it is a historical romance I was able to follow the language where in some books it's very hard to understand.  The story flowed nicely and was easy to keep up with.  I could certainly see the love between Catherine and Heathcliff but there were times when hate seemed to be the stronger emotion controlling the direction of the book.  I found myself not caring for the Heathcliff character very often as I found very few redeeming qualities about him.  I also felt that Catherine turned her back on the love between them and hardened her heart toward it to serve her own purpose.  If you like Wuthering Heights and have felt like you wanted to see more of the passion and heat between these two then this book is for you.

Theresa F

3 of 5 stars

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